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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I have been working with a South African stylist on the finishing touches for my home as I never have the time to source pieces and well an interior designer always has a better eye. In my quest for pieces for my wall I came across some gorgeous prints at Superbalist that are ridiculously cheap at R99 each but look really amazing. Who knew that you could spruce up a wall for so little money. So if you haven’t checked out what’s on offer check out their amazing wall art.

I would say my favourite pieces are by Victoria Verbaan because they are feminine and watercolour as well which has always been what I love. Superbalist have taken famous art and created these prints for us that look amazing but so affordable. If you love art like I do but just can’t afford it then this is definitely the way to go. I now have three of them in my bedroom all in a row and they look amazing. All you need is a simple frame and voila it looks amazing.

My all time favourite from the superablist wall art is the marianna image by Ruben Ireland that the stylist placed in the main entrance with the wall pegs, ottoman and cushions that really looks so beautiful. The print is such a strong design  that with the simple white frame it really stands out on the wall.

Whether you love a bit of quirky, modern or cartoon there is something at Superbalist for everyone. I love it more simple or black and white as that is my style.

Have you checked out the Superbalist prints?

Shahnaz x