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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

For those of you who haven’t heard of the brand Sampar is a French skincare brand that hit SA shores some time ago and really is all about the real Parisian woman created by two men one with a medical background that created the innovative products with natural active ingedients and a designer to create elegant packaging with never seen before skincare concepts. I have played around with a few of the products from the range but one of my favs is the Sampar 3 Day Weekend which is all about revealing a healthy glow to the skin as well as preparing and prolonging a tan.

I am trying hard not to lose my colour from my holiday and even though I work outside at times when I am shooting my face is always the hardest to tan and always the first place to fade. The Sampar 3 Day Weekend   is a moisturiser that feels ridiculously amazing on application leaving skin glowing just how I love it but also a moisturiser that promises to help give a subtle tan gives due to an activating effect on the skin’s own pigment giving sun kissed skin all year round. For those of you who struggle to go in the sun or look ridiculously pastey in the winter then this one is definitely a product you may want to get your hands on and test out.

Sampar promise hydration for up to 24 hours as well as an increase in melanin production but since I already have a tan I can’t say if its true but my tan hasn’t faded so its definitely helped prolong it as well as leaving skin glowing and feeling plump so a definite hands up on the hydration.

Shahnaz x