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Ren Skincare

I have loved Ren Skincare since I started using it in back in 2015 and its a brand that really works and makes skin feel amazing. Whether you want glowing skin or you have sensitive skin this natural brand has it all. This time I got to test out two products one is a face mist that helps protect your skin and the other a spray to help you sleep. I actually chatted about the Ren Flash Defense Anti Pollution Mist on my insta stories a while back. So if you didn’t get to see it go check out Shahnaz Loves Beauty its in my Face Mists stories. I have been loving both so much that they both live next to my bed in my coveted skin section.

Let’s start with the Ren Flash Defense Anti-Pollution Mist (R540) as I have been using this one pretty much every day since I got it to test out. Its basically as it says in the bottle mist that protects the skin from the pollution. I apply it after I have done my whole skincare routine and before I apply makeup as well after I apply my base. Plus you can mist yourself up through out the day.

The mist basically preserves and protects the health of the skin that was designed to combat the stress of urban living. So if you live in a city this one is definitely for you. The Ren Flash Defense Anti-Pollution Mist has a super fine mist, its easy to apply and provides instant reflief from the effect of pollution. It can be used as I mentioned after your moisturiser, over your makeup and through out the day.

Key Benefits and Ingredients:

  •  Biosaccharide Gum derived from sugar and yeast, forms a non-sticky invisible protective barrier that acts like a ‘second skin,’ to shield skin from the major pollutants in the environment and free radical formation, reducing their damaging effect.
  •  Zinc and Manganese Amino Acids are free radical fighters that protect skin from oxidative stress.
  • Quercetin boosts the antioxidant capacity of the cell, stimulating skin repair.
  • Japonica Flower its a natural anti oxidant that reinforces the skin’s defense.
  •  Alfa-glucan helps to remove altered cell components and detoxify to increase cell longevity.

Its a mist that will keep your skin looking healthy and feeling great. I absolutely love it and its definitely worth the investment.

Next up the Ren A Now To Sleep Pillow Spray (R385) that’s a unique blend of essential oils to help with the natural sleep balance. Frankincense, hops and lavender have been used since ancient times to relax, calm and reduce anxiety to aid natural beauty sleep and a healthy sleeping pattern.

Its an all natural spray that helps sooth when you go to sleep with notes of Lavender and the Frankinsense to relax your mind. Its not a pwoerful scent but it does help my relax. For me to fall asleep it depends on whats going on at the moment. But I can say it definetly helps me feel calmer and relaxed.

I spritz on my pillow just before I go to bed and all my skincare routine has been done. I am a fan of pillow sprays as they always smell so good. I don’t suffer from sleeping problems so I can’t say that this will cure all your sleeping problems. For me its a lovely comforting scent and i think helps that little bit.

I do want to be able to share for those who suffer from insomnia if the Ren spray helps. Here is a review I found from a blogger in the UK who does and this was her thoughts on the Ren spray.

Both are available in SA online at as well as selected Woolworths stores.

Shahnaz x