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qms skin tone light serum

QMS Skin Tone Light Serum and an Amazing Facial

I can’t highlight enough how amazing QMS Medicosmetics is and their unbelievable facials. If you haven’t read my previous post on the best facial ever then clich here to read it. I love my trips to see Anel who does the educational facials because I walk out with glowing skin plus I have had a chance to really relax.

The QMS Skin Tone Light Serum really is so very light on the skin and leaves a beautiful glowing finish. It has been designed to even skin tone, improve elasticity and reduce fine lines and has a multi-functional active ingredient complex, which helps target action against dark spots and helps prevent further development of pigmentation. If you use regularly the serum will really help restore radiance. To start seeing real results this serum needs to be used for 3 months at least according to Anel who is the QMS educator in SA. I only got to use for about 6 weeks  so I can’t say about reducing fine lines but my skin definitely seemed better, brighter and more radiant.

The key benefits:

  • Corrects and restores complexion
  • Inhibits the accumulation of age spots
  • Gentle & targeted lightening of pigmentation
  • Premature light-induced skin aging
  • Reduces the formation of further dark spots

With active ingredients like complex of Soy Isoflavone, Garden Cress Extract, Hexylresorinol and Oligopeptide-34 helps block the synthesis of melanin in different phases, this helps with the gentle lightening of exisiting dark spots and help inhibit future pigmentation.

Apply both morning and night after clensing and toning and then moisturiser goes on after. Although the QMS Skin Tone Light Serum is not cheap retailing at R1325 their products really are worth the investment especially for the more mature skin from 35 and up.

This pic was taken after I had the facial and I am not wearing any makeup. The facial left my skin really feeling unbelievable and glowing like I have never seen before. So what new elements did I get in the QMS Activator facial? The facial basically is for stressed and tired skin where the skin is dehydrated and dull, or you have been flying a lot and need some love and its also great before a special occassion so ladies if you getting married this one is for you.

As like my previous post on the facial Anel cleansed, exfoliated and applied the Algae Mask which really is an amazing part of the facial. The new element to the facial was the Activator Mask which is applied after my skin was massaged with the collagen and then left on my skin for 15 mins. The mask contains a high concentration for hyaluronic acid which is super hydrating and further plumps out fine lines and wrinkles. The mask is available online  and retails at R795. Anel recommends that the mask be used 2 days in a row to get revitalised and hydrated skin. In this facial another new product was used on me called the  Instant Perfection which retails at R1205, this was applied around my eyes, this product is a light serum and can be used under makeup or applied on top as it absorbs quickly into the skin and helps reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

If you are big on skincare and don’t mind investing then the QMS Skin Tone Light Serum is a great investment as well as their other products depending on what you are looking to improve your skin especially if you are like me in your late 30’s up. The earlier you start looking after your skin the better you will be looking as you get older.

Shahnaz x