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Filorga Scrub and Detox

I have absolutely fallen in love with the latest Filorga Scrub and Detox. Exfoliation is a key element in my skincare routine for radiant glowing skin. The scrub is perfect for stressed skin that needs a serious pick me up. The unique mousse scrub provides an express skin-detox effect in just five minutes, leaving the skin clearer and smoother and protected against daily aggressors. Skin feels smooth, hydrated and glowing just like I love.

The scrub helps to gently exfoliate all the dead skin while leaving skin feeling amazing. The double-action exfoliating foam intensely detoxifies the skin via two main steps – double exfoliation and double purification.

Double Exfoliation:

A double peel complex combines both mechanical and enzymatic scrubs for powerful yet gentle exfoliation. Volcanic micro-spheres provide the exfoliation, cleansing the pores and getting rid of the skin of impurities. Resurfacing papain provides an enzymatic resurfacing action to stimulate cellular renewal leaving skin so smooth.

Double Purification:

Activated plant-derived charcoal gets into the deepest impurities and eliminates pollution. Pohyphenols from the Maracuja fruit (known for its powerful antioxidant properties) stimulate the skin’s antioxidant systems to strengthen the skin’s resistance to oxidative stress. These two super-ingredients provide an intensive deep detox for radiant skin.

Filorga Scrub and Detox

The Filorga Scrub and Detox (R530) also provides a hydrating complex, which coats the skin in a protective film to strengthen and protect it against daily aggressors. Niacinamide restructures the skin barrier and provides hydration, whilst Vitamin E traps free radicals and protects skin cells from oxidative stress and the harmful effects of external aggressors.

I love to apply the scrub onto my face in the morning and when it needs a pick me up. I love how soft and hydrated my skin feels after application.

Available in selected Edgars, Red Square and Click Stores and also available online at absolute  skin and is actually on sale at the moment. The Filorga Scrub and Detox is definitely worth investing in. I absolutely love it and so does my skin. Definitely getting my glow on.

Shahnaz x