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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

It seems to be all about skincare and primers this week today I am chatting about the gorgeous Filorga Time-Flash Express Smoothing Active Primer (yes it is a mouthful). There is always the constant argument about primers should we or shouldn’t we but for certain skin types definitely needed. I really like this one because it not only smells super fresh but it really melts into the skin leaving skin feeling soft and super smooth.

The Filorga Time-Flash Primer is of course anti-ageing as that’s where  alot of skincare is going these days. Its Filorga’s first primer that instantly smoothes the skin as help the treatment of wrinkles. Its a double action primer that helps blur your skins imperfections as well as keep your foundation on all day. Plus it has great skincare benefits. Filorga is definitely a brand I trust and really love plus my skin always feel so good.

Two Key Benefits:

Instant Lift Action: Unique formula that tightens and restores tension to the skin’s tissue for immediate lifting action.

Blur Action: The Silicon provides a filling effect that blurs wrinkles and pores giving a gorgeous silky finish.

As well as the immediate effects the Filorga Time Flash Primer has anti-wrinkle complex that contains ingredients inspired by aesthetic medicine to provide long term, anti ageing effects on the skin.

Long Term Ingredients:

1.Gluconolactone: a peeling like agent that gently resurfaces the skin to help rediuce wrinkles.

2. A Botox-like hexapeptide to relax contraction or expression lines without freezing features.

3.NCTF Complex containing minerals, antioxidants, amino acids which provide deep cellular revitalisation. Plus a collagen booster to help reduce sagging.

4.Hyaluronic Acid Booster that deeply moisturises to help with dehydration that can cause wrinkles (bascially my problem).

What did I think?

For me personally I don’t use primers unless they are really moiturising and hydrating as my skin has a tendency to get dehydrated. But I actually really like this one. Of course I do my whole skincare routine first to make my skin has what it needs. You literally need a pea size and blend in where needed.

Because this primer is about smoothing pores and fine lines then you need to really focus on these areas of your face primarily. Make sure you cover your cheek area, under and around the eyes and your forehead. Make sure all your skincare routine has been done and melted into your skin. Then apply the primer and then of course get your base on. It makes makeup application really easy and my skin looked totally flawless without drying out.

Its perfect for normal to dry skin who are looking for an anti age product as well as keeping skin smooth and makeup in all day long. Yes its on the pricey side of primers but the brand is one that won’t let you down plus a little goes a long way.

Shahnaz x