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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I love the Revlon Nail Art Nail Polishes. I received 4 shades to review for my blog and as soon as I saw them I had to test them out. They are easy to use and a fun way to update your nails and give them an edge. On the one side is the nail polish and on the other side is the moon candy or glitter.

Revlon Nail Art

Paint the polish first and wait a minute and then apply the Moon Candy on top of the polish and you get a very cool effect. The candy is a gel with flakes inside that glitter creating the effect. I really like the polish it glided on beautifully. To make sure that the polish stays longer make sure to paint on a base coat first. Paint the polish on I only needed one coat with this shade. Wait for the polish to dry a little bit and then take the gel and paint over the polish. To keep the polish on for longer and to avoid chipping paint on a top coat this will help seal the polish.

These polishes are a fun and easy way to keep you nails on trend and give them a little edge.

Hope you enjoyed my post. x