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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Scandal Eyes Liner 2Scandal Eyes LinerLoving Rimmel’s Scandal Eyes range at the moment each week I seem to be blogging about Scandal Eyes. This week its the liner pen which is almost like a felt tip pen to create that beautiful feline flick. Its a great budget product at R89 and its so easy to apply. I find these type of pens so easy to apply the feline flick as they don’t leak like a liquid liner does they just glide on. When applying the second eye give the pen a shake. The pen also has a slanted edge so you can create a thin line or a thinker line like I have created in the pic. I love this look as its so simple and always on trend.

I am always trying to see if products are available online as its always so convenient to buy make up online its a big plus for me. So I am happy to report that the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Thick and Thin Liner is online!

Happy shopping.

Shahnaz x