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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I won’t be attending the festival in party mode this weekend but I will be there tomorrow shooting with Cosmo magazine for one of the fashion editorials. For all of you that are attending its important that you have your beauty kit with you especially if you are camping.

TLC Makeup wipes and baby wipes are essential to keeping your face fresh and removing makeup each night if you are staying over, there is nothing worse then sleeping with your makeup on and if you can’t get to a shower you will need those baby wipes. If you get a chance make sure you get some moisturiser on your face before you sleep your skin will thasnk you for it in the morning.

To make sure you makeup lasts the day apply a primer before applying your base, the primer will ensure your makeup lasts the day. I personally love a hydrating one because it keeps my skin fresh all day and my makeup still looks good and the Gosh primer +  is my current favourite, if you have oily skin then try a matt one like the Maybelline instant pore eraser. Before you apply your primer even if it seems like its not hot apply sunscreen especially on your face so you know you are protected against the sun and don’t forget all of your body too!

For your makeup you probably don’t want to keep reapplying so long wearing eyeshadows like Maybelline 24HR colour tattoo are a goodie for long lasting eye makeup or a long wearing eyeline gel like from the Body Shop that will last while you are rocking away.

If you are prone to mascara running then opt for a waterproof mascara from one of the drugstore brands they all pretty much have one, I luckily don’t have that problem so I go for a volume mascara that will make my lashes look amazing so it really depends what you are looking for. I am currently loving the Maybelline lash sensational mascara it realy does the trick.

For lips it depends what you are going for but if you looking for a longer lasting lippie then a matt one is what you need Maybelline, Bourjois and L’Oreal all have matt lipsticks to choose from but before you apply hydrate your lips with a balm so your lips won’t dry out.

If you don’t get a chance to wash hair while you are there and need some love back in the hair plus some volume make sure you pack a dry shampoo, give you hair a good shake and voila gorgeous looking hair.

If you are going I hope you have an amazing time.

Shahnaz x