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The latest instalment from the French skincare brand is the Sampar Crazy Cream its all about hydration and makeup combined. If you are looking for a moisturiser that can add a tan without applying any actual makeup then this one could be for you. A lot of women aren’t fans of wearing base or don’t like a BB or a CC at all which makes the crazy cream a perfect alternative.

The moisturiser has multiple skincare benefits as well as acting as a base, its super light and hydrating on application. Its got small granules that add colour to the cream so as well as smoothing out your complexion it gives the appearance of a base without the feeling of the heaviness and you literally feel like you aren’t wearing anything you just have glowing healthy looking skin. There are two colours in the range nude and tan so for the paler girls nude would be your choice and for me the tan shade as I am rocking a tan at the moment.

sampar crazy 1The Sampar crazy cream contains a new hydrocomplex formula that enables the skin cells to retain moisture therefore giving the feeling of hydrated skin with a gorgeous glow. As well as great skincare benefits the cream has a smart sun prevention which acts as a UV filter to protect the skin cells against UV rays with an SPF of around 20.

Its the perfect product for summer especially if you off to the beach and want to look healthy and gorgeous. Its a little on the pricey side at R565 but its definitely a great investment.

Shahnaz x

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