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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I haven’t done a weekend post in the last few weeks on all my weekly highlights due to crazy busy weekends. I have discovered a new lothing designer and have fallen in love with some new products in my personal stash. So here are the highlights of my week:

1) I love clothes and spend way more than I should so when I was visiting with my friend Fiona in London last week and she showed me the dress she brought from Self Portrait it was literally love at first sight. The brand is available at Selfridges in store and online and I purchased this beauty of a dress for £240. Think will be buying some more.

2) I haven’t posted about a video I like in a while so here is the latest one from Lisa Eldridge a 5 minute look. Its funny as we both posted a 5 minute look on the same day apart from mine wasn’t a video as I am still overseas. Its a quick and easy look perfect for the day if you are in a rush.

3) My new fav skincare brand Skoon have brought out a new Enzyme exfoliating clay, its a white powder that you take 3 heaped teaspoons and then add a little bit of water, mix and then apply to your face leaving it for 5-8 mins. It smells amazing as its a papaya and pineapple sherbet that gently exfoliates and leaving a smooth glowing complexion.

4) I purchased the Nars multiple Puerto Vallarta last week for my kit but actually I have been loving it for myself. Its a gorgeous light orange shade that looks amazing on the cheeks and really adds a glow and warmth to my complexion. I love it.

Hope you all had an amazing week.

Shahnaz x