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Dermalogica Ultra Calming

If you have sensitive or dehydrated skin then the new goodies from the Dermalogica Ultra Calming Range are definitely for you. Sensitive skin comes in different forms, for me I break out really easily and am sensitive to certain products. For others it could be red blotchy skin, irritation to fragranced products or skin that gets flaky. Sensitive skin can be due to stress (me), bad diet, pollution or just plain hereditary. Thankfully Dermalogica has come up with double combo solution the Calm Water Gel and the Defense Barrier Booster to help with all these issues.

I am totally loving the Calm Water Gel (R890) its perfected for dehydrated skin which is an issue for me. Its literally like a boost of hydration when applied that leaves my skin feeling amazing and glowing. Its so light that comes out as a gel and literally melts into my skin that hydrates me on a whole other level. The gel forms a weightless barrier against environmental issues. The moisturiser has dual Hyaluronic acid technology that locks in the moisture (love this). Apple fruit extract and glycerin hydrate and soften, while counteracting dryness. A Cactus Pear Extract soothes sensitivity while imparting water binding properties to help support a healthy skin moisture balance. Plus it smells amazing leaving skin so soft and so smooth. My skin is perfectly prepped for my foundation giving me a gorgeous natural glow that I love love love.

The Barrier Defense Booster (R1220) can be applied on its own or mixed in with the moisturizer. I personally like to mix them into together as this product is a little greasy due to it being an oil. Its a concentrated oil booster that soothes, nourishes and moisturizes to restore balance to sensitive skin. Regular use helps protect the skin to prevent any future irritations.

Use by applying 6-10 drops both morning and night and pat all over your face and neck. Or as I have been doing mix in with the moisturizer.

Check out this video made my Dermalogica talking about the duo and how it can really help those with sensitive skin. For me traveling also puts a lot of stress on my skin and being overseas right now after flying for 14 hours this duo has really saved my skin and hydration.

Check out this latest tool from Dermalogica to assess your skin’s sensitivity. Both products are pricey but definitely a great investment if you really struggle with all the issues I mentioned earlier on.

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