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This is the first time I am posting about fragrances purely because I am not a huge fan of perfume but when I was introduced to the Azzaro Club duo and really wanted to share with everyone.

Azzaro have launched the Azzaro Club duo inspired by the festive spirit of Loris Azzaro. Quoting from Loris Azaro “Life is a party…let’s drink champagne and dance on the table. I love everything that sparkles”. He was ┬ádesigner to the stars in the 70’s with an innate sense of the spectacular and distinct flair for the dramatic. He made no secret for love of parties after nightfall. To celebrate the party vibe that has made the label so successful, Azzaro have launched these club scents. They are scented emotions that beat to the carefree and unrestrained rhythm of the seventies to share between two.. to light up party nights or thrill the gods of the dance floor, under the exhilarahting disco ball lights.

Azzaro Club Women:

AZ Club for Her



I love this perfume it has a fruity smell and isn’t too strong which a lot of perfumes are. There are 2 elements to the perfume the oriental electro facet which is a fruity freshness with a mixture of passionfruit bright tangy tones blended with pomegranate smooth and exotic notes.

The nocternal facet has a mellow and addictive woody texture with the softness of cashmere wood and the creaminess of black vanillaand the velvety feel of crystal musk.

I love the packing and I would definitely wear this smell it is sexy and sensual.

Azzaro Man:

AZ CLUB for Him

A very sexy smell. On the day of the launch when I smelt the men’s aftershave it was instant love all I could think of is how amazing this would be on my hubbie.

There are 2 facets to this scent the aromatic electro facet which is bursting with freshness with an energising lemon sorbet and biting green papaya. The nocturnal facet has a richness of hemp with its woody notes and aromatic aroma of Hinoki wood (native to Japan).

Love Love love it.

Both fragrances are available in stores at R655 each for a 75ml bottle. Definitely a great gift for someone you love.

Shahnaz x