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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Its been a few weeks since I have posted anything on my blog. Sadly my site was hacked and had to get it totally rebuilt so Shahnaz Loves Beauty comes with a new look for 2018. I have never gone that long without blogging even if its the holidays but it really gave me time to re think about my blog for this new year. I definitely have some new goals and a totally new focus. I have been blogging for over 4 years and it came to a point where I totally lost my focus last year on what I wanted to do. So this year I really am going to mix it up.

Goals for 2018:

More tutorials:

I really was pretty slack last year on posting video’s its been ages since I posted a makeup video. I really want to focus on key trends for the upcoming seasons and share makeup from shoots that I do. I definitely need to share hair tips, how to’s and film some braiding hair tutorials as well.

Get Healthy:

Unforunately our Christmas holidays in SA falls over the summer holidays when you meant to be looking your best. Its the time when you eat and drink the most and don’t get to the gym as often as you would really like. I am bag on the exercise train and food train. After spending a couple days with a some friends who are like the healthiest people I know I got inspired with eating right and actually having to cook everything from fresh and cut out all the sugar. I actually attempeted my first salad dressing over the weekend and some healthy cooking so I really surprised myself. This year I am looking into cooking courses so I can improve my skills and get back into shape.

Improve my Pics:

I seriously need to up my game when it comes to taking pics for my blog. Its so hard to find the right time to get that perfect pic with perfect lighting when most of the the time I only have the mornings to do a quick post. Its really about forward planning and learning some new techniques for lighting. Props is where its at and I have been a bit lazy on that front so I need to invest in some pieces for my house that can be used as blogging props too.

Travel More:

Spending a little bit of time out of Cape Town with my family was amazing. I live in such an incredible place but often to travel much out of Cape Town unless its back to Europe to see friends and family which isn’t really adventurous. There are so many things to see and do in South Africa that I need to plan more family time and take some adventures.

Mix It Up:

Shahnaz Loves beauty definitely needs a lot more so I know the last New Year I made so many promises which I actually didn’t keep. Its hard to keep the momentum going for a blog when its not my main business. Not blogging for a month was a first and it put so much into perspective for me. I just took time to be with my family and friends and just have some fun and relaxation. The blog this year will have more how to’s, healthy food ideas, exercise tips and just a lot more variety on beauty I hope. So this month its going to be a lot of planning. I start a big job this week so will be sharing more from what’s happening on my shoots.

Am super excited that this year will be a great one. Happy 2018.

Shahnaz x