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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Love Love Love the Lancome Juicy Shakers that landed on my desk this week. The latest launch from Lancome these shakers come in cute little pots with as sponge applicator to apply the combination of silky oils and lip gloss. All you need to do is shake shake shake to mix it up and get your lips all glowed up. Its the first time I have seen a lip product that is a combination of both that makes your lips feel amazing and look good at the same time.

There are 20 shades in the collection randing from pinks, berry’s, red’s and orange’s plus a peach nude thrown in if you are not a fan of wearing colour on your lips. I got my hands on two of the shades to test out and really do love them. So what are the shakers I hear you say?

The Lancome Juicy Shakers are a combination of lip oils and pigments that leave a juicy glossy finish to the lips without the sticky feeling of a gloss and lipcare effects of an oil. So basically a win win situation. Each shaker is infused with peach kernel oil to help soften and nourish, sweet almond oil to leave lips supple, cranberry oil which is an antioxidant and musk rose oil that regenerates.

Lancome juicy shaker

The shaker has a sponge applicator in the lid so first you shake the product so that the oil and pigment blend together and then push the sponge into your lips to apply and get the right colour pay off. It literally feels like you are wearing nothing but oils that feels light and my lips that are super hydrating. In this pic I am wearing shade 271 Good Kara-Mel it looks great with a fresh face and some mascara and I am good to go for the day.

lancome juicy shaker 1

These bad boys hit counters next week retailing at R270 each so there is definitely a shade for everyone in here. If you love the look of the gloss but hate the tackiness then these are definitely for you.

Shahnaz x