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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I am so excited to be planning for my new home this year its definitely an exciting one for me apart from renewing my vows. I have started the furniture search some items are more of a wish because they are expensive, some are definitely worth the investment and some are a hell yes and very affordable.

If you haven’t had a looked at Superbalist then go take a look there are some amazing deals on there especially for wall units and lamps which really give that extra detail. I definitely have my eye on the trio wall units for my office and the copper lamp that I quite fancy for our bedside lamps.

@Home have the most amazing pieces I am totally loving the copper trolley, I have been wanting one for a long time as its perfect for entertaining and looks pretty fancy. Its not cheap by any means but I think worth the and will look amazing in the dining room. I am definitely wanting a pretty vanity table and the Louis dressing tasble with chair is oh so pretty and I definitely need this in my life.

The furniture at Weylands is pretty amazing even though it may be more on the wish list side but they really have gorgeous pieces so I have to decide is it worth the investment. I am obsessed ith the chairs and really love the Contempo chairs they would look so amazing around the dining table but they are not cheap by any means.

Its definitely an exciting process so will keep posting on furniture finds over the next few months.

Shahnaz x