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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I am always on the hunt for new foundations for shoots and for myself. My favourite is a liquid foundation that will keep skin hydrated and looking dewy without too much shine. Introducing the new Smashbox Studio Skin foundation and concealer which I put to to the test on my beauty shoot. I am 100% in love with this foundation because it looks amazing on the skin and looks amazing in front of the camera which is super important. Plus the complexion looks super flawless.


My gorgeous model Shannon from Ice has pretty good skin. She did have a little breakout when she arrived and after applying her skincare I blended in the Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation that is a long wearing hydrating foundation using a stipling brush. Then for the under eyes and breakouts on the face I applied the Smashbox Skin 24 hour concealer which is super creamy and blends in beautifully.

What I love about both products is that they are both really creamy and there is no caking of products around the eyes or on the face. Both have great coverage so you can apply with fingers for a lighter coverage or apply with a brush to build up and hide any imperfections.

Both are already available at woolworths with a good shade selection for the foundation. Love them both and will definitely be adding some to my pro kit.

Shahnaz x