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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Sadly I missed the actual Benefit launch here in SA while I was away but I did get a little bag of goodies from Benefit to play around with including the new Lolli Tint and Puff Off eye gel which are new ones for me. I am also happy to say that Benefit is now officially here and in stores and even available online now so happy days all around.

Benefit are known for their gorgeous tints and highlighters in little bottles with brush applicators which I am totally obsessed with. They make life so easy and they don’t budge when you apply. The latest they have brought out is the Lolli Tint a very pretty pink/purple cheek tint to give a beautiful fresh flush to the cheeks or a pop of colour to the lips. LOVE IT.

Puff Off is their instant eye gel to say goodbye to puffiness under the eyes and with the metal applicator it will help smooth, massage and hydrate at the same time.

puff off

Now I am no stranger to Sun Beam one of their gorgeous highlighters this one is for more medium skin tones, its a beautiful bronze liquid highlighter that you also apply with the brush and then blend to give a sun kiss finish to the skin. Apply on top of your cheek bones and along the bridge of your nose.

I have always been a big fan of the Benefit brow products and I love the Instant Brow Pencils, they each come with a brush to brush up those brows before after application. There are 3 pencil shades from light, medium to deep and they are super soft on application making it really easy to create a subtle more natural brow or a full on strong brow.

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Shahnaz x