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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I really am a big fan of Stila products if some of you may know. There are 3 BB creams to choose from the Beauty Balm, Bronzing Beauty Balm and Illuminating Beauty Balm. I chose to review the Bronzing Beauty Balm as have been wanting to try it out  for a while and the bronzed look is a big Spring/Summer trend.

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The balm can be applied either to clean skin, mixed with foundation/tinted moisturiser or alternatively buff the balm in over foundation as a bronzer which also looks amazing. You can see the balm on the back of my hand is dark so if you are pale don’t apply a whole load over your face it will be too much. If you looking for a healthy glow then apply  the tinest amount to the back of your hand and buff over your skin to cheat a healthy glow.

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I already have a bit of a tan after my holiday so I tried applying it to straight onto my skin. At first I looked really dark but then after a while it settled into my skin and I looked really healthy. This product is definitely a great product for summer when you have a tan and want to add a little more colour . Alternatively if its winter time and you need a pick me up then use it as a bronzer. Add only a tiny amount onto the back of your hand and buff into your face  with a buffing brush. Apply the balm  after applying your foundation where the sun would naturally hit  your face, its basically like using a powder bronzer. Another way to use the bronzing balm is mix a little in with the Stila HD Beauty Balm and then buff into skin with a buffing brush.

I really like this product it has a good consistency and leaves skin feeling really smooth as well as leaving you looking really healthy. Definitely a product that can help you stay on trend. Will post a video tutorial soon and show you all how it looks.

Hope you enjoyed the post. x