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A new Japenese hair care brand called Suigo has hit South Africa and I got my hands on Nutritive Range. So a little info on the brand:

Suigo was developed using the finest materials in Japan to create a high performance natural hair care range that is powered by natured and proven by science.

Suigo has developed an exclusive method of formulation that reached the centre of the hair fibre: High Affinity System.

  • Protein Affinity: Proteins identical to those found in the hair structure are selected so they are assimilated as if they belong to the hair itself.
  • Molecular Affinity: Small molecular particles are used to favour penetration into the hair fibres.
  • Electrostatic Affinity: Particles with a positive charge are generated, which adhere to the negative charge found in hair damaged by the effects of the sun, pollution or dryness.

The Suigo Values:

  • Naturally derived, top quality active ingredients.
  • Clinically proved effectiveness with no inflated promises.
  • Pleasing to the senses.
  • Reasonably priced for every day use.

There are 3 ranges Nutritive, Derma and Ultra. I have been using the Nutritive shampoo, conditioner and Intensive Hair Repair Treatment for the last 3 weeks.


The Nutritive range has been formulated to help nourish the hair and protect it against physical and chemical damage. It has an intensive, calming formula which helps repair dry, damaged and brittle hair (that is me as I use a hair dryer) with a moisturised and supple effect. Ingredients include Keratin, Orchard Extract, Organic Brazilian Palm Oil and Avocado.

What do I think?

I absolutely love these products. My hair feels absoloutely amazing, full of bounce and feels and looks so silky. I love the conditioner so much I have been using it on my daughter she is very happy her hair is silky too. Here is a pic of how my hair looks:

Suigo Hair

For more info on the other ranges check out Check out their offer for the shampoo and conditioner for the Nutritive range.

Hope you enjoyed my post. x