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September Base

Holidays are over and its back to work but its Spring in Cape Town and the sun has been shining meaning one thing for me its time to change my base and take it from a medium coverage to a lighter/sheer coverage so in comes the BB Creams.

I am always on the search for BB creams’s that will give me some coverage but also leave my skin looking and feeling beautiful and the two of my current favs are the Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream which won’t be breaking the bank at R99.95 if you looking to get one for yourself and then a much pricier one the Dior Hydra Life BB Creme retailing at R770 (but its Dior right?).

The Maybelline Dream Pure BB has been on my radar for some time as I first saw it being used backstage at fashion week and the model’s skin just looked amazing and that is what I am always wanting for myself. Its a 8-in-1Beauty Balm with a nice coverage from light to medium you can build it up, it helps even out my skin tone, my pigmentation and is so light on the skin. I get the dewy finish I want with that healthy glow we all looking for and even though I have a little holiday blues I feel good about my skin wearing this bad boy. The BB Cream hydrates, brightens and helps fight against spot prone skin as well as an SPF of 30 so a winner all around.

Dior BB creams are pretty much praised as the holy grail’s of BB Creams so when I hear that I forget about the price because its Dior and I want it.This BB Cream is an enhancing moisturiser with the protective powers of a skincare product with a complexion-perfecting and skin-evening properties just like a foundation. You can build this one up from sheer to medium either using fingers, a sponge or a brush. Personally I am a fingers kind of girl when it comes to my own makeup as I like more natural looking skin. It feels like velvet on the skin, evens out my skin tone and leaves my skin looking amazing its definitely going to be one of my go to’s this summer as it will also protect me against those harsh rays with an SPF of 30.

If you going for that fresh skin look then keep the rest of your makeup simple. Fill in your brows, curl those lashes and add lots of mascara, keep cheeks fresh with a peach or pink blush, make sure you add some bronzer to all your key contour areas and go fo a pretty lip like an orange, coral or a pink this will make your skin look even more fresh.

Watch this space as will be using one of these BB ceams in my Sports Luxe Makeup Tutorial.

Shahnaz x

Garnier Pure Active BB Cream – The Review

One of the latest Garnier BB offerings the Garnier Pure Active BB Cream Anti-Imperfections. I got my hands on it a couple of weeks ago and I have to say so far its my favourite of the Garnier BB Creams.

The BB Cream has been specially designed for combination to oily skin with imperfections. With the 2% Salicylic Acid Garnier claim that this BB Cream is as affective as other anti-blemish products. It also contains Mineral Pigments that instantly melt into the skin creating an even coverage. Plus its very light and fresh and lets the skin breath, with a subtle fragrance infused with citrus notes and Hespiride Cucumber which helps create the freshness.

Its a 5 in 1 BB Cream promises the following benefits:

  • reduce imperfections
  • reduce the appearance of black heads
  • reduce the size of pores
  • reduce redness
  • instantly beautifies skin

Afte 1 week Garnier is promises that the imperfections will be reduced. I can’t vouch for that as I haven’t used it every day but it defnitely beautifies the skin leaving it luminous.

Sadly there are only 2 shades light and medium so not all skin tones can wear the BB Cream but happily the medium shade pretty much matches my current skin tone and it doesn’t have a pink undertone like the previous BB Creams did for me, I had to mix 2 shades to try get mine.

Before: Me with not a stitch of make up!

Garnier Pure 1

After: I have applied the Garnier Pure Active BB Cream, concealer under the eyes and a touch of mascara.

Garnier pURE 2You can see that BB cream has pretty good coverage and has evened out my skin tone. Leaving it looking really healthy and hydrated and glowing just how I like it. The BB cream provides enough coverage for me to wear without anything else all I need to do is contour and add some blush.

Retailing at R84.95 the Garnier Pure Active BB Cream definitely gets a thumbs up for a great budget buy.

Shahnaz x


So many times I get asked what is best BB cream? Should I use a tinted moisturiser? What is a BB cream and a CC cream? What foundations should I use? What coverage is best?

Even though there is so much information online and in magazines I still find lots of women are still insure. But it also depends on how good your skin is, your skin type and what coverage you are looking for.

So here is the low down:

Tinted Moisturiser: This is a combination of a moistuiser and make up with a sheer coverage. This is a great product if you have great skin and no pigmentation and perfect if you are not a fan of wearing much make up but want to even out your skin tone. Its about the no make up make up look really.

BB Cream: A beauty blemish or beauty balm where skincare and make up are combined. There are a lot on the market from budget to expensive some with a more sheer coverage to a fuller coverage like the Avon BB Cream. This cream is a combination of a moisturiser so that skin is hydrated, a primer to keep foundation on longer, evens out skin tone the same as a tinted moisturiser, a sun protectant as quite a few of them have an SPF of up to 30, cover minor imperfections like redness and brighten up your skin. Some of the BB cream’s out there have anti-ageing properties as well and leave a beautiful glowing finish.

CC Cream: This is a step up from the BB cream where the focus is more on colour correcting and more foundation like qualities and with fuller covearge like the Bourjois CC cream I wear this just on its own. The CC creams focuses on evening out skin tone, dealing with redness like the Chanel CC cream, brightening skin and dealing with skin with pigmentation. However some BB creams and CC creams seem quite similar so you basically need to test them out and see what works for you.

Liquid Foundations: These come in dewy and matt formulations, from a sheer coverage to a medium coverage. There are so many on the market with some like a thin veil on the skin with that barely there look and some have illuminating qualities. Basically when you are looking for a foundation you want it to make your skin look natural, even out your skin tone and looking like you are glowing from within. If you struggle from oily skin then you most likely want to go for a matt foundation that leaves the skin feeling like velvet and beautiful or one that is targeted for oily skin that will usually say oil free.

Stick Foundations: These foundations normally have a fuller coverage and are amazing if you suffer from pigmentation or bad skin as this will definitely give better coverage and give a beautiful finish at the same time. I am a massive fan of the Bobbi Brown foundation as it covers beautifully and leaves skin looking beautiful.

Mousse Foundation: This is a lightweight texture with a sheer to medium coverage. Most mousses have  matt finish and feel like you aren’t wearing much are better for combination to oily skin types and not for more mature skin.

Hope this helps and that you can decide for yourself which foundations you think you need.



I am absolutely in love with this new product from Smashbox. I wasn’t sure that a BB cream could act as an under eye concealer because BB creams are more sheer than a normal concealer. But as soon as I tested the Smashbox BB Cream out on myself I knew all my concens went out the window.

Smashbox BB Cream promises:

  • Fade dark circles instantly and over time
  • Reduce apperance of puffiness
  • Visibly smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Noticeably improves fairness

Plus it has the same benefits as a BB cream in that it primes, protects, conceals, hydrates and illuminates.

I love the cream comes in a twist brush applicator so there is no wastegae of product and you can dot under the eyes and then blend in with your ring finger. Dark circles are definitely concealed straight away and the under area is illuminated and hydrated due to its creamy texture. I love the fact that under the eyes is instantly brighter and it doesn’t crease like some concealers do. I haven’t used it long enough to say it reduces wrinkles and datk circles but it definitely has immediate effects.

Smashbox BB Cream Eyes 2

Sadly Smashbox BB Cream is not available online yet but you can get this bad boy at selected Woolworths, Red Square, Foschini’s and selected Edgars stores priced at R295 and available in 5 shades from fair to dark.

Shahnaz x


MAC Prep and Prime BB Cream -The Review

I finally bought 2 of the Mac BB Cream’s for my make up kit as I have been told some great things about it. There are 9 shades ranging from extra light to dark deep so ladies finally we have a BB cream that covers darker skin! This is always a problem for me when recommending a product and I can’t recommend for the darker skin tones. The BB cream is a lightly tinted balm that has sheer coverage with an SPF of 35 and can be used as a primer or on its own. If you have bad skin then use it as a primer.

I have a tan at the moment so I used the Medium Dark on my skin. What I do find that it is best used after moisturing even though it is a BB cream I find for the really dewy skin moisturise first and apply with a brush to get better coverage. In the picture below I applied the BB cream straight after applying moisturiser and have lightly concealed in areas and then just applied mascara. The BB cream has evened out my skin tone and because I have colour on my face I didn’t add any foundation. I love how it makes my skin look so definitely staying in my kit.

photo-74I wore the BB cream all day and it stayed on beautifully and my skin just looked really healthy. Its the first BB cream that I have tried that  I love.  Here is the Mac trend image for the BB cream, I love how it has made the skin look and shows you just how amazing the BB cream is on darker skin:Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 19.41.58

Hope you enjoyed my post. x

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I recently reviewed the Smashbox CC Cream and I was asked what is the difference. There are so manu products hitting the market leaving most people pretty confused. If you not a product junkie and avid trend follower it can pretty daunting. So here is the difference between the two:

The BB Cream which is a beauty balm acts as a few things a tinted moisturiser, primer, hydrates your skin, perfect skin and help with the reduction of redness and pigmentation in the skin plus has an SPF. Its a make up with some skincare benefits.

CC Cream has the same benefits as the BB Cream but really focuses on the colour correcting of skin and dealing with pigmentation plus infused with Vitamins, plumping peptides and a radiance boosting complex.

There are so many BB cream’s on the market so you need to try and works for your skin. CC Cream’s are still hitting the market so get your hands on both and see which you prefer. If there is a BB or CC Cream you love let me know and share what you think.

Hope you enjoy the post. x