beauty tips


With the festive season fast approaching its time to start thinking about your makeup. I wanted to share my bold party lip look as its so easy to do yourself. This look is a great alternative to a smokey or glittery eye and is just as effective. A bold lip is a perfect way to make statement with your makeup and stand out in the crowd. I am all about the bold lips and for me the best way to brighten up my complexion and really feel good is to wear something bright on my lips.

It seems I can never get enough of an eyeshadow palette. Everytime I buy one or get one from one of the PR companies its like Christmas has come early. I am totally loving the new Body Shop Down To Earth palettes that come in a whole variety of shades.  I got my hands on this grey shadow palette in no 3 which is a combination of grey’s. The best way for me to test out products is or on a shoot so that’s what I did. I did a beauty portrait shoot with 5 gorgeous girls and for the palette I created a smokey eye on Janke.

Since this look was seen on the red carpet ond on fashion week its literally become the next big thing. The mermaid eye  makeup look is a combination of blue’s and green’s that really quite dramatic but also so pretty. I filmed this video with one of my BFF’s Afareen. To create the look I  used a combination of navy blue and turquoise blue. These shades of blue look so pretty on Afareen and its perfect for a night out on the town.

Its definitely been a few months since I posted my beauty favourites and ages since I filmed a favourites video so hope you enjoy. I hope I don’t ramble on for too long in the video and that its super informative. I have had loads of makeup coming my way to play around with and a mini haul from the UK featuring mr beloved RMS cream eyeshadows. its defintely all about dewy glowing skin when it comes to makeup and skincare. Since transitioning after holiday my skin has been really hydrated so masks and the right foundation are key.

I am currently interviewing a few people in the beauty industry about their favourite products and it got me thinking to what are my favourite beauty products of all time. There really are loads I love but I broke it down to a few that really have wowed me and I would buy again and again whether its for myself or for a shoot. So here is the list I complied of some of my all time beauty favourite picks: