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Couture AW14 Fashion week

Its that time of year again when we start to see the new beauty trends being created. The Couture AW14 Fashion Week  always kicks off first from the clean fresh face to the twists on the graphic eye.

I always love to share the trends each season and I love recreating on shoots. The fresh no makeup makeup face is always a big trend but the skincare is a big element to this look with the top makeup artists using amazing products to get the flawless glowing skin. One of the looks the makeup artists massaged oils into the skin before makeup was applied to give the illusion of glowing skin.

I am loving the the graphic eyes from the red on pale skin with the red lips, the traditional black eye with fresh flawless skin to the teal two toned eye created by Pat Mcgrath which looks phenomenal with a nude lip and subtle contouring.

The Chanel look is definitely one of my favourite’s with the spiky hair and the multi toned metallic eye with a pop of yellow on the lid and matt skin. Matt skin is very modern but skin has to be really prepped first otherwise the matt foundation will look really dry on the skin. Here the model’s skin is fresh and flawless.

Instead of going with the traditional black liner we see strips of adhesive metallic silver used as liner in the Christian Dior  show which looks really cool and amazing with the peachy lip and bold brow. I also love the black shimmer adhesive used under the eyes and a gloss on the lid for the Vauthier show its a creative twist and I love it.

I love the blurred out undone smokey eye with the sheer orange/red lip, this look is easy to create at home as it doesn’t have to be perfect. Love love love the use of metallic on the side of the face with the red lip very creative and so cool.

What’s your favourite couture AW14 look?

Shahnaz x

Dewy Skin, Hot Pink Lips, Glossy Eyes and The Blue Liner

Being a makeup artist means I get to play with amazing products, work with some gorgeous models and work the trends. For this shoot we wanted it to be young and fun but I also wanted to bring in elements of the beauty trends that I love.

The first look was all about the hot pink lips and the glossy eye of which both are big trends. Skin of course had to be flawless for the rest of the makeup to work (remember skincare is key here). Morgan has pretty great skin but I combined Benefit Oxygen Wow Oh So Flawless Foundation with Revlon Photoready Skinlights in Barelight to get that unbelieveable skin. Contouring is also so important here as it shapes her face. Remember contour under the cheek bones, on the forehead and along the jaw line. I used the Chanel Healthy Glow Powder here for that beautiful natural look.


For the eyes I went for the gloss look but instead of using lip gloss I went for the Elizabeth Arden 8hr cream as it has ther same effect, its not as messy and is great for your skin. The lips completes the look and I absolutely love this shade its one of my all time pic favs the Mac Candy Yum Yum.

The next look I just had to incorporate the blue its a massive trend and its a massive favourite of mine. There is something so cool about blue makeup whether its a liner or a smokey eye I can’t get enough of blue.I kept the rest of the look the same and then added the Lancome Artliner 24HR in Sapphire. Love this colour its like a colbalt blue and makes the whole look come alive.Having the right brushes is essential to get the skin right here, a great foundation buffing brush and a blending brush to seamlessly blend concealer is really important. You also need as great contouring brush to apply your bronzer or contour shade and remember less is more start with less and then build up.

Happy experimenting.

Shahnaz x

I have had a great week of creating dewy perfect skin and following the beauty trends from the fashion weeks and creating the trends on my shoots. I have discovered new blogs that I am really enjoying and playing with great products.

So here is my week:

1) I love the Mac Cosmetic video’s on the latest beauty trends from the fashion weeks and here is the latest instalment from behind the scenes at Paris Fashion Week AW14 where we get an insight into products used and latest trends from all the key make up artists. Its great for me as I can see how they are creating the looks and excited for new Mac products to come out. So check out the video.

2) The behind the scenes video from the Elle Style For Less shoot went live on Elle’s website and I am sharing this again as not only was it a great shoot but we had such fun with the models and I love the team at Elle. Check me out doing the running man and working it in front of the fan with the girls. Plus I focus on a big beauty trends which is all about skin. Love it.

3) I discovered a blog called Milkteef on bloglovin and I love the behind the scenes posts of backstage beauty. Firstly I wish I was there but I just love seeing backstage images of the make up and hair that is being created for the shows as its so important in my job to really know what the beauty trends are.

4) I did a beauty shoot yesterday with the gorgeous Morgan from Boss Models and the focus was really dewy flawless skin my favourite thing to do. But this time I used my latest obsession the Revlon Photoready Skinlights. It is an unbeluvable product for creating luminous skin and it isn’t expensive. LOVE LOVE LOVE

5) I am loving the Mac Lip pencil in Nightmoth  it is perfect for creating one of the beauty trends which is the dark lip but its also amazing for creating an ombre lip. At the beginning of this week I created an ombre lip with a mixture of red lipsticks and this bad boy lip pencil to create the darkness on the edges of the lips. Its a staple part of my pro kit.

Hope you had an amazing week.

Shahnaz x

Loving the trends we are seeing at all the shows. There really were key trends that stood out at Milan AW14 Fashion Week, shows really focused a lot on lashes, liner and the no make up make up glowing barely there skin.

In the above image its either fake lashes that have been applied with a beautifully contoured eye or lashings of mascara that Pat Macgrath created for the Prada with a beautiful flawless face and either a nude lip or a beautiful red lip.

The barely there skin really is a big trend across all the shows where foundation is more like a veil on the skin blurring out imperfections but allowing the skin to look really natural and then applying a wash of colour on the eyelids.

Milan AW14 Fashion Week
Milan AW14 Fashion Week

Liner, Liner and more liner. The last image was from the Anthony Vacarello show and Tom Pecheux cretade this cool liner look with strings tht had the make up applied on and then pressed the sting onto the eyes to create this graphic look. Love it.

Beauty Trends at Milan AW14 Fashion Week
Beauty Trends at Milan AW14 Fashion Week

Am loving the Mac Features video’s for each fashion week. This video shows us looks that were created and the trend red and berry lips and products used to create and the eye trends.

Thats all from the Milan AW14 Fashion Week. Watch this space for the Paris Fashion Week AW14 trend report.

Shahnaz x

As you all know I love sharing the beauty trends each season as it keeps me as a make up artist up to date on key beauty trends and it helps my followers know what is a big trend. So here are some key trends from London Fashion Week AW14

1) Beautiful Skin is what its all about. Fresh and healthy where the natural skin can shine through. Highlights are essential on the top of the cheek bones, bridge of the nose, inner corners of the eyes and on the cupids bow. Finished off with the most subtle of contouring.

4-12) Pops of pinks and purples are a big trend some more subtle through the crease of the eye with a touch of colour to a full on colour pop on the eyes.

3-13) Its All About the Blue, this is my favourite shade at the moment and blue is a trend that is here to stay.I love the colour on the waterline it adds so much more definition to the smokey eye.

54) The Smokey Eye with either to the smoke on the bottom lash line or just on the top lid and winged out to create a beautiful shape and pulled into the inner corner of the eye.

2-15) The Lips and colour is a big trend from full a stain, full colour to blurred edges applied with a blending brush.1-1Watch this pace for the Milan Fashion Week trend report.

Shahnaz x



So New York fashion week is over and its already happening in London. I always love this time as there are always new make up trends, new products and different twists on previous make up looks. So here is what I have been seeing and what I am loving.

  • Flawless Skin is key through out all the looks most of the time the skin is dewy at times has that almost plastic feel but we are also seeing a matt face too. But the key is that the skin is flawless and contoured with a nude lip and a touch of shimmer in the inner corner of the eyes.
  • I love love the glitter trend its a such a simple look but with the right foundation and a nude lip it looks beautiful and so easy to recreate yourself.
  • Usually we see the feline flick but the new trend is a gold liner on top of the black gel liner with a nude lip.
  • The glossy eye is back and it always looks amazing. Using clear gloss is not something you can wear during the day but an alternative is Eight Hour Cream.
  • The smokey eye always comes in different forms and shades I love the eye blue smokey created by Pat Macgrath it looks amazing with the pop of shimmer in the centre of the eye. We are also seeing a plum smokey but only on half of the lid so its more subtle. We also seeing the smokey at the bottom lash line again using the plum shades so this is defintely a trend colour.
  • The liner through the crease of the eye is back but this time a dark shade has been used instead of the previous neon colours we saw last year. Or the alternative trend is the heavy contour in the crease if you don’t want the liner. I love both.
  • The foil lip is absolutely beautiful with the smokey eye. The lip just pops with the two tone shades and the gold in the centre gives that foil like effect.
  • The colour in the waterline features again we saw it in the SS13 trends and its back and so simple but so effective in giving your make up a modern twist.
  • Graphic Eye will always be on trend and always look really cool.
  • The bold brow is still here to stay and I think will be a trend for a while, it just completes the look.
  • The white liner is back but this time on the bottom lash line it looks very cool with the dewy almost plastic looking skin but for the every day woman you may want to take the white liner trend and work it on your top lash line.
  • Shimmery eye with silvers or pastel shades is another trend. I love silver against a flawless face it just looks amazing.
  • Pops of colour such as lilac and orange on the lid are a beautiful take on colour for winter to give your face a bit of colour.

Hope you enjoyed the post and love the trends as much as I do.

Shahnaz x



Beauty Christian Dior Couture Autumn

I am absolutely loving the make up created by Pat Magrath my all time favourite make up artist. The skin is beautifully contoured, the brows are filled and perfectly shaped, the skin is absolutely flawless with a  two tone sparkly metallic lip in different colours. The hair is kept really simple gelled back in a bun with a hair net. You can see the cupids bow has an extra highlight and a highlight along the lash line and inner corners of the eye. For the darker skin tones the lips are a mixture of golds and brown with the shimmer and pink and silver or gold for the lighter skin models.

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 15.38.42

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 15.38.34

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 15.39.23

This look is a great party look after you finished a days work and want to go out after its a great way to dress up your make up to add a little pop to your lips.

Hope you enjoy the post. x