Mac Cosmetics AW13 Trend Report

Last week I was able to attend the Mac Techniques AW13 event where Michelle-Lee the Mac Senior make up artist went over 4 key Mac trends for AW13. Michelle took a look from each trend and explained how the look was created and what products were used and what Mac products were very popular back stage. Some of the looks are not every day looks but using the products you can take the technique and the product and take what you see and make it into every day and if you are a make up artist shooting beauty then you can go wild and be extreme.

So here are the key looks from the event, what each look represents and the key products used that are a must have:

Au-Currant: This trend is al about a new play on linear lines and  its undone but well done. The Red lip is a big trend with a new take on crimson, whether it be a blurry bordeaux, a glossy cranberry or a contemporary red.

Key Essentials: Lipmix in Crimson for the matte intensily pigmented mouth, Lip Pencil in Night Moth with the focus on the inner edges of the mouth and the Cream Sheen in Hang Up for the just bitten lips.


The look that Michelle showed us was the blurred lip which isn’t necesarrily an every day look but great for make up artists to try but the products used are amazing at creating a dark berry lip. Firstly lips had a prep and prime to lock in the edges of the lip and avoid bleeding. Hang Up was used to create the stain on the entire lip and then Viva Glam 1 was used on the centre of the mouth and a 217 blending brush was used to blur the edges. The Lip Pencil in Night Moth was used in the centre of the lips and cupids bow to create intensity. To mattify the lip you can blot the lips with translucent powder.

Here are a couple more looks following this trend:

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 15.47.00 Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 15.47.16

Reb-Elle: This trend is where black meets charcoal meets emerald meets burgundy meets midnight blue or a carbon shot with a petrol like pigment. It has a feeling of rebellion and make up is definitely pushing boundaries.

The Essentials: Smoulder Eye Kohl to let it bleed, Mixing Medium Shine as its reflects transparent pink and transparent teal glitter, Blacktrack Fluidline for precise and decisive black lines, Nocturnelle Nail Polish to create polish punk nails and Typographic Eye Shadow to accentuate.


So in this look Michelle showed us how to create the eye using Feline Black Pencil which was traced along the lash line, into the crease all the way to the inner corner of the eye and under the lash line and then using a Mac 217 brush she blended the pencil to create the smokey undone eye. To set the eyeliner then blend carbon eyeshadow and blend it in. On the lid Michelle applied a white eyeshadow but if you don’t want such a contrasting eye then take the Black Diamond pressed pigment and apply to the lid. Really layer the lashes at the root with mascara.

Here are more looks following the trend:

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 15.49.53Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 06.50.59

Spritual Eyes: This trend the skin is pale and flawless and mattified and the eyes are in cold shades like steel, cement, asphalt and slate. The trend has been described and sombre and soulful, where the eyes are emotionally shaded and not sensually smoked.

The Essentials: Pro Longwear Paint Pots in Smokey Pink and then sheer it down, Paint Pot in Groundwork swooped on upper and lower lids with a small 188 duo fibre face brush for a real shadow, Lip Mix in Medium Nude for a photographic stain around the eye, Eye Pencil in Prunella for a naturally bruised shadow and Pro Long Wear Paint Pot in Camel Coat and Tailor Grey mixed for bespoke grey shades.


Michelle demonstrated a similar look as the above picture but just used greys with the paint pot in Tailored Grey a blended into the eye lid and all the way up to the brow then under the eye and pulled down using a Mac 217 brush. For the skin it need sto be mattified using translucent powder and under the eyes, in between the brows, down the nose and the chin then blend in the Prep and Prime highlighter to crate the ligher skin.For the highlighting  Michelle used my favourite Silver Dusk Irridescent Loose Powder to highlight the skin to create a beautiful sheen.

Here are some more looks following this trend:

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 07.18.51Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 15.49.13

Perspect-Tive: This trend is all about high shine gloss on the skin, the cellophane eye, where make up is elemental in every way, from matte to high shine, its a new way of revisiting the monochrome effect, there is a big focus on how the skin picks up the light and where make up is seen through a veil of skincare for a blank canvas.

The Essentials: Pro Mixing medium to create shine and a subtle emollient glow, Strobe Cream to create the classic irredescent sheen, Lip Conditioner for a low level shine, Cream Colour base in Luna, Shell and Pearl to add seamless highlights, Gloss texture for a glassy sheen and brow set in clear and brushed up and groomed.


Michelle talked about creating Vitamin skin with high shine formula’s. The Mineralise Moisture Foundation was a big winner to create the balmy texture and give a richness to the skin (I love this foundation). She used the amazing Care Blend Essential Oils to show us how to create the shine as seen in the above picture. Aplply the oil in a big C shape into the temple, top of the cheek bone and above the arch of the brow and then mattifying the skin in the T-Zone using the Prep and Prime Translucent Finishing Powder. Clear Gloss was used on the eyelid and on the eyebrow and a no 33 lash to add definition. Obviously this high shine look is not an every day look but take key elements from it so take a little bit of the oil and use above the cheek bone or a little bit of the clear gloss. Instead of gloss on the cheek bone give a wash of shimmer and use one of their Pressed Pigments  like Light Touch. Make sure you prep your skin before pplying your make up as its all about skincare shining through.

Here are some more looks following this trend:

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 15.47.48 Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 15.48.03


I love the Mac trend reports as they break it down for the every day person and teach how to carry out the trends and how to use their products for me this is a big plus. I love all the essential make up they use for each trend and of course have the majority of the make up but will be definitely getting my hands on more of the Pro Long Wear Paint Pots.

Hope you enjoyed my post and get busy experimenting. x

My Latest Beauty Shoot: Its All About The Drama

My latest beauty shoot with photographer Justin Polkey and model Emma Menteath was all about the drama. Strong facial expressions was the essence of the shoot and focus on different parts of the face so the lip, the cheek and the eyes and with a hair change each time.

The image above was the first shot where the hair was tonged and set in pin curls first while I prepped the skin and then when make up was done I brushed the hair out and spritzed with spray. The key make up for this look was the red lip. I used Mac Ruby Woo and a Mac clear lipgloss to create the lip. Justin wanted the skin really flawless so I prepped skin with a rich moisturiser and then buffed in the Georgio Armani Luminous Skin Foundation.

For the second look Justin wanted to focus on the cheek so it was all about contouring and highlighting which is a favourite of mine:

Emma_BeautyII_Shot 02_0465 copy

I used the Chanel Healthy Glow Powder in no 30 and 40 for the contouring of the face and for the highlighting I used Mac Mineralise Skinfinish in Lightscapade which creates an amazing luminous finish. For the hair Justin wanted it ip and over so I flipped the hair over the head to the side and pinned into place.

For the last look it was about a dramatic eye we filmed a video tutorial on how to create the smokey eye so check out the video: https://www.shahnazlovesbeauty.com/videos/smokey-eye-tutorial/

Emma_BeautyII_Shot 04_0591 copy

We changed the lip to nude so that the focus could be on the eye. I based the lid with mac Blacktrack Gel Liner as its amazing as a base for a smokey eye, it dries quickly so be sure to blend immediately and when you apply another colour onto the black it makes the colour really pop. To blend out the edges I used Mac in Carbon and then on the lid I used a silver shade from my YSL Chromatics in no 10 on the lids up to the crease. For the hair I created a chignon at the back and teased the top of the hair and pinned it in.

So here is a little insight into one of my shoots. Check out the behind the scenes of the shoot: https://www.shahnazlovesbeauty.com/makeup/beauty-shoot-behind-scenes/

Hope you enjoyed my post. x

In this month’s Elle South Africa I did the make up for the Style For Less swimwear shoot. The brief was retro make up with a bright orange lip instead of the usual red. So here is how I created the look:

  • Prepped skin with Dr Haushka Light Day Rose Cream.
  • For the fair skin model’s I buffed into their skin Nars Sheer Glow foundation and concealed with Rimmel Wake Me and Mac Pro/Conceal Paletter and for the dark skin model I buffed in Bobbi Brown’s stick foundation and concealed using Bobbi Brown creamy concealer.
  • For the eyes I based the lids with foundation to ensure the eye shadow stays. For the fair skin models I applied from the Stila In the Light Palette Bare eyeshadow which is a matte ivory shade  and in the crease I blended Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Sable to create definition and for the darker skin model I used Chanel Healthy Glow Powder in no 60 on the lid and in the crease I blended chocolate shadow from the Stila In the Light Palette. To create the flick on the eye I used one of my favourite products the Mac Blacktrach Gel Liner using the Mac small 263 angle brush.
  • I filled in the brows using Mac pencil in Fling for the lighter girls and for the darker model I filled in the brows using Benefit Browzing in Dark. For the lashes I used Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara.
  • I contoured on the lighter girls using Chanel Healthy Glow Powder in no 40 and for the darker girl I buffed in Bobbi Brown shadow in Espresso and for highlighting for the lighter models I used Mac Irridescent Powder in Silver Dusk and for the darker skin model I buffed in Estee Lauder Pure Colour in Topaz.
  • For the cheeks I buffed in Mac blush in Tenderling for the paler girls and for the dark skin model I used Mac blush in Fever.
  • For the lips I used Mac lipstick in Morange.
  • I moisturised the girls bodies and for the paler girls I applied Mac Face and Body and highlighted their skin using Becca Luminous Skinfinish and for the darker model I highlighted the skin using Inglot Face and Body Bronzing Illuminator.
  • Nails I used Inglot nail polish in no 942 which is a Colbalt Blue shade.

Check out the behind the scenes video on the Elle site: http://www.elle.co.za/style-for-less-swimwear/

Hope you enjoyed my post. x

Its so hard for me to attend any launches as I am a make up artist/hair stylist by day and a lot of the time I miss these amazing events. Kindly the PR team sent me the whole Ponds Radiance Collection to try out and review.

The collection is a luxury anti-aging range with a concentrated formula combining leading anti-ageing ingredients and real gold particles to re-energise th lost radiance of ageing skin cells. (Yes please need some of that as am getting old). As skin cells age they weaken and their vital inner-energy is exhausted. As a result skin is visibly duller and we see the signs of ageing like wrinkles, age spots and uneven skin tone. The Ponds Radiance Range helps recapture the radiance of your youth”s skin and the skin’s luminosity is reinvigorated and revitalised.

Here is the range, what each product promises and what I thought:

Radiance Revealed Facial Foam: This foam is infused with gold particles and has been specially designed for older skin (me) and gently exfoliates the skin to reveal new younger skin cells without making skin dry. It promises to improve skin texture, reduce dullness and leaves skin feeling soft. I used this product every day for the past 3 weeks and this foam is very kind on the skin and very creamy in texture and left my skin looking radiant and definitely feeling soft.

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 18.35.15


Precious Youth Serum: This serum is luxuriously infused with flakes of real gold microparticles. Each drop of this formula helps improve the skin’s texture and boost the skin’s radiance. Its enriched with Vitamin B3 which helps target age spots. The product promises to improve skin tone, remove skin surface dullness, visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, hydrates and softens skin and doesn’t clog pores. I used the serum every day before applying any creams and massaged into my face and my skin after use has definitely been glowing.

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 18.35.02


Youthful Glow Day Cream: This cream has an SPF of 15 therefore protecting the skin against UVA and UVB rays and is infused with real gold microparticles. The cream has been clinically proven to reduce skin dullness and with constant use this cream promises to reduce the appearance of fine lines, age sposts and wrinkles.  I used the cream after applying the serum every morning. This cream is very light in texture and melts into the skin. After following all the steps my skin really was glowing which for me is a big plus as I am a massive fan of glowing healthy looking skin.

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 18.35.26

Youth Reviving Eye Cream: When I am tired I always notice that there are more wrinkles and my skin gets drier. This eye cream promises to refresh tired eyes, and visibly help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. The cream definitely made my skin look brighter and hydrated and left my skin feeling soft.

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 20.10.15


Youthful Night Repair: This cream has been specially formulated to work at night when your skin cells regeneration is at its peak. The product promises that when you wake up your skin feels revived and refreshed. The cream is very rich and quite perfumed but all you need is to apply a small amount and in the morning my skin felt really soft and very hydrated.

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 18.35.43

So after using for a few weeks here is a pic of me with a little foundation and you can really see how healthy my skin looks and there is a definite glow:

Pond sSkin

Overall really like this range, I like the packacking especially the serum and its and very affordable. You don’t have to spend a fortune on skincare and I definitely would recommend this.

Hope you enjoyed my post. x


Korres Skincare – The Review

What I love about being a beauty blogger is how much I am learning about skincare and what amazing products there are. Being a make up artist its so key to understand the skin and how we should treat it. I am learning so much about how to care for my skin and for the models that I work with so as to ensure they look their best when they step in front of the camera. I have been so lucky since starting my blog as I have access to new amazing brands that are coming to South Africa and Korres is definitely one of them.

So here is a little information about the brand and what it represents:

The man behind the brand George Korress was determined that his products would only include clinically effective skincare products based on natural active extracts. All Korres products are developed based on 4 groups of natural ingredients: herbs with pharmaceutical properties, Greek Flora herbs, food ingredients, and highly-efficacy natural ingredients. Greek flora is renowned for its abundant varieties. The entire range is environmentally friendly with clinically tested effectiveness. So if you love natural cosmetics this brand is definitely love this brand.

Korres skincare includes the innovative Quercetin and Oak anti-aging and anti-wrinkle formulation, the first cosmetic product worldwide to incorporate the breakthrough findings of research on Proteasome and Human Aging. Quercetin and Oak, which activates new protein synthesis within 24 hours, is the first natural anti-aging line to achieve higher scores on all clinical tests compared to the market’s best selling conventional anti-aging creams.

I have been trying the Wild Rose Skincare range which is meant for all skin types, particularly those prone to pigmentation, moisturising and brightening in the process. (Yes please). I have had 2 kids and its definitely played havoc with my skin plus I am in my late 30’s so I need all the brightening I can get!

The range consists of a mask, brightening cream, eye cream and a brightening and line smoothing serum. I have been using the range for about the past 3 weeks and my skin has been feeling amazing. The cream is quite perfumed and normally I am not a fan of any strong smells but as soon as you apply the smell doesn’t linger and my skin just feels soft. All of these products contain Vitamin C which has a repairing activity for fine lines and skin colour disorders as well as brightening the skin and radiance (that’s exactly what I need). With my hectic schedule I need all the brightening and radiance I can get.

The mask I have been using about once a week it contains complex herbal extracts to help with brightening and give the skin radiance. My skin felt really smooth.

The eye cream helps restore skin tone and texture around the eye and contains yeast extracts which improves microcirculation and decreases dark circles. I have been struggling with dry skin around my right eye due to tiredness but since using this cream its gone and my dark circles aren’t as noticeable.

The brightening serum has ultra concentrations of Vitamin C and helps smooth skin and prevent wrinkles and then followed by the 24 hour moisturising cream I love how my skin feels and looks. When I apply my foundation I have the look of dewy skin and my skin really looks great. Plus celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Rhianna and Kylie Minogue are celebrity fans and they all look amazing!

Korres will be launching in Edgars in November and the skincare prices will range from R95 to R595 and the make up from R80 to R330 which is all pretty affordable. In the meantime if you want to find out more info go to www.korres.com.

Hope you enjoyed my post. x


So London Fashion Week has come and gone and its onto Milan Fashion Week. Here are the make up and hair trends from the London Shows:

Make Up Trends:

  • Red Lip – This trend is here to stay as you can never go wrong with a beautiful red lip and I love the red lip and red nails its a very elegant look. Keep the face fresh and with a strong brow looks totally amazing.
  • Smokey Eye – Each season we see a different variation of a smokey eye which I love. Here we see a softer smokey its really beautiful and more modern.
  • Strong Brows – It looks like the strong brow trend is continuing. With models like Cara Delevigne causing a storm the groomed full brow is not going any where in a hurry.
  • Graphic Eye – Yet another trend that we are seeing a lot of some are more subtle like we see with a flick of blue liner on the edges of the eye which is a more wearable trend to the full on graphic eye.
  • Pops of colour – For spring/summer we are always going to see pops of colour I love the bright pink matt lip with the blue undertone and then we see  purple on the eyes through the crease.
  • Flawless Contoured Skin is a massive trend and for me if you have the skin right everything else looks amazing.
  • Shimmery Eyes – Such a beautiful look paired with clean skin and a nude lip


  • Hair trends:
  • Undone textured hair is another trend that we keep seeing again and again that looks so beautiful with either a clean face or a bit of a smokey.
  • 70’s hair was seen in the Holly Futon show where the hair was pulled to the one side and the other side is big curls.
  • Sleek hair – I love the sleek ponytails with the detail at the back and almost 3 dimensional and where the ponytail has been looped and pinned under.
  • Big hair wavy  trend that we spot at fashion week each seaon and I love how it has been paired with  graphic eye and nude lip.
  • Natural Hair – so no styling at all and the models hair was washed and then left and make up super clean and dewy.
  • Beautiful classic updos where hair has been pinned up and beautiful textured updos with flowers in the hair which is so beautiful.

Hope you enjoyed my post. x

Must Have: Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara

I have been wanting to try this mascara for a while and always heard such amazing reviews. Nina who does the PR for Lancome in South Africa kindly sent me one. I absoloutely love it so much so that its one mascara I definitely reach for on my photoshoots.

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 17.46.04

The applicator is cone shape and gets all the lashes with one coat and I found it really extended them and opened them up without me having to curl the lashes. To get the best out of the mascara make sure you get to the root of your lashes and wiggle the applicator when applying.

You can see in the image below of the gorgeous Emma how beautiful the mascara looks and I didn’t curl her lashes:

MaybellineHere is a video from Lancome on how to apply the mascara:

For those of you who are already a fan of the Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara there is currently a limited edition mascara in Edgars stores nationwide. Lancome have collaborated with Alber Elbaz the  creative Director at Lanvin to design the packaging to create the Hypnose Show. I absolotuely love the packaging so if you are a make up addict then go get yours.

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 18.30.38

Here is a video from Lancome promoting the collaboration:

 I hope you enjoyed the post. x









If you are a fan of Benefit here is an amazing Benefit Bronzing Kit Giveaway. Spring is upon us in Cape Town and its time to start getting that healthy glow. I absolutely love this kit and includes some of my favourite benefit products.

To enter into this competion you need to:

  1. Subscribe to my newsletter
  2. Come up with a fun slogan for this giveaway including the word “Benefit” and email your answers to shahnaz@shahnazlovesbeauty.com

Competitions ends 18th September 2013.

Good Luck. x

Beauty Tips for Dark Skin Tones

In the last few months I have been doing a lot of make up for dark skin models so I thought I would share how I created this look for a trend beauty shoot I did. As well as share some beauty tips on make up rules in general for darker skin tones.

A big trend right now is beautiful flawless skin, bold brows and a red lip.  Some dark skin girls have oily skin so remember to prep skin with an oil free primer or serum if that is the case. I have been using the Gosh Serum a lot recently to prep skin as it really hydrates and smooths the skin out and doesn’t make the skin oily.

So here is how I created the look:

  • Applied Dr Haushka Light Day Rose Cream to prep the skin.
  • I blended Mac Matchmaster Foundation with a stippling brush. Most girls with dark skin I come across have 2 tones on their face so invest in a darker and lighter foundation  to even out skin tone.
  • Under the eyes I applied Bobbi Brown stick foundation in Espresso. When applying concealer go for a shade lighter under the eyes.
  • On the eyelids I applied the foundation to even out the skin and then set with the Mac Mineralise Skinfinish in Deep Dark.
  • I filled in the brows using my Benefit Browzing in Dark but I kept the brows very natural for this particular shoot but you can go bolder especially with a very dark skin tone. You don’t have to use a brow kit you can use a dark brown eyeshadow with an angle brush to fill in your brows especially if you are on a budget.
  • I kept the lashes very natural here and I applied Gosh Show Me Volume Mascara.
  • I applied on the top of the cheek bones a little deep bronze highlighter. I used an Estee Lauder Gold Highlighter here but try Inglot AMC Face and Body bronzer in no 67 to highlight the top of the cheek bones, down the bridge of the nose and on your cupids bow. Remember do not go for icy highlighters as it makes the skin look grey go for golds and bronzes.
  • On the cheeks the darker the skin tone the brighter the colour you can apply even a bright red looks amazing on a dark skin tone. In this shoot I used Mac Blush in Frankly Scarlet.
  • For contouring the darker the skin tone the darker you need to go so that you can see the definition. When I am working with very dark skin tones I use a dark brown shadow espresso by Bobbi Brown and buff in under the cheek bone with a contour brush. Remember dust off any excess onto the back of your hands and build up instead of applying to much and making a mess.
  • For the lip I first hydrated the lips using Carmex and then first I lined the lips with Mac Brick lip liner and then I applied Mac Lipstick in Russian Red and Ruby Woo. When you apply a liner it helps create the shape and stop the lipstick from bleeding.
  • To set the foundation and avoid shiney skin I used Mac Mineralise Skinfinish in Deep Dark.  Apply powder where you see your skin looks really shiney this will also help the foundation to last longer.

Hope you enjoyed the post. x


If you haven’t already tried Ruby Box then this is a service you need to give a try. So many times we struggle to choose the right product for ourselves or want to try something out first! What I like about the Ruby Box is it matches to what products you are interested in and its at a great price of R119 a month and valued at R200. I received the August Box and in September they will be adding 3 extra samples instead of the usual 5. As well as the trial boxes they also sell beauty products online including a few items from one of my favourite brands Soap and Glory.

So here is what I got in the box:


TLC Wipes: I love these wipes and they are a key part of my make up kit already. They are gentle on the skin and remove make up beautifully and don’t leave your skin feeling really dry.

Concealer Brush: The brush is a great synthetic brush and feels extremly soft on your skin. Brushes can be quite expensive so I like that a brush has been included.

Alila Lipstick: I really like this lipstick its a deep almost cherry red so always a goodie and a great colour for a lot of skin tones. I really like the texture of the lipstick it glides on beautifully and its semi matt. Definitely a great lipstick to have.

Clarins Hydra Quench Cream and Mask: This is a great little tester especially when you are looking to invest in a more expensive brand but are worried to invest a lot of money and then the product isn’t right for you. The cream is for normal to dry skin so if you are like me and get dehydrated this is a great product. The cream contains a combination of hyaluronic acid and katafray bark extract which ensures long lasting hydration. I really like this cream it feels amazing on the skin.

The mask is for dehydrated skin which is me and is great for all skin types as most of us need some moisture on our skin. My skin was left feeling glowing and really smooth.

For September if you have already subscribed you will recieve a gift on top of your samples as well as the 3 extra samples I mentioned earlier. Definitely a fantastic service if you love beauty.

To subscribe click on http://rubybox.co.za/join-rubybox

Hope you enjoyed my post. x