benefit south africa


When it comes to makeup I like mine to be modern yet simple. One of my favourite looks and that works best on me is the cat eye with lots of mascara. The new Benefit Roller Liquid Liner and Mascara landed on my desk last week and I was super keen to get busy trying. I kept my look really classic and just contoured my eyes to create definition and then liner and mascara.

This is literally one of my fav mascara’s the new Benefit Bad Gal Bang. I loved it from the moment the wand touched my lashes. For those of you who follow my blog you will know I bang on about how sad my lashes are. So of course mascara has literally been my best friend for a very long time. If I don’t put a few coats on I feel totally naked. What I love about the brand is they always get their mascara’s down to a T. Lots and Lots of volume.  I love that the Bad Gal Bang doesn’t smudge and make a mess like some do.

For someone like me who absolutely can’t live without mascara I needed to try this one out. Especially with a promise of a formula enriched mascara with aero-particles and described as ‘a super light technology derived from space technology’ – to give volume and a promise of 36-hour wear. Sounds amazing right???