best face sunscreens


We all know that wearing sunscreen especially on your face all year round is one of the most important things in your beauty regime. After attending an event where they chatted about sun damage the collaboration with Ruby Box and Solal Sunscreen couldn’t have come at a better time. Applying sunscreen to your face is so key to avoid serious sun damage to your face. Whether you wear makeup or not make sure its your last step in your beauty routine.  I didn’t even realise that even when its cloudy that your SPF till needs to be applied. Using phones on a daily basis also emits rays so remember what ever skin tone you are get that SPF on. 

Face sunscreens are a must have for everyone and if you’re smart you carry one in your bag where ever you go. I admit sometimes I am lazy especially when I am by the pool and I have my kids Nivea handy. However, I do try keep one for my face and one for my body. Prevage have introduced their amazing new City Smart Hydrating Shield which will be in my holiday kit next week Europe bound.  Bioderma have launched their sunscreen to help combination and oily complexions. Both add a wash of colour to your complexion plus amazing skincare benefits as well. I am no longer looking for your usual face sunscreen I want something that has it all and will also make my skin look amazing.

Protecting your skin against the harsh rays should be the key elemeant to any beauty routine especially if you live in a warm climate. I used to be so bad at applying sunscreen especially to my face until I moved to Cape Town. Living and working in the heat really makes you evaluate how you look after your skin. Everyone should have a face sunscreen that is SPF 50. The higher the SPF the longer the protection from getting burnt. In this post I wanted to share my current two favourite face sunscreens that work a treat and ensure I am 100% protected against the harsh rays.

Sunscreen is one of the most important things when it comes to your skincare routine. Especially living in a hot climate its so key that we protect ourselves against the harsh rays and prevent sun spots and ageing. I used to be so lazy because living in England literally didn’t need it. Living in Cape Town means protection, protection, protection not only for me but when working with models. Working outside means I have to wear sunscreen every day but rather invest in one for your face to avoid making your skin greasy. My favourites are from budget to the more pricey so there is something here for everyone. So here are my favourite face sunscreens: