best red lipsticks


This week is definitely a red lip kind of week with all these lovely products landing on my desk to test out. I shot for Glamour Magazine for their January main fashion editorial and the theme Studio 54. Each girl had a different look to make them all individual. For Fran I went gold eyes and a bold red lip using one of the gorgeous new Chanel Rouge Allure lipsticks. Red is one of those colours that will always be on trend and makes everything look chic, pretty and so out together. Plus what’s a studio 56 look without lipstick and a bit of Chanel???

Recently I posted some Bridal inspiration for any of you ladies out there who are getting married soon plus I was also deciding on what makeup I was thinking of for my renewal coming up next month. This week I am sharing some pretty bridal makeup looks for Marie Claire out in this months issue which are so simple but so beautiful. Even though the model has a darker skin tone this will also work for you fairer gals.

So a couple of weeks ago Araffa from Grazia asked me some beauty tips on choosing a red liptick for your skin tone which can baffle many women or the other alternative they don’t wear a red lip at all!! They also featured me in one of their issues and on Grazia online sharing my tips. Now you all know I love a red lip its the one makeup item that is a must have as it just lifts the complexion in an instant.