bridal makeup


My shoot for Wedding Album Magazine got me thinking about my next beauty post while I am sitting on holiday. All brides stress about their skin and what makeup to have. So this post is all about bridal skin essentials and makeup ideas to get you thibking for your big day. If your wedding is coming up in the next few months then its time to get yourself prepped and make sure you have a whole beauty regime set up so when it comes to the day you look amazing. Plus you have key makeup essentials for the day to ensure beautiful glowing skin. Earlier this year I gifted hair and makeup to one of my good friends for her wedding day and I had some tricks up my sleeve to make sure she looked her best.

Recently I posted some Bridal inspiration for any of you ladies out there who are getting married soon plus I was also deciding on what makeup I was thinking of for my renewal coming up next month. This week I am sharing some pretty bridal makeup looks for Marie Claire out in this months issue which are so simple but so beautiful. Even though the model has a darker skin tone this will also work for you fairer gals.

With my wedding renewal being around the corner the way this year is going I have my trial next week for hair and makeup and I have been busy looking for bridal makeup references on what I would like for the day. I am pretty much treating it like I am doing the big day all over again. Last night I  complied a few references for the makeup artist so she has an idea and I am still deciding what I want. If I had my way it would be a bright lip but hubby is never a fan of lipstick. So here is my bridal makeup inspiration for those of you who are getting married and need some ideas: