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Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream

So I finally got myself to Clicks to buy the new Bourjois CC cream and I am happy to report I love it. I saw Lisa Eldrige use it on a make up tutorial so that was a big incentive to try but I also love their foundations so I knew it would be a goodie.

Bourjois claim it has the skincare action of a cream and colour correction of a foundation in one step. There are 3 colour correcting pigments that smooth away imperfections:

Apricot pigment: Anti-Fatigue

Green Pigment: Anti-Redness

White Pigments: Anti-dark spots

The skincare element is it has an SPF of 15 and 24 hour hydration. Leaving luminous and flawless skin.  It has a non-oily light weight formula and is enriched with envigorating white tea extracts.

I applied with my finger tips and a little goes a long way. It really does have the coverage of a foundation and my skin feels so smooth and soft which is exactly what I am looking for in make up. What I am also happy about is that there is a shade for me. I always struggle when there are only 3 shades  and the medium is too pink for my skin tone. So yay to Bourjois. Definitely a great alternative to foundation as it has enough coverage.

Will definitely be using in a make up tutorial very soon.

Shahnaz x

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I recently reviewed the Smashbox CC Cream and I was asked what is the difference. There are so manu products hitting the market leaving most people pretty confused. If you not a product junkie and avid trend follower it can pretty daunting. So here is the difference between the two:

The BB Cream which is a beauty balm acts as a few things a tinted moisturiser, primer, hydrates your skin, perfect skin and help with the reduction of redness and pigmentation in the skin plus has an SPF. Its a make up with some skincare benefits.

CC Cream has the same benefits as the BB Cream but really focuses on the colour correcting of skin and dealing with pigmentation plus infused with Vitamins, plumping peptides and a radiance boosting complex.

There are so many BB cream’s on the market so you need to try and works for your skin. CC Cream’s are still hitting the market so get your hands on both and see which you prefer. If there is a BB or CC Cream you love let me know and share what you think.

Hope you enjoy the post. x




I recently got sent the new Smashbox CC Cream to review. This is the first CC cream I am trying so pretty excited about that. If you not sure what a CC cream its got all the same benefits as the BB cream’s which is like a primer, tinted moisturiser, pore minimiser all rolled into one but the CC cream focuses more on colour correcting and dealing with redness and pigmentation. I love how make up is changing and improving and combining it with skincare so that it is also good for your skin.

The Smashbox cream has an SPF of 30 so I really happy about that and promises to reduce the appearance of dark spots and enhance the natural radiance of your skin. The key ingredients of the cream is C-Phyte+ Complex which contains vitamins C and E to brighten and even skintone and helps boost the natural collagen production to help improve the appearance fine lines and wrinkles. The complex is also enriched with fruits to help brighten and reduce inflammation, which is also a cause of hyperpigmentation.  This is a big promise so does it really work? I haven’t continually used the CC cream yet but when I did use it this is what I thought:

I applied the CC cream after applying my moisturiser because I am all about really hydrated skin. You don’t have to do this step but I did. You can apply with fingers but to build up to a fuller coverage use a foundation brush. I applied the CC cream in the morning before going to my photoshoot and concealed where I had any spots, under my eyes and around my nose. I have to say I absolutely love the finish. My skin really glowed and the cream also has a pretty good coverage as I didn’t have to apply any foundation. This may not apply to all of you if you have really bad skin so take that into consideration or apply foundation after you have applied the cream. I didn’t apply it again all day as I was on a shoot and when I came home I still looked like I had a little coverage plus my skin was still glowing.

Smashbox CC Cream

You can see in the picture the cream has a nice consistency. The CC cream I used is Medium because I have a bit of a tan at the moment and  it blended seamlessly into my skin. It comes in 5 shades fair, light, light/medium and dark which is great because it covers quite a few skin tones. Its not cheap, it sells for R395 but it is a beautiful product and if you are into investing money into your make up and skincare this is definitely a winner.

Hope you enjoy the post. x