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Introducing the new gorgeous Chanel Ultra Teint All Day Comfort Flawless Finish Foundation that landed on my desk. It couldn’t have come at a better time because I was actually looking for a new foundation for myself.  When you have a Chanel foundation on your face well you just feel amazing really. In this post I chat about the new foundation plus I have put together a look with some Chanel products. The finished look is super simple but really pretty with gorgeous glowing skin.

If you loved the Chanel Blue Serum you going to love the Chanel Blue Serum Eye, the bad boys of eye serum’s. I actually feel so blessed that I get to test out and play with the gorgeous Chanel products. I have loved the serum so much I haven’t even shared it with my models. The serum is super hydrating that my under area has never been happier. When I am tired its under my eyes that takes the most strain. My fine lines are more apparent and I get dehydrated. The Chanel Blue Serum has really helped me and I love love love it.

Now we all know Chanel doesn’t come cheap with the eye serum retailing at R1170. But its Chanel and their skincare is just gorgeous. Definitely an investment but when it comes to serums this is really where you should be spending your cash. Its super light and literally melts into your skin giving that gorgeous subtle glow. After application it makes it easier for my concealer to blend it so I look really fresh.

The serum was made to help women who wanted to keep the under eye area luminous, fresh or more youthful. Its defintely helped smooth out my skin as well as help with pufiness due to lack of sleep. It definitely saved me on my shoot last week when I was living on 5 hours of sleep a day!

The ingredients in the serum:

1.Green coffee PFA from Costa Rican green coffee: collected by hand, then sun-dried and extracted using PolyFractioning, it is renowned for its antioxidant properties.

2.Olive tree oleoactive from Sardinian olives: olive oil rich in essential fatty acids and olive leaf highly concentrated with polyphenols are combined by an oleo-eco-extraction technique to ensure a skin-protecting effect.

3.Lentisk gum extract from Greek lentisk: harvested by a local cooperative, the resin undergoes supercritical CO2 cold extraction to preserve its properties.

Its available in stores now so if you looking to invest then go check it out. Thanks so much Sarah for sending me the serum its truly gorgeous.

Shahnaz x

We all know I love anything Chanel and this time its their latest offering the Chanel La Creme Main. Its a handy hand cream that comes in this sleek gorgeous packaging that will make your hands feel so amazing. It literally pops into your handbag or even a small clutch bag so you can take it everywhere with you. I have never been that great with hand creams when it comes to myself I am not sure why but this makes me want to apply all day long. Its totally chic and is a definite must have.

If you haven’t checked out thew latest Chanel Travel Diary Makeup Collection you are seriously missing out. I am so excited to share that Chanel will be spponsoring their makeup collections for my pro kit so that’s big news in itself. The key element of the collection is the Palette Essential which is a cream highlighter, concealer and blusher all in one. Plus am totally loving the correctors and the nude lippie that looked so amazing on the model. I didn’t play with the whole collection for the Tamara Cherie campaign shoot but you get the idea here. The products are so beautiful and everything just melts seamlessly in the skin.