clarins skin illusion foundation


When it comes to choosing a base I love one that gives a glowing complexion, doesn’t look heavy and skin still looks like skin. If that’s your preference too then you definitely need to check out the Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation. Its been on the market for a while I just hadn’t had a chance to test it out until now. I have been using Mac Face and Body on my models but after using this I am def going to add some into my pro kit I love it that much.

A couple weeks ago I met with one of the Clarins girls at the V&A Edgars stores to learn a little more about their foundations and which one would work for me. I love a dewy foundation and because my skin is in pretty good condition I needed a foundation that would give me some coverage but that wasn’t full coverage and could let my skin breath. The conlusion Clarins Skin Illusion foundation was perfect for me plus the Eclat Minute Instant Light Perfector too add natural highlights where needed on the face.