Diego Della Palma Skincare


An absolutely gorgeous serum landed on my desk a few weeks ago and I have been loving how it makes me skin look. So much so I featured the Diego Dalla Palma Icon Time Gold Elixir (R1595) in my latest Glow Tutorial. Not only is the packaging so beautiful I love the golden microcapsules of Hyaluronic Acid. The Elixir is packing some serious hydration leaving skin glowing and looking beautiful.

The Diego Dalla Palma Icon Time Gold Elixir serum was designed to actively work against wrinkles and combat the signs of ageing. With the infusion of gold which is actually a Golden collagen base and aminopeptide complex, the serum helps stimulate new collagen production and counteracts wrinkles, sagging skin and tone loss.

The golden microcapsules I mentioned earlier are infused with Hyaluronic Acid which is a key element to have in your skincare. The serum literally melts into your skin leaving it feeling fresh and glowing. I definitely feel that my skin feels plumper and more radiant.

Key Ingredients and what they do:

Siver Micro Dust: Strenghens the skin’s barrier structure, protects the skin’s youth capital, fights irritations and safeguards the function of the epidermal barrier.

Golden Collagen: Stimulates new collagen.

Platinum Skin Matrix: Rebalances cell communication and preserves the exterior of the dermis.

51+3 Heal Complex: Multi active bio-revitalising action.

Anti Inflammatory System: Ptotects the skin’s barrier function and helps prevent the constant formation of free radicals.

Age day Complex: It reactivates the vital functions of youthful skin and stimulates the activity of fibroblasts (cells within the dermis layer of skin which are responsible for generating connective tissue and allowing the skin to recover from injury.)

NO a.g.e.s complex: Anti-glycation ( prevent or reverse skin damage caused by releasing the sugar molecule’s bond with protein, allowing the cell to return to its natural shape and state) and regenerating.

Gaba: Stimulates new collagen production with an anti-ageing action.

Check out my latest Sunkissed Glow Tutorial featuring the Diego Dalla Palma Icon Time Gold Elixir on my insta feed. See how it makes my skin glow and really preps my skin before I apply on foundation.

Available at selected salons in SA to find out more call (021) 701 2900.

Love it.

Shahnaz x