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This year seriously seems to be flying past and this month I am sharing my beauty favourites not only that I have personally loved but have also been using on shoots as well. Its mostly makeup this time with a little bit of skincare and hair styling thrown in. Its definitely been a month filled with makeup and amazing shoots but its also been about looking after my skin ready for the winter weather. So here are March beauty favs:

If you are a lover of Elizabeth Arden’s 8HR cream and all the other 8HR products then you are most definitely going to love the latest edition the Elizabeth Arden 8HR Cream All Over Miracle Oil. This bad boy is one of those all in one products that you can use on your face, body and hair which definitely makes it cost effective as well as being just an amazing product.


Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish and Highlighting Perfector

As soon as I heard the Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish and Highlighting Perfector was coming out I was very excited as their makeup products are right at the top of my list and I wanted to see if they were anything like the YSL Touche Eclat pens especially as its almost R200 cheaper retailing at R245.

There are 5 shades available from 2 – 6 going from light to dark. They promise to be a multi tasking beauty tool that instantly corrects, highlights and illuminates the skin. The moisturising formula brings tired eyes out from the shadows, minimising the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. This pen helps conceal imperfections, accent brow bones and cheekbones and adds a touch of radiance to the skin.

They are definite pick me ups, as yesterday I looked exhausted all day. I came home and refreshed my foundation before going out and as you can see below I applied the pen under my eyes, along the brow bone, on my smile lines and around my mouth where I felt I need highlighting and concealing. (I already did the other side).

Elizabeth Arden Pens 2

I then took my foundation brush and blended in as well as using fingers to leave my skin looking pretty flawless and beautifully highlighted. I actually don’t look tired and my fine lines that were visible in the day have been concealed. The product is very easy to blend and melts into skin so a big thumbs up for me especially as its such a great price in comparison the the YSL Touche Eclat. You can apply with absolute precision to the areas where you need, I didn’t apply to cheek bones as I had another highlighter on but that is another area where you can use the pen.

EA Pens 3

EA Pens 4

I love the Eizabeth Arden Flawless Finish and Highlighting Perfector packaging it comes in a beautiful gold pen which has a click to dispense the product so there is no wastage and makes it easy to apply. You can pop in your hand bag and apply when you feel you need a glow to your face. They are defintely staying in my kit but of course one will be in my pesonal stash. To find a store that stocks the pens in SA click here.

Shahnaz x

Elizabeth Arden’s The 5 Minute Facial

When I received a gold box saying bring the spa to your home well it was obvious I was going to rip it open and get started. Spa at home oh yes please! The Elizabeth Arden 5 min facial basically consists of 2 items a foaming mask and a replenishing serum leaving skin glowing.

So what’s it all about?

Elizabeth Arden have created this Cermaide Facial booster so we can all achieve a spa glow at home. At basically if you are like me and have a crazy schedule who has time to go for a facial so this is perfect.

Step 1 is the Self Foaming Mask which is a detoxifying mask with chemical enzymatic exfoliators to dissolve suface skin clogging impurities. I have been using twice a week, and apply the product straight onto the face massaging in until it creates a white foam. The first time it will really tingle even slightly feel like its burning so be warned but when I used again it wasn’t the same sensation as the first time so don’t give up. The foam then starts to bubble on your skin and slowly the foaming starts to disappear, when that happens wash off and pat skin dry with a soft towel. My skin feels amazing after and definitely can see the glow already.

Key Ingredients:

Lactic Acid & Protease Enzyme – a combination of alpha hydroxide acids and an enzyme that gently exfoliates.

Botanical Extracts – a blend of bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange and lemon botanical extracts, which all contain naturally occuring hydroxy acids that help exfoliate the skin.

Targeted Peptide – a purifying peptide that helps prime skin for optimum treatment.

Glycerin – replenishises skin with moisture

Step 2 is the Replenishing Serum which you apply straight after, it features a deeply replenishing, targeted complex of ceramides 1,3 and 6 plus soothing agents to help calm dry skin and help support the skin’s own natural ceramides.  Pump once and massage the serum into the skin and then apply a moisturiser staight after.

The Ingredients:

Ceramide Triple Complex – this is the 1,3 and 6 ceramics to help restore the skin’s protective barrier.

Retinyl Linoleate – a Vitamin A derivative that gently and effectively smoothes the look of fine lines and wrinkles while increasing the skin’s firmness.

Red Algea Extract – a marine botanical that helps reduce the look of dark spots while increasing skin’s brightness.

Rice Kerafin and Aloe Vera Gel – an anti-inflammatory duo that soothes, calms and helps heal skin.

Tropical Fruit Extracts – a blend of natural extracts that work together to help plump and firm the look of skin.

Optical Enhancers – a blend of Mica, silica and pearlescent pigments that instantly blurs fine lines and wrinkles.

Glycerin, DL-Panthenol, Sucrose – a humectant blend that helps support the skin’s moisture.

What I can say is I love it and seeing my skin looking boosted, glowing and feeling super smooth really makes me happy. The Elizabeth Arden 5 min Facial is amazing a great pick me up for the skin. This duo set launches in SA on 5th May retailing at R795.

Shahnaz x

Elizabeth Arden Prevage

Elizabeth Arden Prevage – New Additions to my beauty regime

This is the first time I have used any products from the Elizabeth Arden Prevage range and what I can say is I love these 2 products. The anti-ageing treatment boosting cleanser and the anti-ageing and intensive repair eye serum are two new editions to the Prevage range.

Scientists have proven that exposure to smoke and pollution can accelerate the skin’s ageing twice as fast. Causing an increase in wrinkles, age spots and the breakdown of collagen and elastin. With all Elizabeth Arden’s rigourous testing and research they introduced these new skincare products:

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Ageing Treatment Booster Cleanser R385:

This cleanser has a unique 3 dimensional approach to cleansing (remember cleansing is a key element to your beauty regime). It has a creamy formula that eliminates dead skin cells and refines skin’s appearance with a refreshing and radiant glow. The cleanser has tiny granules that doubles up as an exfoliator as well.

The approach: 

Surfactant System: effective and mild foaming cleanser that takes away all the impurities in your skin.

Mechanical & Enzymatic Exfoliation: combination of an active enzyme and natural bamboo beads removes the dead skin and promotes cell renewal leaving smooth skin.

Detoxiquin: Mushroom Extract and Hexapeptide Complex purifies the skin cells amd acts as a natural exfoliant.

Shea Butter & Glycerin: Leaves long lasting moisture

Studies showed 94% of women saw an improvements in just 2 weeks of skin radiance and 75% for fine lines and wrinkles.

What did I think? Definitely saw an improvement in my skin radiance leaving my skin glowing and bascically feeling amazing.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Ageing and Intensive Eye Repair Serum R985:

The more expensive of the products and definitely not for you if you really are on a tight budget but also a great investment.  This treatment helps reduce the severe signs of ageing an give the delicate eye area a more lifted firm appearance. Women  more and more concerned with their skin more than anything else especially around the eye area and this serum is the first of its kind where the serum can also be used on the lids. With claims of working in just 15 minutes so of course this got me very excited.

The serum contains the exclusive Idebenone Technology which is the single most powerful antioxidant a blend of Arazine and Thiotaine. The Arazine soothes skin and helps reduce signs of ageing caused by inflammation, and the Thiotaine compliments Idebenone to concentrate on repairing the signs of ageing. The antioxidant helps protect skin from oxidative stress, shields the skin from the environment and supports the skin’s natural repair process therefore giving a youthful appearance.

Benefits of the serum:

Moisture Trap Technology: a combination of hyalouronic acid, barley and sea extracts that lock in moisture.

Optical Diffusers and Soft Focus Silicones where the soft focus effect scatters the light and diminishes wrinkles leaving bright luminous skin. The technology is the same that is used in ceratin foundations and concealers that reflect light of the skin giving the appearance of flawless skin.

Vitamin B3, Masterwort and Ash Tree Bark Extracts help reduce puffiness and dark circles and increase radiance. However I didn’t find the serum took away dark circles so if that is what you are looking for then this serum isn’t for you.

Biommetic Peptide & Retinyl Linoleate even out the skin tone and support the production of natural collagen.

75% of women said they saw an improvement in just 15 minutes! I love this serum my eyes definitely appeared smoother and brighter and once I applied concealer looked really hydrated. I find if I am dry under the eyes then the concealer sits in the fine lines but with this serum that doesn’t happen.

I love both of the products as I am older the Elizabeth Arden Prevage works wonders for my skin and I love how beautiful my skin looks after using for a few weeks.

Shahnaz x


Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Moisturising Lipstick

Love love love these new Elizabeth Arden lipsticks that launched this week in South Africa. I got my hand on these lovelies last year and I have included in some posts but wanted to remind you all and let you know a bit more about them.

The lipsticks are ultra-conditioning and hydrating, highlighly pigmented and so silky this lipstick glides on beautifully leaving amazing looking lips and feeling moisturised (very important). Infused with moisture-enriched pigments that are clinically proven to keep lips moisturised all day . Volulip helps seal in the moisture to give lips a fuller and more sumptuous appearance and apparently have been shown to increase the look of lip volume by 15% and firmness by 13%.

As you can see the lipstick casing is absoloutely gorgeous and makes you want to buy even before you have tried it on. The casing has been embossed with a red door logo emblem in a sleek gold tube with the signature red design.

What are the key ingredients:

  • Moisture binding sheres: hydrate and seal in moisture to provide smoother looking lips.
  • Volulip
  • Moisture Enriched pigments: moisturising spheres surround and moisturise each pigment providing rich, lasting colour.
  • Shea Butter : a natural emollient that soothes and protects lips.
  • Vitamins A, C and E: a powerful blend of vitamins to help keep lips healthy and moisturised.

There are sadly not all the 40 shades available in SA but 17 shades from nudes, pink’s, orange’s, red’s and berry’s. I got my hands on Red Door Red, Electric Pink and Cocoa Bronze and I absoloutely love them. I would have to say the Red Door is definitely in my top 5 red lipsticks and the pink well that what can I say but I love it and its right on trend. I will definitely be going to try the berry and plum shades.photo-93 copy 3As you can see my little monkey of a daughter got her hands on the pink shade and attacked it! She loves make up just as much as me a make up artist in the making.

Elizabeth Arden Lips

They’s not available to buy online but you can get in selected Edgars store’s for R210 and they really are definitely worth the investment.

Hope you enjoyed my post. Shahnaz x

Elizabeth Arden is well known for its iconic Eight Hour Cream and in February 14 they will be launching the Limited Edition which I got my hands on as a Chritmas gift from the lovely PR Manager Alice. I think most make up artists have a tube of the Eight Hour Cream in their pro kit and its probably one of their best selling products.

If you don’t know what the Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant is an all-day, all-night, all-in-one beauty secret. This skincare helps sooth, restore, calm and helps relieve chapped, cracked and dry skin as the cream has anti-inflammatory benefits. As well as soothes, and comforts minor weather burns, scrapes and abrasions.

The story behind the Eight Hour cream:

It was created in the 1930’s by Elizabeth Arden to soothe skin and became an overnight success. The cream was so effective as it combined petrolatum, a skin soothing beta- hydroxy in one of its first cosmetic uses, and Vitamin E. The apricot coloured balm was so beneficial to her clients, Miss Arden used it to soothe her thorough bread horses.

Most make up artists will swear by the cream when on set to apply to lips as well as using it to create a natural highlight on the cheek bones for a shoot or apply to the lids to create a gloss effect without being sticky.


Here are 10 top tips on how to use the cream from the Rebecca the Gobal Make Up Artist:

  1. Smooth on brows to tame unruly brows.
  2. Keep skin hydrated while travelling. Take a pea size rub in to your hands to warm up the cream and pat onto your face to seal in the moisture.
  3. Rub cream on cuticles at night to keep them soft and easy to maintain.
  4. When wearing sandles apply each night and lock in moisture by wearing socks while sleeping.
  5. Create dewy skin by applying on cheek bones.
  6. Achieve a sexy glow by applying on shoulders, collar bone and shins.
  7. Hydrate and soothe chapped lips.
  8. Control ashiness on elbows by massaging them into the areas after showering when your skin is most receptive to moisture.
  9. Revive hair that has been damaged due to over styling, weather or hair colouring by applying a small amount onto dry areas especially the ends!
  10. Make eyeshadow look softer and sheer. Use fingertips and apply to the centre of the lids over the eeshadow. This will create extra shimmer and glow without disturbing the rest of your make up.

So if you haven’t tried the Eight Hour Cream go get one and if you are already a big fan then you will want to get your hands on this limited edition pot. I love it.

Hope you enjoyed my post. x