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The eyes on a face can really tell you where the skin is at for anyone. If I haven’t slept enough its the one place I can look the most tired and dehydrated. So with that in mind I am chatting about the latest Filorga Optim-Eyes Refresh Express Revitalising Eye Contour Stick. Puffy eyes and dark circles say goodbye. Had a bit of a late one and it shows? The triple action formula eye stick from Filorga will sort you out.

The skin under the eyes its actually really thin and different to the rest of the face. Definitely more prone to dehydration as we get older. The quality of the skin deteriorates, it loses its softness, its elasticity and its tone. Its an area on my face that I never miss out on, so fine lines you can just jog on. Its really important to get the right eye cream that will hydrate, illuminate and help reduce dark circles and puffy eyes. You can definitely combine the Filorga Optim-Eyes Refresh stick with the the Optium Eyes Express anti-fatigue patch. Together you can get some serious love and hydration. Love them both.

The Filorga Optim-Eyes Refresh Express Revitalising Eye Contour Stick (R430) was created to hep reduce the signs of fatigue around the eyes. With Fresh minute technology infused with a marine extract (carrageenan gel) , which has a decongestant action thanks to its ice-like texture, as well as a plumping action thanks to hyaluronic acid. Melaton eyes Technology which has a refreshing action reinforced with revitalizing peptides which energizes the cells to prevent the appearance of signs of fatigue. As well as invisible micro powders to enhance the radiance under the eye area.

I love that it can be used any time of the day its perfect for travel, I like to apply first thing in the morning. If throughout the day the under eye area needs a boost of hydration you can apply over makeup. Perfect for that instant refresh, radiance and gives the eyes a more awake look . The stick can also be placed in the refrigerator for a reinforced cryo-smoothing effect. I absolutely love it.

Available online at selected Edgars, Red Square ands Clicks Stores its defiinitely worth checking out. x

Shahnaz x

A new range to tackle dull looking skin the Filorga Oxygen Glow. Now I am a massive fan of Filorga so when the collection landed on my desk I was really excited to try. Its a brand new range with pink packaging that focuses giving radiance to the skin. Its a little bit more affordable than the Filorga products that we know already.

Finally one of my favourite skincare brands has launched their first foundation. Introducing the Filorga Flash Fluid Foundation or known as the Pro Perfection tinted fluid. This foundation promises that flawless bare skin effect which as you can see gives just that. I have been waiting to test the fluid on a model as its way too light for me. Model and instagram queen Jessica Yang was the pertect candidate to test the makeup on. Sadly the Filorga Flash Fluid doesn’t come in darker shades so for now its for the fairer skin gals.

It seems to be all about skincare and primers this week today I am chatting about the gorgeous Filorga Time-Flash Express Smoothing Active Primer (yes it is a mouthful). There is always the constant argument about primers should we or shouldn’t we but for certain skin types definitely needed. I really like this one because it not only smells super fresh but it really melts into the skin leaving skin feeling soft and super smooth.

Another beauty from one of my favourite brands introducing the Filorga Oxygen-Peel Re-Oxygenating Micor-Peeling Lotion (yes its a mouthful). Its a combination product that is being sold as a peel. However I definitely think its a combo of a toner and exfoliator that hydrates and smooths out skin. Its infused with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and pure hyaluronic Acid so a great anti-ageing product. Perfect if you are in need of revitalised and hydrated skin and just want that all over glow.

Now with the Oxygen part who knows if that actually works. The product contains “polysaccharides” that stimulate cytoglobin, a protein that “assists with intracellular oxygen storage and transfer”. I am not an expert on oxygen so thhis is something I can really comment on whether this really works.

The Filorga Oxygen-Peel (R520) is a chemical peel that should only be used at night to tackle skin’s imperfections. It does have alcohol in it so if that’s something you don’t like in a skincare product then this its not for you. What I can say its it doesn’t feel harsh on skin on application and doesn’t irritate at all. I love the fact that it has pure Hylaluronic Acid that plumps skin and gives skin serious hydration.

Its got a mix of 6 micro peeling agents (gylcolic acid, phytric acid, citric acid, saliclic acid, mandelic acid and gluconolactone) this combo works on reducing wrinkles, helping even out your complexion, improved radiance, reduce spots and wrinkles and gently resurface the skin. We don’t know what the exact mix of each acid is so its again something I can’t comment on. I think its definitely a product that you need to keep using to see the long term effects.

Its super easy to use with its pump action bottle. Take a cotton wool pad and pump the product and then apply all over your face after you have cleansed. Its definitely like a toner and feels a bit like one but with lots of added benefits. Its a product that is perfect for most skin tones  giving you brighter looking skin.

Shahnaz x

The new Filorga Oil-Absolute literally just landed on my desk and I just couldn’t wait to share. I am a massive lover of facial oils so couldn’t wait to try. For my shoot for UK sports brand Lucas Hugh my model needed a little hydration so this was the perfect opportunity to out it to the test. Its the perfect solution for exhausted skin that needs that extra love. What I love is that its not super oily like some facial oils, it literally melts into the skin making it look so beautiful. The Oil-Absolute is the first oil serum that’s a six-in-one that reactivates the skin and corrects all the signs of anti-ageing:

Yes this is me without a stich of makeup first thing in the morning wearing the eye patches from the Filorga Optim Eyes Collection. Flying to London took a lot out of my skin so I did a series of hydrating beauty steps including the patches. Plus combine it with the Optium Eyes Lotion and you are in for a real treat. The area under my eyes really suffers when I am tired and dehydrated so with these two goodies my skin is soft and hydrated at the same time.