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Foundation Brushes

Most people I know use their fingers to apply their foundation and there is always the question should I use a foundation brush? And if I use a brush which one? Admitedly when I am in a hurry I use my fingers but I find that the product doesn’t last as long than when I use a brush. There are times when I am on a shoot and I mix fingers and brush depending on the foundation I am using.

So which brush? It all depends on the coverage you want. Stippling brushes and buffing brushes are great when you want a lighter coverage and still want your skin to look flawless. Also make sure you choose a synthetic brush so that the foundation isn’t soaked into the brush and it also means you are not wasting your product.

My favourite buffing/stiffling brushes are the Real technique brushes sadly you can’t buy them in South Africa. Mac and Inglot also have great buffing brushes. The great thing about the stippling brushes is you can build your coverage or you can also use them for cream blushes and gently push the product into the skin.

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For a fuller coverage use a traditional foundation brush I use these on darker skin girls, for pigmentation and bad skin, or when I want to ensure a really flawless finish as the brushes allow for a better coverage. Mac foundation brushes and Inglot brushes are great for these as well as the Real Technique foundation brush. Most brands have brushes depending on your budget if you really want to splash out then the high end brands such as Chanel have great brushes too. The one brush I am really excited to try out is the Rae Morris Radiance Brush that I have finally been able to order.  Its an amazing foundation brush making application quick and easy.

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Creating a flawless looking complexion starts before you apply any creams or make up. You need to follow a beauty routine that will help keep your skin smooth that when it comes to applying foundation it glides over your skin. The key is exfoliating so as to ensure all the dead skin is removed.If you suffer from dry skin exfoliating is important as it will take the flakes of skin away. One of my personal favourites is Dermologica Daily Microfoliant its gentle on your skin but also great if you suffer from pigmentation.


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Depending your skin type make sure you moisturise or apply a primer to your skin. So if you are like me and have combination skin I use a moisturiser before applying my foundation. If you suffer from oily skin use an oil free primer like Laura Mercier or Smashbox to slow down the process. If you have dry skin pick a really hydrating moisturiser like dr Haushka’s Day Rose Cream.

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When choosing your foundation again it all depends on your skin type. My personal preference is a liquid foundation to really give a glowing finish and there are all different types out there so you need to spend time depending on your budget trying foundations out. Ask for a sample or take the tester and apply and go out into natuarl daylight. Make sure the colour matches your chest and blend down into your neck.

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Depending on the type of coverage you want depends on the type of brush you use or  work it in with your hands. Buffing brushes and stippling brushes are great for a lighter coverage . Then other foundation brushes will give a more medium/full coverage.

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Concealer can be done either before or after applying foundation. I normally apply it after the foundation then I can see what areas need more coverage. My favourite is Bobbi brown creamy concealer but again choose one that you feel comfortable with and that works with your skin. Take a small concealer brush and blend in concealer under the eyes, around the nose and any areas that there is redness.

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Finish the flawless look with a finishing powder. Personally I prefer the translucent powders but its all about personal preference as long as the powder you are using is the same colour as the foundation and not too heavy as it can go terribly wrong.

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