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When it comes to highlighters Mac has it down to a T. In this post I am chatting about how to get that glow with Mac Cosmetics using 2 products. By combining both you can get that lit from within glow that makes you just look super healthy and gorgeous. I have kept makeup super minimal here as I just want to emphasise the skin. Plus just keep it really simple. So which 2 products am I chatting about? The Hyper Real Foundation and the Iridescent Loose Powder. Luckily there are a few shades to choose from if you are light to medium/dark skin tone then keep reading.

If you are obsessed with highlighers like I am then you will try find a way to get your hands on the Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold Palette. What’s better than gorgeous glowing skin? The way to achieve that is with a great highlighter and that’s why I literally have about 20 in my kit (no jokes). So when I found out about the bar of gold palette well of course I bought it. When it comes to highlighting Charlotte Tilbury has got it down.

In my shoot for MRP its was all about fresh gorgeous glowing skin. Its a trend that is with us every season but just the products change around. I am forever changing up my foundations depending on what I want to achieve and each season I have a favourite foundation I just keep reaching for. We are always trying to achieve glowing skin and a light foundation expecially in the hot summer months. I try an achieve a dewy look without the model looking to sweaty but just really healthy.

In the last week of shooting its really been about gorgeous glowing skin with the no makeup makeup vibe. My shoot for Elle the photographer wanted barely any makeup but skin that glows with natural highlights. Base can’t be heavy so rather than go for my usual liquid foundations I have been really loving CC creams and tinted moisturisers and highlighters and shimmer products to achieve the look.

Glowing beautiful skin is really the only way to go its what I strive for when it comes to my skin and its what I try to achieve for my models on shoots. Since summer is here in Cape Town healthy looking skin is important plus with the crazy heat its vital that we keep skin hydrated and also protected. Juliette Armand the Greek skincare brand landed on SA shores and I have been playing around with some of the products especially the Elements 03 Vitality Cream Mask and the Vitamin C serum a perfect combo for glowing skin.

Glowing skin

I am all about the healthy glowing skin, good skincare and products that will make me appear like I have had 8 hours sleep and look as fresh as a days. There are cerytain things I just can’t live without mascara and bronzer of which I have many as they are the easiest way to cheat a healthy glow and open up the eyes.

Here is a little insight into some of the many products I use but focusing on healthy glowing skin and some key products to make everything come together.


1) Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque – its fresh and light on the skin and really gives the extra hydration I need.

2) Kiehl’s Calendulka Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash – its kind on your skin and leaves my skin feeling fresh and so smooth. Cleaning is key to any beauty routine.

3) Elizabeth Arden Skin Illuminting Serum – anything that says illuminating on it normally draws me to buy it. I love Elizabeth Arden skincare and this one helps me look that just bit fresher.

3) Revlon CC Cream – its a great alternative to wearing foundation in the heat, its got pretty good coverage and helps with cheating the glow.

4) Smashbox BB Cream Eyes – I never leave home without concealer its key in my beauty routine to make my eyes appear fresh and awake.

5) Shu Umera Lash Curlers – if you want to cheat wide awake eyes curl your lashes.

6) Lancome grandiose Mascara – Love this one it just makes applying mascara so much easier plus gives my lashes much needed volume.


7) Chanel Les beiges Healthy Glow Multi Colour – Bronzer is one product I cam’t go without, it helps achieve that sun kissed glow and can help define the shape of your face.

8) L’Oreal L’Or Rose boudoir – Highlighting is the key to cheating that glow, this highlighter won’t break the bank plus its so light so will give a subtle shimmer to the skin. I Apply on top of my cheek bones and along the bridge of my nose. If I am looking to give a little pop to my lips then I just apply to the cupids bow.


9) Chanel Joues Contraste Blusher – Love this one its a great way for me to add a flush to my cheeks and add some colour when its much needed.

10) 10) Clinique Long Lasting Soft matte lipstick – I love a matt lip it just looks cool, plus I find it lasts longer so I am not forvere applying. I love a bright lip as even when I am exhausted I pop it on and suddenly I look fresh and my whole makeup look just comes together.

Shahnaz x




Skin Boosting Illuminators – Highlighters and Powders

I am always trying to find different products that will illuminate the skin and make it glow when it comes to doing make up for a photoshoot and of course for myself. Of course if you suffer from crazy oily skin you may not want to try out some of these products as they will illuminate the skin so you can opt for the powders instead and highlight the key areas instead.

A lot of the time when I do make up for a job the clients always ask for amazing skin so its really important to know what’s out there and what does what and how we can make our skin look healthy and glowing and basically just amazing. Here is a big selection but I am basically obsessed with highlighting products so here is my list:

Essence My Base Skin Perfection Illuminating Make Up Base: This is a great little budget skin base that adds as touch of glow to the skin. Its very light therefore doesn’t leave skin looking too shiny and blends in beautifully into the skin and is a perfect way to give your skin a little pick me up and a great price. 

Revlon Photoready Skinlights: Love love love this skin illuminator. I have been using for the last 2 weeks and it really does illuminate the skin. This little goodie gives a healthy glow and is a great one to give you a pick me up when your skin is looking really dull and you feeling washed out. You can either mix in with foundation or add to the areas where you would add your highlighter. Apply before and after foundation. There are 4 shades from pale skin to darker skin which is great and is just a great product.

Mac Strobe Cream: This is a product that is probably found in most make up artists pro kit. Its a great highlighter that gives a beautiful natural glow to the skin and is known as a quick fix for the skin especially when it needs a real pick me up. It de-stresses, moistens, freshness and boosts with a fully loaded vitamin zap and a big dose of green tea. It brightens and clarifies with irridescent particles and antioxidants. 

Mac Minearlise Skin Finish in Lighstcapade: I have shared about this highlighter again and again because I love it. Its a beautiful powder highlight that gives a beautiful glow to the skin but its not for darker toned girls the alternative is gold deposit. I love the mineralise skin finishes they leave the skin looking amazing with a healthy glow. 

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector: Another beautiful creamy highlighter that I am a massive fan of and its one that I first discovered from watching a Lisa Eldridge video she is always a great source of information when it comes to finding out about good products. I leaves a beautiful glow to the skin and is one I also use all over the body to create a beautiful shimmer. (Available in Joburg).

Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow: This is another beautiful skin illuminator that is applied after moisturising and before foundation application to give the skin a boost and create beautiful perfected skin. Its a cross betweenan anti-ageing elixir and a complexion enhancing light diffuser to give your skin an instant spotlight effect. Contains collagen boosting peptides and patented wrinkle preventing ingredients to blur away lines and create luminous skin. Ingredients like rose hip oil and camellia oil help regenerate and moisturise skin. Its not available in SA but if you have a friend in the UK get your hands on this its beautiful.

Nars Illuminator: I am a massive fan of Nars and always have been and love the illuminators that come in quite a few shades so great for all skin tones. They come in stick and cream formulas I love both this one I have featured is the cream base. They are all about lighting the skin from within and enhancing your skin. Can be used as a highlighter or mixed into foundation too. I like to use as a highlighter. 

Nars Optimal Brightening Concentrate: I first discovered this following all the backstage beauty must have products last year and Nars really is a brand that never lets me down. This skin illuminator is an advanced radiance serum that brightens and revitalises skin. Infused with multi-action Vitamin C clarifies and evens out skin tone while working long term to prevent and repair the signs of ageing while the Noni Fruit Extracts boost cellular energy. 

So here is some of my highlighting and skin illuminators from budget to pricey. Its all about beautiful skin that looks fresh and radiant.

Hope you found the post helpful.

Shahnaz x

On my shoot yesterday for Elle magazine the brief was dewy almost plastic like looking skin and well basically that’s one of my favourite things. I love flawless beautiful dewy skin with a shine and a highlight. But in order to achieve it no matter what you need is great skincare. So today I used 5 key products to create the dewy skin with some shine:

1) Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream: This cream really is magic and is perfect for that dewy skin and give the skin a boost and some love. Sadly not available in SA so another alternative is the Dr Haushka Day Rose Cream. I love a rich cream especially if your skin is dehydrated and having break outs and generally needs a boost.

2) Smashbox Liquid Halo Foundation: I just can’t get anough of this foundation its the perfect canvas for natural beautiful dewy skin. It doesn’t look heavy and lasts for quite a few hours we used on set and it was crazy hot and the foundation was still on the skin and I only had to do one more application throughout 9 hours so a great foundation in the hot climate too.

3) Mac Pro/Conceal and Correct Palette: If you don’t have pigmentation, redness or bad skin then you don’t have to stress so much about concealer except under your eyes or around your mouth. This concealer goes beautifully with the foundation to create a beautiful canvas. To get a seamless dewy finish lightly buff the concealer with a blending brush onto areas that need coverage.

4) Mac Lighstcape Mineralise Skinfinish: Love love love for a dewy highlighted skin. On the shoot I had to pack it on but for every day lightly buff in the highlighter on the top of your cheek bones, bridge of the nose and cupids bow.

5) Elizabeth Arden 8HR Cream: This cream is perfect to create that natural shine to the skin without being sticky like a gloss. It makes the skin look so beautiful and gives an amazing shine to the skin. Lightly apply with finger tips over the highlighter on top of the cheek bones. Also apply on lips to give the same finish on the lips.

So get busy getting your glow on.

Shahnaz x

Get Your Glow On with Lancome

So I have been testing out the Lancome Dream Tone for the past 7 weeks and I absolutely love how my skin looks once I apply but combine it with their new foundation that is launching next year its an amazing combination to get beautiful glowing skin. Here is a pic of me after using both products:


If you follow my blog you know I am always seeking for products that will make my skin look amazing and give that beautiful glowing dewy finish. These 2 products combined are seriously my new best friends. So here is more on the DreamTone and Teint Visionnaire:

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 19.22.18

DreamTone: Its Lancome’s new ultimate dark spot corrector and beautiful skin tone creator and comes in 3 shades. I have been testing out no 2 medium skin tone for the last 7 weeks. I apply every morning after I have done my skin care routine and before applying my foundation. The DreamTone for me is a great product for the brightening effect I don’t think it lightened my pigmentation just yet but it definitely left my skin looking absolutely beautiful, feeling good and has for sure evened out my skin tone by the time it comes to applying my make up. Each shade is meant to work on different skin tones and problem areas so the light tone deals with redness and the dark shade deals with blemishes. The one I tested was for dark spots, uneven skin tone and sallowness and I can say for myself my skin definetly seems brighter. The product promises that after a while of using the DreamTone serum you will be able to go out the house wearing no make up. I think if you have a bit of a tan then maybe as it leaves the skin really glowing. The serum contains antioxidants and a triple action technology which has allowed them to tailor make each specific need of each skin type. Whether it treats all these problems I think more time will be needed to test out.

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 19.58.51

Teint Visonnaire Skin Perfecting Make Up Duo: I love love love this foundation and concealer. I tried it out this weekend with the DreamTone and I was so happy with the dewy finish and the beautiful glow.

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 20.39.45

The foundation launches in SA in February and is their new vision of high perfection foundation. The 2 in 1 helps combine perfect coverage with a natural finish. The high coverage corrector is enriched with Vitamn CG, it has a creamy texture and is amazing at covering dark circles, blemishes and pigmentation. The foundation promises to even out the complexion and visbly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The foundation is enriched with LR2412, the active ingredient integrated into the Visionnaire skincare.

To apply use you fingers and dab in concealer under eyes, around the nose, and on any blemishes and pigmentation and then apply a foundation  onto the back of your hand apply onto each area on the face the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin and then massage in to get the flawless finish. This foundation is definitely my new best friend for me and on set.

Hope you enjoyed my post. x

Sadly I didn’t get to attend the launch for this product as I was on holiday buy the lovely Danielle from Bush Telegraph PR sent this skincare product to me to try out and review. This product is a 3 in 1 consisting of 2 serums and a cream and are numbered so you know what to apply first. This skincare product is all about fuel for your skin where the most vital form of energy needed is Adenosine Triphosphate. Energy in the form of ATP is the “epicentre of cellular life” as it has everything to do with the appearance of our skin. The BT Coctktail skincare promises to be the most forward thinking in skincare in that together all the ingredients allow for optimal cellular helath by nourishing, protecting, and enhancing the capabilities of the mitochondria; the heart of where ATP is manufactured.

Independent studies on the individual ingredients of the BT-Cocktail shows a 67% increase in ATP Production, which shows rapidly younger and healthier looking skin, refines pores and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!

This is a big promise for a product so obviously I was excited to try out as I am 37 so of course the looking younger is what we all want right?

The system is a 30-45 day and promises for rapid and long lasting results to be used once per quarter.

Firstly what is ATP? Is the energy source that supports all living things and with age the body loses the stores of ATP and increases the signs of ageing. So the BT Cocktail has all the ingredients available to create the ultimate environment for the ATP synthesis resulting in diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, improved elasticity and glowing healthy looking skin.

What the 3 products are:

Energy 1: Is a yellow serum and contains licochal-cone as a sebum regulator which helps reduce oil and lighten and brighten the skin. Ergothioneine acts as an antioxidant to defend against free radical damage and assists with the intervention of ageing. Vitacell increases cellular respiration and oxygen consumptionby 57.7%.

Energy 2: Is a clear serum contains biodynes 03, an antioxidant that offers 100% ozone protection factor, to protect our natural supply of Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Vitacell in the Energy 2 neutralises environmental pollutants and is excellent for tired, dull skin by enhancing its vatlity.

Enery 3: Is a cream and contains SYN-TACKS, a combination of 2 peptides greatly enhancing production of Laminin V and Collagen types IV, VII and XV1. The studies show that Syn-Tacks improves over all skin tone by 32%. Energy 3 also contains Phyto-quintescine to protect against oxidative damages that greatly impair skin functions that can lead to sensitivity and premature ageing.

There is a lot of information to take in it blew my mind on how skincare works and the ingredients involved. I think most people don’t even think about what is in a product and either go for a high end brand or beacuse the product is in pretty packaging. I am definitely a culpurate for this. What I can say is while using the products every morning I found as time went on my skin definitely looked brighter and I had a lot of comments on how fresh I was looking even though physically I felt exhausted (mum of 2 small kids). I have some pigmentation after my pregnancies and I definitely saw that there wasn’t as much on my cheeks as before I started. My skin also felt very smooth and where sometimes I can get oliness on my T-Zone my skin was not as shiney. So when so many people were telling me how great I looked I definitely think that the BT-Cocktail helped me look better and brighter.

This product retails for R1596 and in my eyes as you get older you need to care for your skin so sometimes its worth it to spend money on your skincare. I definitely think that skincare has become so key and really goes hand in hand with make up in creating that flawless and glowing finish.

I will be meeting the person behind the brand next month and report back so more on the product!

I hope you enjoyed my post. x