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A new Japenese hair care brand called Suigo has hit South Africa and I got my hands on Nutritive Range. So a little info on the brand:

Suigo was developed using the finest materials in Japan to create a high performance natural hair care range that is powered by natured and proven by science.

Suigo has developed an exclusive method of formulation that reached the centre of the hair fibre: High Affinity System.

  • Protein Affinity: Proteins identical to those found in the hair structure are selected so they are assimilated as if they belong to the hair itself.
  • Molecular Affinity: Small molecular particles are used to favour penetration into the hair fibres.
  • Electrostatic Affinity: Particles with a positive charge are generated, which adhere to the negative charge found in hair damaged by the effects of the sun, pollution or dryness.

The Suigo Values:

  • Naturally derived, top quality active ingredients.
  • Clinically proved effectiveness with no inflated promises.
  • Pleasing to the senses.
  • Reasonably priced for every day use.

There are 3 ranges Nutritive, Derma and Ultra. I have been using the Nutritive shampoo, conditioner and Intensive Hair Repair Treatment for the last 3 weeks.


The Nutritive range has been formulated to help nourish the hair and protect it against physical and chemical damage. It has an intensive, calming formula which helps repair dry, damaged and brittle hair (that is me as I use a hair dryer) with a moisturised and supple effect. Ingredients include Keratin, Orchard Extract, Organic Brazilian Palm Oil and Avocado.

What do I think?

I absolutely love these products. My hair feels absoloutely amazing, full of bounce and feels and looks so silky. I love the conditioner so much I have been using it on my daughter she is very happy her hair is silky too. Here is a pic of how my hair looks:

Suigo Hair

For more info on the other ranges check out www.suigosa.com. Check out their offer for the shampoo and conditioner for the Nutritive range.

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So a few weeks ago I was asked if I could do a review of the moisture renewal collection from Pantene. In my younger days (ha ha) I used Panetene but I wasn’t a massive fan. Obviously over the years they have been improving their products so I thought I will give it a go and if I like it I will write about it ( I like the products). There has been bad press that Pantene is the worst for your hair  of all the brands but people forget  that in order for any product to work you need to make sure you trim your hair regularly and use moisturising masks weekly.

So here is some info on the products and what they promise:

The collection works to hydrate and replenish the driest of hair and has target micro – moisturisers. These moisturisers support the control of moisture movement and ensures the hairs natural lipid layers are protected, ensuring hair looks and feels silky, glossy and radiant for 24 hours.

Dr Gray who developed this says hair needs to be conditioned after every wash (totally agree) and the mask helps saturate the driest of hair and replenishes the driest areas leaving the hair silky from root to tip in 2 minutes. The molecular structures have active agents that bind the moisture inside the hair and coat each individual hair within a protective film, leaving hair smooth and sealing the cuticles allowing the hair to better retain water.

Key Ingredients: Pantherol, Glycerol and Wheat proteins.

So what did I think?

I really tested the products out and gave it 4 weeks so that I could give an honest opinion. What I love about the collection is the mask and the mousse they really add that extra moisture leaving hair feeling silky. To keep hair in better protection you need to use a hair mask and give it that deep nourishment especially if like me you use a hairdryer to style your hair. I used the mask 1 to 2 times a week depending on how my hair felt and the mousse after each time I washed which is about 3 to 4 times a week. With the mousse you only need a little amount as I found out when I sprayed way too much into my hands the first time.


What I can say is after a month my hair defintely feels in better condition and the other night when out for dinner with friends my friend said my hair looked amazing (had just washed and blow dried). I also felt my hair had a lot more bounce and shine to it. If you are going to try the collection you need all the products because for me a shampoo and conditioner  never cuts it. I find I need to do a mask and use a leave in conditioner because my hair gets really dry. (Remmber you need to trim your hair every 8/9 weeks).

Here is a pic of how my hair looked after using the products. My hair looks shiney and full of bounce:

Pantene 1

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I am a massive fan of Dove I have always used their soap, deodorant, moisturiser and body wash for the last 15 years. My kids use it as well as my husband. So when the PR team for Dove asked if I wanted to review the new hair collection I said yes straight away. I have been struggling with dry hair in the last few months so these products arrived at the door at the right time. I come across so many  model’s I work with with dry hair because they have had too much blow drying, tonging and straightening and are firstly not protecting their hair and then not giving their hair the love it needs.

There are 4 products in the collection the Shampoo, Conditioner, Daily Treatment Conditioner and Deep Repair Treatment Mask. The products have micro moisture serum and repair actives. Here is some information on what each product does:

Repair Shampoo: Strengthens and nourishes from root to tip sealing cuticles, leaving hair strengthened and full of life!

Repair Conditioner: With its fibre actives technology, it penetrates deep inside your hair to reconstruct from within, leaving it stronger, softer and revitalised.

Treatment Conditioner: Gives hair an extra boost of softness and smoothness without weighing it down. (Leave in for one minute)

Deep Conditioning Mask: Is scientifically proven to replenish a full week of protein loss in just one application giving a deep nourishment your hair needs. (Leave in 3-4 minutes).

When you read the information it all sounds really amazing but does it actually work?

I put the product to the test hoping that my terrible hair spell would be over! After haing 2 kids my great hair was no longer great. Over the past 2 weeks I have used the  the shampoo, conditioner and repair conditioner each time I wash my hair so about 3 times a week and then once a week I  have been using the mask.

All I can say is my hair has been brought back to life. It feels smooth and looks glossy and finally has some body too it. Yay happy days! When I blow dry my hair I can already see a difference and then end result is amazing which is beautiful bouncy hair. I never review products I don’t believe in and because its Dove I had high hopes as their products have never let me down before.

If you haven’t already seen the Dove giveaway post. Dove have kindly offered a hamper with 6 months supply of the Intensive Hair Collection and the winner will be announced at the end of August. All you need to do is subscribe to my blog and mail me on shahnaz@shahnazlovesbeauty.com and tell me in 10 words why you want to win!

Hope you enjoyed my post.x