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I recently did a shot and the brief was a road trip/festival vibe. Its been big in Europe and now living in South Africa with Spring upon us the festival season is about to begin with Rockin the Daisies. So what is the look for that is really on trend for festivals? The usual look is usually quite natural with cool textured/tousled hair with maybe a head piece or coloured tips. In the image above we went for a really natural look with beautiful textured hair (my lovely colleague Alet did the hair). Here is how the look was created and I will also give some extra tips for festival beauty:

  • I prepped the skin with moisturiser but if you are in the sun go for a suncream with a high SPF before applying your make up.
  • For the skin I kept it really natural and used the Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and buffed into the skin. If you want a more natural vibe then go for a BB Cream or Tinted moisturiser instead.
  • For the eyes I used a long wearing cream based shadow from Ellis Faas but its not available in SA so try maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows in one of the nude or gold shades its a great budget product that is easy to apply and has great staying power.
  • I filled in the brows using Mac Brow Pencil in Fling its a great way to fill brows and make them look really natural but complete your look especially when you are going for more natural make up.
  • For the lashes I applied Benefit They’re Real Mascara but for a festival try a waterproof based mascara that will really last no matter what the weather.
  • I highlighted on top of the cheek bones with Mac irredescent loose powder in Silver Dusk.
  • For contouring I buffed under the cheek bones with Mac Mineralise Skin Finish Natural in Medium Dark.
  • For the cheeks opt for a powder over a cream so it will last longer I used a peach shade this is a perfect colour for lighter skin tones and if you are a dark skin tone go for a deep pink.
  • For the lips I used a nude lipstick but you may just want to apply some lip balm and keep those lips hydrated or pop on some gloss.
  • To set the make up spritz with Mac Fix + or a translucent Finishing powder especially if its hot and you are sweating.

For the hair:

  • Spritz a heat protectant , hair spray and sea salt spray and blow dry scrunching the hair in your hands.
  • To create etexture take one each sections twist the hair and then apply a flat iron up and down the hair to create the tousled look.
  • In this shoot the ends of the hair were coloured this is a great way to give a bit of something to your look. Either spray the ends with colour spray or in this instance Alet used coloured hair chalk.

Nails: If your look is really natural then go for a pop of colour on the nails and if you don’t like too bright try a Cobalt Blue shade its a great way to be on trend.

If you don’t want to go too natural opt for a colour gel liner to make you look pop, or a coloured eye shadow to give a more summery feel or an orange lip.

For your body if you want to add some colour use Mac Face and Body and apply a shimmer down your legs and on your arms.

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A hairstyle really on trend right now is the textured hair that has been styled but doesn’t really look like it and is so easy to recreate. Here are the products you will need and here is a step by step guide on how to recreate:photo-71

  1. Apply the heat protectant into your hair all over to seal the hair and to avoid any damage.
  2. Spritz a thickening hair spray all over take dsection by section to ensure your whole head is covered.
  3. Apply sea salt spray to the ends of the hair so as to create some texture.
  4. Blow dry all over and scrunching your hair in your hands while you dry this will add even more texture.
  5. Take your large barrel tong and take 1 inch sections of hair and start half way up and wrap only leave in for a few sections.
  6. Once you have tonged all of your hair don’t brush it through just run your hands through to create that perfect textured hair.

Here is a pic of me recreating the textured look:


Hope you enjoyed my post. x

There are a crazy amount of hair brands and products on the market. But one product that you should not live without if you use heat on your hair like blow drying, straightening or tonging is heat protectant.

Its not a gimmick product and its really important in saving your hair. In one of me hair training courses I sprayed the heat protectant on one hand and not on the other. When I out a hair dryer to the hand with the protectant I felt nothing and the one without I could feel my skin burning. This is the same for your hair. If you don’t seal it your hair will get ruined. If you are a model its even more vital as your hair is getting heat on it all day every day and your hair will get seriously damaged. If the hair styslist doesn’t have or won’t use it insist on it or carry your own.

Here are some protectants that I really like and have used:

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 18.03.14 Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 18.03.51 Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 18.05.06

Hope you enjoyed my post. X