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Spring is almost upon us in SA and its time to start looking at the trends for the upcoming season and take note. If you are looking for easy ways to work the trends with your hair and change your look up a little then here is some inspiration taken from the SS16 shows. Top knots, textured hair and plaits are definitely in plus some embellishments thrown in. So here is a low down of my favourite hair trends for SS16:

Its that time for me to think about what I am going to have my hair look like when I renewal in March. I am pretty much going for another wedding vibe with a new dress because why not plus I am turning 40 so needed something to really look forward to. The renewal will be in Franshoek and its a garden vibe so am trying to decide how my hair should look. I have started looking on Pinterest and some of my fav magazine sites to get inspired and find a winner.

Here are some hair trends that I have taken from Pinterest that I love and wanted to share. While I was busy researching for a shoot at the beginning of the week I thought why not create a post on the current hair trends that I love from Pinterest. So here are my 4 choices:

1) Textured Low Pony is such an easy look to create at home and an effortless way to look cool and rock the trends.

2) Beautiful glamourous waves is one of my favourite looks because its so glamourous and how I wished my hair looked when I jumped out of bed. This look does take a bit of prepping as you need to tong and pin into place and leave for a while but its oh so pretty.

3) The braided chignon seen in the Nicole Miller show is such a pretty look for day or night. It doesn’t have to be perfect and that is what I love about this look. Its a romantic undone braid pinned into place.

4) Textured Hair this is such a great look to wear and its so easy to achieve by using some mousse and some hair spray and giving texture to your hair with a tong. It looks effortless and  cool at the same time.

What is your favourite hair trend right now?

Shahnaz x

The last of the key fashion week shows was in Paris for Spring/Summer 2014. Here we see more make up and hair trends for the key artists in the industry.

Make Up Trends:

  • The flawless contoured face with a very nude/natural lip and bold brows is always as key trend. Minimal make up enhancing the face’s features is here to stay. Make sure you have a good beauty routine so that your skin is already glowing before you apply any make up.
  • The red lip is an all time classic paired with the flick on the eye and its a trend that is elegant as well as very cool if you get the hair right.
  • In every fashion week we see a graphic eye. Here Mac have winged the eye out and added glitter onto the lids paired with a very nude face and lips this is a very cool look.
  • Pop of colour on the eyes is always going to be in for Spring/Summer. I love the purple as its a great alternative to the normal smokey eye and makes the eyes pop.
  • White Eyeliner is a trend that keeps coming back. It can either be worn with a nude lip as seen at Paris Fashion Week or  a beautiful red lip.
  • Kohl eyes where the eye has been rimmed with a black pencil is back on the catwalks. Its an easy look that can quickly transform your face.
  • Chocolate Smokey eye is always a winner. Here the emphasis is on the under part of the eye and softer on the lids. It makes the eyes really pop and looks beautiful with a fresh contoured face.

pfw2Hair Trends:

  • Textured Up Do has been very popular in all the fashion weeks. Textured undone hair is really a very big trend and really softens the make up. Plus is easy to achieve at home with the right styling products.
  • I am loving the head band acessory with the the simple ponytail. Its such a beautiful way to make your look stand out and keeps it really modern.
  • In the Lavin and Stella Macartney Show pony tails were textured and swept to the side and fastened at the nape of the neck.
  • In the Issey Miayake show hair was sleak and very structured and had hidden twists. Make sure hair has been straightened before styling.

So that’s it for the fashion weeks SS14. Hope you have enjoyed following the trends. x

I am loving the make up and hair trends that we are seeing for SS14. So Milan fashion week has come and gone and here are the key trends that we are seeing:

  • Clean velvet skin is a continous trend and done right is so beautiful. Its all about prepping the skin with the right beauty routine and then contouring and highlighting is key to pull off this look.
  • Bronze eye as seen in the Gucci show with a beautifully contoured face a prefect look for spring/summer and bronzed flawless skin is back with a nude lip.
  • Graphic eye is always a trend but we are always seeing a variation of it so as to keep it really modern.
  • Bright Lips will always be a trend for spring/summer but am loving this matt tangerine shade with minimal make up on the rest of the face.
  • Pop of colour on the eye is in lilac and light green is a great way to make your look really summer without it being too much. Remember keep the rest of the face clean.
  • Shimmer eye as seen in Dolce and Gabanna where a wash of a champagne shade has been blended into the lid up to the crease and then a taupe colour has been blended into the crease to make the lighter shade pop.
  • Kohl Eyes is always in there is nothing more beautiful with big lashes and a contoured face.

hairHair Trends:

  • Pony Tail with an accessory to give the hairstyle a bit of edge.
  • We seeing a lot of sleek hair where hair is completely up or an accessory has been added. I love the flower viser with sleek hair on top and then the rest of the hair is blowdried that was seen in the Marni show.
  • I am loving the accessories as seen in Dole and Gabanna, the up do is textured and finished off with a head band and gold coins.
  • Very natural hair with a bit of movement and a slight bit of texture looks amazing with a very clean and contoured face.
  • Half up and half down and to make it more interesting gold leafing has been used in the parting.
  • I love the up do in the Georgio Armani show where hair has been set in waves and then swept to the side.

Watch this space for the Paris Fashion Week trends. I hope you enjoyed my post. x

So London Fashion Week has come and gone and its onto Milan Fashion Week. Here are the make up and hair trends from the London Shows:

Make Up Trends:

  • Red Lip – This trend is here to stay as you can never go wrong with a beautiful red lip and I love the red lip and red nails its a very elegant look. Keep the face fresh and with a strong brow looks totally amazing.
  • Smokey Eye – Each season we see a different variation of a smokey eye which I love. Here we see a softer smokey its really beautiful and more modern.
  • Strong Brows – It looks like the strong brow trend is continuing. With models like Cara Delevigne causing a storm the groomed full brow is not going any where in a hurry.
  • Graphic Eye – Yet another trend that we are seeing a lot of some are more subtle like we see with a flick of blue liner on the edges of the eye which is a more wearable trend to the full on graphic eye.
  • Pops of colour – For spring/summer we are always going to see pops of colour I love the bright pink matt lip with the blue undertone and then we see  purple on the eyes through the crease.
  • Flawless Contoured Skin is a massive trend and for me if you have the skin right everything else looks amazing.
  • Shimmery Eyes – Such a beautiful look paired with clean skin and a nude lip


  • Hair trends:
  • Undone textured hair is another trend that we keep seeing again and again that looks so beautiful with either a clean face or a bit of a smokey.
  • 70’s hair was seen in the Holly Futon show where the hair was pulled to the one side and the other side is big curls.
  • Sleek hair – I love the sleek ponytails with the detail at the back and almost 3 dimensional and where the ponytail has been looped and pinned under.
  • Big hair wavy  trend that we spot at fashion week each seaon and I love how it has been paired with  graphic eye and nude lip.
  • Natural Hair – so no styling at all and the models hair was washed and then left and make up super clean and dewy.
  • Beautiful classic updos where hair has been pinned up and beautiful textured updos with flowers in the hair which is so beautiful.

Hope you enjoyed my post. x

New York Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 14 kicked off last week. I love this time of year when we see all the trends in hair and make up and new products that are being used. What we are seeing in the shows are bright lips, fresh pops of colour on the eyes, a variation of a smokey eye and cool hair styles and oh yes not to forget the nail trends that are stronger than ever.

So here are the key make up trends:

  1.  Bright Lip: Oranges and purples are definitely key colours plus a little ombre bright lip which I personally love. The ombre lip we are seeing is a matt lip with orange as the base colour and in the inner lip a slight yellow in matt.
  2.  The Smokey Eye using chocolates and beautiful bronzes paired with very cool nails. There is nothing more pretty than a bronze eye with a sparkle element to really make the eyes pop.
  3.  Pops of colour on the eye. I love the clean skin and lips and cool colours used to make the eyes pop.
  4.  The red lip is always on trend in either a  bright red and deeper stained red lip. I just can’t get enough of a beautiful red lip with a white eyeliner to give it a modern twist.
  5.  I am loving a little bit of the graphic eye paired with a bright lip and a bright nail. Very fresh and very modern.

shahnaz1Here are the key hair trends:

  1. Textured hair with that almost grunge feel is back paired with a very clean face. Its a very natural undone look. Or alternatively textured hair with a bright lip.
  2. Sleek hair is very much on trend. I love this look as its very elegant and modern at the same time. Either in a sleek ponytail or a sleek structured up do.
  3. We are seeing plaits again but in a more romantic way and so easy to do at home.
  4. I am loving the modern updo’s I love the mixture of a plait and a twist it looks beautiful and very cool at the same time. When the hair is a big focus you can keep the make up really clean and pop with the lip.
  5. As always sleek waves are always on trend and I love the look with the side parting.
  6. The top knot has made a come back its such a pretty look and easy to create.

Watch out for the trends from London, Paris and Milan.

Hope you enjoyed my post. x


If you follow the hair and make up trends on the catwalk and magazines you will notice that 60’s make up and hair is back but with a modern twist.

You don’t necessarily have to go with traditional 60’s make up and use a black liner. I am loving the use of colour and the more graphic take on 60’s make up. The looks vary from a softer look to very bold brows with strong lines. So whether you are feeling bold you can go for the look as seen on Cara Delevigne to an eyeliner and a hint of peach.
The common feature in all these looks is flawless velvet skin with a bit of highlight and a slight hint of contouring. Getting the skin right is key for this look. Try a sheer foundation or a tinted moisturiser and apply a sheer powder to create the velvet finish.  Some of the looks are more complicated but with practice you can easily achieve your own twist on modern 60’s looks. If you don’t have full brows but don’t want them too bold brush your brows upwards and fill in to create the shape with a pencil like Fling from Mac and then set with a clear gel. If you alraedy have bold brows then just brush through with a clear gel.
Invest in a gel liner for the bolder looks and remember you don’t always have to go for black. To really make the look bold apply false lashes or individual lashes. Invest in decent brushes so you can create the perfect crease line.  Either go for a really nude lip if its a more graphic look or you can opt for an orange lip and lots of indiviual lashes.
For hair we saw modern beehives and side partings with bow accessories.
Hope you enjoy the post. X

Hair Trends AW2013

So far in the last 3 fashion weeks of New York, London and Milan we are seeing as lot of the same hair trends and of course some carrying over from last years shows. The main feel of hair is beautiful uncomplicated looks. We also seeing plaits, 60’s beehives, sleek hair, fringes and textured updo’s,ponytail’s, big hair and the blow dried beautiful hair is definitely back and lots of textured hair that is easy to create yourself you just need the right products. Invest in texturising sprays, lightweight hairsprays, styling creams, lightweight hair wax and of course mousse.

Here are some of the hair looks we have seen in the recent Autum/Winter Shows:

1) Blow dry hair with a paddle brush in the direction of the pony tail to endure hair is smooth or ghd hair and then apply gel to sleek the hair back. Tie hair into a secure ponytail and take a small piece and wrap around the hair band and secure into place.

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 06.46.00

2) Fringes are back in a big way if you don’t have a fringe and you want to try out the trend invest in a clip in fringe.

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 06.45.48

3) To achive the 60’s hair blow dry hair and put into rollers. Leave in for as long as possible. Lightly dust a mattyifying powder into the roots to add volume. tease hair section by section at the roots from the crown. Take the front sections and pin back and then create a chignon at the back with the remainder of the hair.

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 06.45.07

4) To achieve the big wavy hair spritz hairspray all over the hair take inch sections and tong using a small tong to create a tight curl and pin the curl. Tong the hair three quarters of the way up then tong the top section using a larger tong. Leave the hair in for as long as possible. Take pout the hair smooth the top with a tiny amount of hair cream and then brush out the hair to create big way hair.

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 06.46.09

5) Blow dry the hair with a paddle brush backwards using a styling cream. Tie hair up into a ponytail, take a small section and wrap around the band and pin in place. Tease the ponytail fold under and secure with pins. Lightly spritz with hairspray.

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 06.49.35


6) Create a side parting, wet hair and then apply gel throughout.

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 06.46.35


7) Apply a styling cream to the hair, taker sections and plait the hair all the way past the nape of the neck and secure with a band. (Probably easier to have someone create this look.)

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 06.48.25

8) Spritz hair with hair spray using a tong create texture throughout the hair,. take random section and loosely wrap around the tong to create movement. Take a section from easch side and plait and then securely pin at the back of the head.

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 06.49.54

9) Apply mousse to hair and blow dry using a large barrel brush. Put hair into velcro rollers and leave in for as long as possible. Add more heat with the hair drayer and spritz with hair spray. Take out rollers and brush hair. To create more movement in the front take sections and tong.

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 06.50.25

10) Split hair into 3 sections, spritz each section with hairspray and then plait each section. Apply a ghd to each plait to create heat. Leave in for as long as possible and then take out plaits, create a centre parting and smooth the top with a tiny amount of styling cream.

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 06.50.35

11) Ghd hair straight. Take top section in a triangle to the crown and pin out of the way. Apply gel and section the middle part of the hair and make into a pony tail. Take the top section of the hair apply gel  and smooth hair back and pin into place.

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 06.48.47

12) Apply mousse to the hair and blow dry with a large paddle brush. Brush the hair back and make a side ponytail. Take sections of the ponytail and pin into place.

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 06.50.51


Hope you enjoy the post.