hydrating skincare


I am all about hydrating skincare now that I am in my 40’s of course anti ageing is in there too and so much more. However I found as I got older my skin gets more dehydrated and it needs all the moisture it can get. In this post its all about getting hydrated with Dermalogica. The Skin Smoothing Cream that has been relaunched plus the new Instensive Moisture Cleanser. These 2 have been great for me over the colder months but I still need hydration in ths summer months too. You definitely can’t go wrong with this combo. Even though I layer up my skincare this combo have been key in helping me keep my skin looking and feeling great.

So how do these Dermalogica products work?

After reading a Korean skincare post from fellow bloggers All Dolled Up I decided to test a couple things and see what all the hype is about. Now I am all about any skincare that is hydrating and at the moment my main concern is my under eye area. I find this are gets the most dehydrated esecially when I am tired and thats when the fine lines appear. So on that note I ordered some eye patches from Glow Theory. Due to late delivery they threw in one of their Coconut Milk sheet masks. What I can say after testing these out these products I want to try so many more.

We all love at bit of Bioderma its just one of those brands that just get it right without breaking the bank. The one thing I can say I really struggle with these days is dehydrated skin especially when I am stressed out so happy days when I attended the recent Bioderma launch with a new hydrating range for dehydrated skin. Launching at the end of this month in SA Bioderma bring us the Hydrabio range that can be used to help your skin get the moisture back. The launch couldn’t have come at a better time as my skin has been taking a battering with all the stress of moving house, not getting enough sleep and too many late nights celebrating my 40th. Dehydration is one of those things that isn’t permanent so this range is perfect to help combat and get skin back to where it needs to be.