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Its that time of year where I have to update my makeup bag and swap out some items and add in some new ones. The weather is definitely changing in Cape Town with a lot more warmer days coming our way in October. I definitely need to be thinking about long wearing products that can handle the heat and a face mist that can keep my skin hydrated and my skin looking fresh. So here is what is in my spring/summer makeup bag:

Seriously one of my fav shoots ever at Rockin The Daisies festival with Cosmo magazine with an amazing team and the coolest model plus getting to listen to some really cool music and yes I was dancing some of the time with the model. This editorial is all about what to wear at a festival while looking cool and standing out in the crowd. how to take something dressy and making it more casual by pairing it with trainers. But also misxing budget with high end pieces.