mac ruby woo


Summer is upon us here in Cape Town and swimwear is definitely very important in your key staple summer kit. As well as your swim ear your makeup for summer is also key and there is nothing prettier than a bright lip, bronzed skin and bronzed eyes. For this Cosmo editorial the look was all about 70’s glam so bronzer was the order of the day plus Mac morange and ruby woo lipstick for the lips to give the makeup a pop.

I love lipstick its just the one thing other than mascara that lifts the face and makes it come alive. I have so many in my kit I have lots count from Mac to Chanel in all sorts of textures I guess its a bit of an obsession. But I tell myself I am a makeup artist so its all good while I am busy buying my 6th Mac lip palette!!!


Another week packed with lots of beauty, shoots and a whole load more. Each week I like to share with you some highlights, video’s and posts I have come across and products I am loving. So here it is:

1) Mac Cosmetics have launched a series of mini makeup tutorials, in this video we are shown how to do a gorgeous ombre cheek. Its a beautiful way to make your cheeks pop.

2) This week I did a shoot where the look was a strong eye but something that can be worn in the day so I created an undone smokey eye. I applied black liner in the waterline, I used one of the Chanel’s long wearing eyeshadow sticks and applied along the lash line and blended up the crease and winged out slighly and then took some black shimmer shadow and went over the top lash line again. Will do a tutorial soon on how to create.

3) Novelle Daily  is really one of my favourite beauty blogs and this week they share some more blogging tips and this week’s instalment is creating widgets for your sidebar. So if you thinking of starting a beauty blog or have started need to improve yours then check out this post.

4) Ruby Woo lipstick from Mac is really back big time for me, I have been using it all week on my shoots. Its a gorgeous matt red lipstick that looks amazing on pretty much most skin tones plus its long wearing so you don’t have to keep applying every 5 minutes.

5) Nude nails seems to be the order of the week and the Mavala in Sapporo has taken over from my Rimmel Caramel Cupcake. This polish is a gorgeous nude polish that applies so easily and is just a gorgeous shade of nude.

Hope you all had an amazing week.

Shahnaz x