matt foundations


Been busy testing out a couple drugstore brands Revlon and Maybelline to see if I can acheive a flawless complexion. Here I combined the Revlon Colour Stay Full Cover Foundation which is matt and the Maybelline Instant Anti Age Eraser Concealer. I am absolutely in love with the concealer it works a treat its definitey good bye dark circles. The foundation actually looked good on my skin but it may not be good for everyone. When I wear a matt foundation I make sure I have really hydrated my skin with a good skincare routine. The trick is that skin doesn’t dry out.

Its that time of year when we are seriously all melting from the crazy heat and are all wandering how to we stop our makeup from literally slipping off our faces by the end of the day. If you work in an air conditioned office then its not such a worry for you but if you are like me that is shooting outside a lot and have to worry about not only how I look but how is the makeup going to stay on my models face!! Its all about working with the right products to create a melt proof makeup look.

Bourjois is definitely one of my favourite drugstore brands and I am always pretty excited to see what they are bringing out. I love their Healthy Mix foundation its definitely right up there for me so when the new Bourjois Air Mat foundation landed on my desk last week I was pretty excited to try. It seems its a big trend at the moment whether its a high end or drugstore brand matt seems to be a key focus. As well as the new foundation launch we see new shades and textures from the iconic Little Round Pot eyeshadows perfect for day and night.