natural skincare


More and more people are turning to natural products including me. I try and be as concious as I can and opting for oragnic products for meself and my pro kit. So when I was invited to the iconic brand Burts Bees launch I was super excited. For those of you who don’t know it at all its famous for its lip balms made with beeswax a natural hydrating ingredient. For now there is a limited amount available in SA so lets hope that will change.

Its a change of season where some days its freezing and skin needs some serious hydration and to get back some of that glow. Here are three of my skin glow getters picks that give some serious glow plus super soft skin. I am always on the look out for great skincare that will seriously hydrate especially during winter. So I have chosen three current favourites from skincare to a highlighter that are winners on the glow area.

Since I hit my late thirties (almost 40) I have been obsessed with oils for my complexion firstly to put some hydration back into my skin and plump it up by the time I wake in the morning but also some life to my tired looking skin. Being a makeup artist, blogger and mum takes its toll on my skin and a lot of the time I need a lot of love. So when I first caught wind of the Kiehl’s daily reviving concentrate at a launch a while back I have been paitently waiting to get my hands on one.