nude nail polishes


Nude nails are always a trend and when we think nude we thing of shades that have a touch of brown to them especially tan, light pinks and caramel shades but sometimes is cool to use an alternate nude shade that isn’t too bold, really quite subtle but works beautifully. On a few shoots the client has asked for nude and instead of going for the expected nude I like to use light grey’s, mauve’s and purple/grey shades that look amazing on.

You can never have enough nude polishes in your stash whether you are a makeup artist or just love all things beauty the nude nail is a must. Its a trend that been around a while and its definitely one that isn’t going any where. A nude nail looks amazing day or night whether you are going to the office or out and about that is something cool but yet classic when it comes to a nude nail. It seems that a lot of brands are launching new collections at the moment and I am loving the Essie nude nail polishes right now.