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Introducing the new beautiful Clarins Bright Plus Serum. Described as the “new generation of intensive brightening treatments” I was super excited to try.  For those that know me I struggle with pigmentation and dark spots. Living and working in a hot climate has done my skin no favours. So I am always on the look out for serums that will help brighten and reduce the dark spots. This latest innovation from Clarins is an advanced brightening dark spot targeting serum infused with a whole load of amazing active ingredients. Yes please.

So whats the Clarins Bright Plus Serum all about ?

Its known to be a “double shot of oxygen” to the skin due to its two oxygenating ingredients rose-myrtle and acerola seeds extracts. Both boost cellular respiration to revive a dull complexion, revealing brighter, radiant skin and a healthy glow from within.

The serum comes in a cream form, is super light and absorbs really quickly into the skin. Leaving it feeling really hydrated, glowing and revived. The Clarins Bright Plus Advanced Brightening Dark Spot-Targeting Serum helps fight against pollution, UV damage and spots. Infused with superfruit extracts Rose-myrtle and Acerola Cherry seed, best known for its high potency in vitamin C, visibly brightens, boosts radiance, and helps reveal a more even skin tone.

I love that it comes with a pipette making it easier to get the right amount without wasting. As I mentioned its super light with the feeling of putting on a moisturiser. My complexion feels so silky smooth after applying each morning. The Hyaluronic Acid really leaves skin feeling so hydrated leaving a natural glow that I really love.

I have been applying the Clarins Bright Plus Serum every morning for the past 6 weeks. I can’t say yet if its reduced my pigmentation as mine is pretty bad. What I can say is I have no new pigmentation and its not gotten darker even though I have been in the sun. My skin is feeling really healthy, hydrated and has that glow so by the time I apply my base my skin is looking great.

Available in selected Woolworths, Edgars and Foschini and online at clarins.co.za definitely a great investment.

Shahnaz x

Last year we saw the launch of the new Bioderma range that focuses on pigmentation for a day and night time skin routine. Earlier this year they introduced the Bioderma Pigmentbio C-Concentrate making the range even more exciting. The concentrate is a night time corrective brightening serum that targets discolouration and pigmentation.  I suffer from bad pigmentation so anything that can help me I am willing to try. I actually noticed that in the last 6 years living in South Africa my pigmentation has actually gotten worse. Vitamin C is the key to helping fight against pigmentation and its one ingredient I can’t live without.

For those of you who haven’t tried the Bioderma Pigmentbio range check check out my post here. The range has got an amazing Micellar Water for brightening and the Night Renew is amazing. Combine these two products with the Bioderma Pigmentbio C-Concentrate (R400) for your night skin routine and you will wake up with soft radiant skin in the morning.

So what’s the Bioderma Pigmentbio C-Concentrate all about?

The concentrate is an intensive dark spot treatment with powerful AHA, BHA and Fresh Vitamin C. Pigmentbio C-Concentrate offers a skin-peel effect to brighten and correct dark spots, while remaining gentle on skin. The serum actually has a unique Vitamin C dispenser contained in the lid. Only when you click the button does it release and then mixes in with ther rest of the ingredients. Dermastore have a video showing us how its done:

The concentrate is super light and absorbs quickly into the skin. My skin feels super soft the next day I literally can’t stop touching it.

Key Ingredients:

  • Glycolic Acid which helps to resurface skin texture and improve skin luminosity and dullness.
  • 2% Vitamin C that’s in the form of Ascorbyl Glucoside (which makes it a slow release agent) is an antioxidant and skin brightner.
  • Salicylic Acid (BHA) exfoliates, refines pores and helps to reduce the formation of acne.
  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) improves skin elasticity, pigmentation and enhances skin barrier function.
  • Azelaic Acid has mildly exfoliating and potent anti-inflammatory properties, promoting a clear and even complexion.
  • Licorice Root Extract is a skin brightner and helps stop the forming of new pigmentation.
  • Vitamin E and Kelp Extract are potent antioxidants that help the skin against free radicals and outside stressors, as well as reduce moisture loss to the skin.

Bioderma advise to use the one month treatment for up to 3 months. I definitely need to invest to carry on a full treatment as for me one month just isn’t enough. Apply 5 drops each night and use every three months for best results.

As I mentioned earlier  the sun has damaged my skin. When the lock down finishes I am booked in to have a two part intense pigment peel. Plus with the Bioderma Pigmentbio C-Concentrate I am hoping for amazing looking skin. What I can say so far is that my skin texture is amazing and I am really happy with my skin radiance. The fight against pigmentation has been hard for me. Although I haven’t got any new pigmentation either so thats’s good news. Its definitely a product worth checking out. Remember Vitamin C is key for your skincare routine.

Available in selected Clicks, Dischem and available on the amazing online skin store Dermastore.

Shahnaz x



Bioderma is one of those French affordable beauty brands I just love. Known for their cult Micellar Water they have now launched a new range focusing on brightening and pigmemtation. Two things that are super important for me. Introducing the Bioderma Pigmentbio range that also has a Brightening Micellar Water which I love love love love. I have been testing the products for the last couple of months in and around my other products. I always like to give skincare time rather than report back after a week. Whether its really helped my issue with pigmentation I am not sure but it has definitely added to hydration and brightening of my skin.

Due to the effects of sun, pollution, ageing, pregnancy, or breakouts the skin gets marks and dark spots. This is excactly what has happened to me over time so I am always on the look out for products that can help reduce or lighten them. Bioderma created this new range for sensitive skin to help combat hyperpigmentation. The products contain a LumirReveal Technology that acts on the steps of pigmentation: reduce dark spots, prevent new ones appearing and restore the skin’s brightness .