rimmel south africa


The gorgeous Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid lip colour landed on my desk a few weeks ago to the test out by Ruby Box. What I loved about them the most is that they are kiss proof. Now I often shy away from a  bold lip when with my husband because he complains he can’t kiss me. But with these bad boys I can wear my trusty red lip and kiss away. If you didn’t catch my previous post on the ombre lip using two of the lippies then click here or check out the model below to see how gorgeous they are.

If you don’t follow fashion week the ombre red lip is a beautiful trend that I just had to try out on my beauty story. The lip was seen in the Helmut Lang NYFW SS18 show and it caught my eye staright away. I love the simlicity of the look with the dark and the bright red. For this look I combined the two lip colours from the new Rimmel Stay Matte collection. These bad boys landed on my desk lask week and I out them to the test on the model and on myself. You’ll be happy to know they have a great colour pay off, super comfortable and also kiss proof.

For the April issue of Marie Claire SA I shot an editorial that was all about winter layering mixing masculine and feminine mixed together. Working jumpers, skirts, trainers and jackets for those of you who don’t like to be too pretty in what they wear. I asked Rimmel for a couple of items to work the natural makeup look that would compliment the clothes. This makeup look is all about the no makeup makeup vibe but with a nude lip and a flush on the cheek to keep that subtle femininety.