Winter Skin Saviours

Yes winter is here in Cape Town and I am really not loving the icy wind and the rain and my skin doesn’t like it much either. So here are a few winter skin saviours of mine that help keep my face and body soft and oh so smooth.

I tried to keep as many budget products in the list so you are not breaking the bank. I did sneak a slightly more expensive product in the list from Sampar but I promise its really worth it. Now in winter having baths really isn’t best for your skin cause its going to dry it out so try stick to showers, for me Dove has always been a winning formula and altough the Dove Deeply Nourishing Beauty Shower isn’t a new product its a great product for keeping skin really hydrated. Which brings me to the Body Cream of which Dove is another winner for me the Purely Pampering Nourishing Lotion is a new body cream but I absolutely love how soft my skin is and oh yes how good it smells. With ingredients like Shea Butter that is super nourishing and warm vanilla frangrance you can’t go wrong.

My beauty regime is so important the older I get but also in winter. I find my products are richer and my masks are all about the hydration and the serums are really important too. I have been using the Sampar Impossible C-Rum (available at selected Edgars stores) for a while now both day and night and I love how it makes my skin feel so hydrated and so smooth. As well as being an anti ageing product which of course I need (38 remember) it also helps recover lost radiance and vitality. I have definitely seen an improvement in my skin since using this. Cleansing is also a serious part of my beauty process to help remove any excess dirt and make sure my skin is clean allowing my serums and moisturisers to work. The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil is absolutely amazing and has been added to my evening skincare routine, its great for taking away all the first and makeup and even stubborn mascara leaving my skin so amazingly soft afterwards and not stripping anything away. Massage into the skin and then wash away with warm water and voila amazing skin.

I don’t know what it is about winter but I always feel tired and rubbish really. I am on the constant hunt to find ways to make my skin looking and feeling better. The Body Shop Vitamin E range really is a winner for the skin I am loving the Vitamin E SPF15 Moisture Lotion, firstly its light and not greasy and has Wheatgerm Oil for extra conditioning of the skin.    My face feels seriously hydrated and super soft and makes makeup application so easy and not the usual dryness that winter can bring.

Lastly the hands I find these suffer the most and yes there are lots of amazing hand creams out there from budget to the more pricey and the hand cream probably needs a post of its own here is a great one the Vaseline Healthy Hand and Nail Condition Cream, its conditioning moisturisers are fast and non greasy. After 2 weeks hands, plams, fingertips and knuckles are  softer and nails are stronger. So remember give your hands some love this winter.

Will definitely be keeping you posted for any other winter skin saviours.

Shahnaz x

Dermalogica precleanse wipes

If you are a Dermalogica fan like I am then you will love these Precleanse Wipes. Yes I know I am late on the wipes band wagon and everyone has been raving about them all over Instagram but better late than never right? The Pre Cleanse is now in a wipe form which means pop them in your bag and off you go.

I have now included the Dermalogica Precleanse Wipes into my night routine because basically it makes my life so much easier, no wasteage and no fumbling around for a cotton pad or realising I left them downstairs! Dermologica is all about the double cleansing system so the precleanse is used before the cleanser to get rid of excess oil, makeup, sunscreen and environmental pollutants and residual products that build up on skin throughout the day and then to apply a cleanser of your choice after.

Like the precleanse you add water, the wipes when wet transform the hydrophilic formula into a milky emulsion that rinses debris from the skin’s surface and allows the cleanser to penetrate deeper in to the skin. Formulated with Aloe and Apricot oils, conditioning Rice Bran and Vitamin E, this gentle formula can be used around the eyes and to remove waterproof mascara (another reason why I love them). You don’t have to wet them I think they work amazing both ways.

I have used the wipes and skipped out the cleanser and then gone straight to a moisturiser and missing out the cleansing as my skin feels fresh, clean and so soft from the oils without leaving my skin feeling greasy. I wake up with my skin feeling amazing so I am totally going to keep this in my beauty routine. They aren’t cheap retailing at R250 for 20 wipes but as you all know cleansing is essential and is one of the key elements to your beauty routine.

Shahnaz x



Elizabeth Arden Prevage

Elizabeth Arden Prevage – New Additions to my beauty regime

This is the first time I have used any products from the Elizabeth Arden Prevage range and what I can say is I love these 2 products. The anti-ageing treatment boosting cleanser and the anti-ageing and intensive repair eye serum are two new editions to the Prevage range.

Scientists have proven that exposure to smoke and pollution can accelerate the skin’s ageing twice as fast. Causing an increase in wrinkles, age spots and the breakdown of collagen and elastin. With all Elizabeth Arden’s rigourous testing and research they introduced these new skincare products:

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Ageing Treatment Booster Cleanser R385:

This cleanser has a unique 3 dimensional approach to cleansing (remember cleansing is a key element to your beauty regime). It has a creamy formula that eliminates dead skin cells and refines skin’s appearance with a refreshing and radiant glow. The cleanser has tiny granules that doubles up as an exfoliator as well.

The approach: 

Surfactant System: effective and mild foaming cleanser that takes away all the impurities in your skin.

Mechanical & Enzymatic Exfoliation: combination of an active enzyme and natural bamboo beads removes the dead skin and promotes cell renewal leaving smooth skin.

Detoxiquin: Mushroom Extract and Hexapeptide Complex purifies the skin cells amd acts as a natural exfoliant.

Shea Butter & Glycerin: Leaves long lasting moisture

Studies showed 94% of women saw an improvements in just 2 weeks of skin radiance and 75% for fine lines and wrinkles.

What did I think? Definitely saw an improvement in my skin radiance leaving my skin glowing and bascically feeling amazing.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Ageing and Intensive Eye Repair Serum R985:

The more expensive of the products and definitely not for you if you really are on a tight budget but also a great investment.  This treatment helps reduce the severe signs of ageing an give the delicate eye area a more lifted firm appearance. Women  more and more concerned with their skin more than anything else especially around the eye area and this serum is the first of its kind where the serum can also be used on the lids. With claims of working in just 15 minutes so of course this got me very excited.

The serum contains the exclusive Idebenone Technology which is the single most powerful antioxidant a blend of Arazine and Thiotaine. The Arazine soothes skin and helps reduce signs of ageing caused by inflammation, and the Thiotaine compliments Idebenone to concentrate on repairing the signs of ageing. The antioxidant helps protect skin from oxidative stress, shields the skin from the environment and supports the skin’s natural repair process therefore giving a youthful appearance.

Benefits of the serum:

Moisture Trap Technology: a combination of hyalouronic acid, barley and sea extracts that lock in moisture.

Optical Diffusers and Soft Focus Silicones where the soft focus effect scatters the light and diminishes wrinkles leaving bright luminous skin. The technology is the same that is used in ceratin foundations and concealers that reflect light of the skin giving the appearance of flawless skin.

Vitamin B3, Masterwort and Ash Tree Bark Extracts help reduce puffiness and dark circles and increase radiance. However I didn’t find the serum took away dark circles so if that is what you are looking for then this serum isn’t for you.

Biommetic Peptide & Retinyl Linoleate even out the skin tone and support the production of natural collagen.

75% of women said they saw an improvement in just 15 minutes! I love this serum my eyes definitely appeared smoother and brighter and once I applied concealer looked really hydrated. I find if I am dry under the eyes then the concealer sits in the fine lines but with this serum that doesn’t happen.

I love both of the products as I am older the Elizabeth Arden Prevage works wonders for my skin and I love how beautiful my skin looks after using for a few weeks.

Shahnaz x


I am absolutely in love with this new product from Smashbox. I wasn’t sure that a BB cream could act as an under eye concealer because BB creams are more sheer than a normal concealer. But as soon as I tested the Smashbox BB Cream out on myself I knew all my concens went out the window.

Smashbox BB Cream promises:

  • Fade dark circles instantly and over time
  • Reduce apperance of puffiness
  • Visibly smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Noticeably improves fairness

Plus it has the same benefits as a BB cream in that it primes, protects, conceals, hydrates and illuminates.

I love the cream comes in a twist brush applicator so there is no wastegae of product and you can dot under the eyes and then blend in with your ring finger. Dark circles are definitely concealed straight away and the under area is illuminated and hydrated due to its creamy texture. I love the fact that under the eyes is instantly brighter and it doesn’t crease like some concealers do. I haven’t used it long enough to say it reduces wrinkles and datk circles but it definitely has immediate effects.

Smashbox BB Cream Eyes 2

Sadly Smashbox BB Cream is not available online yet but you can get this bad boy at selected Woolworths, Red Square, Foschini’s and selected Edgars stores priced at R295 and available in 5 shades from fair to dark.

Shahnaz x


I seriously can’t believe Feb is almost over but its been another great month of beauty discoveries and rediscovering products I have in my kit. This post is kind of like what’s in my bag as its products I just can’t get enough about and have stood out from the crowd and products I just seem to reach for:

1) Mac Lightful Softening Lotion is my latest obsession. I bought mine overseas as it hadn’t come out yet in SA but I am pleased to say its here and also available online. Prepping skin before I apply make up on a shoot is vital as its the difference between OK looking skin and wow skin that just looks unbelievable. I can’t stress enough how important a beauty routine is. With this bad boy I find when models come on set being outside makes skin dirty and this lotention takes away any excess dirt, helps restrict pores and leaves skin feeling fresh. Apply onto a cotton wool pad and then apply to your whole face as if you taking make up off.

2) Revlon Colourburst Matt Balm in Audacious is a new favourite of mine. They launched this month in SA available at Clicks and I have to say I am a fan. I was sent a bright pink matt balm which I blogged about last week and then I bought this beautiful orange shade for myself and I am loving it. Even though its matt it doesn’t dry out your lips and I am a fan of orange lips. With a dewy finish on the skin and lots of mascara its definitely one of my favourite looks.

3)Bourjois CC Cream is one I can’t get enough off its one I have replaced foundation with on a daily basis as it has such great coverage and leaves my skin feeling soft and glowing which is what I love. Most CC creams I have tried are just too sheer for me or don’t come in my shade but this one ticks both boxes. A definite winner.

4) Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Perfectly Nude Foundation this one is my new foundation obsession. I went to the launch at the beginning of this month and really was so impressed by it. I will do a full post this week as it launches early March in SA. The coverage is sheer to medium but you can build it up, it glides onto the skin so beautifully and leaves a gorgeous finish. I have also used it on set and it reads beautifully in front of the camera so you know if you wearing it you will be camera ready.

5) Smashbox BB Cream Eyes just landed on my desk last week and I tried it on my tired eyes and again love at first sight with this product. It comes with a brush applicator so you can apply straight under the eye and then pat in with your ring finger. It has a natural finish but also gives a beautiful glow under the eyes banishing those terrible dark circles. Again will do a full review but needed to share ASAP. Will be available in March.

This month for me has been about perfecting skin and finding all the ways to have a beautiful glow for myself and for the models I do make up for. Its about enhancing natural beauty and making you feel beautiful.

Hope you enjoyed my post. x


I can’t talk enough about skincare routines and really how important it is for great healthy looking skin. I was guilty in the past of not following all the steps but since hitting my 30’s and becoming a make up artist and even a beauty blogger you realise how important a skincare routine is. A lot of women may cleanse but don’t use a toner at all but this step is a also so important.

So why cleanse?

This really is the most important part as first, sweat,  make up and any other impurities are removed especially at the end of the day.  Clean skin is so important and you want to keep it haelthy and make sure pores don’t get clogged. If you miss this step out you are most likely going to get breakouts and all the other products you add on won’t work.

Why use Toner?

I am religious in this step as much as I am with cleansing as this step makes sure that all the excess make up is removed  and your pores are tightened so as to protect from toxins and bacteria. Make sure you avoid toners containing alcohol as it strips the skin.

Remember to moisturise after both these steps.

I stuck to the same cleanser for a long time until I have been introduced to brands like Ren, Dirty Works, Soap & Glory and Nip & Fab, Bioderma and Eucerin. I am currently obsessed with the Ren cleansers and toners as they feel amazing on the skin and my skin hasn’t felt better but all these brands are great and not expensive which is important as a lot of women will avoid certain steps as they think there is no way they can afford it.

If you want beautiful skin then these steps can’t be missed.

Shahnaz x

Join the Smooth Revolution with Inhibitif

A went a while back to the Inhibitif launch sponsored by Clicks and wanted to test the product out for a good 3 months to see if this product really works for me. When I listened to the talk on the product I really wanted to test it out because what we were being promised was slower body hair growth so basically less work for me in the summer months. When Inhibit was launched in Boots in the UK it became the no 1 product in depilatories and then no 1 online for all skincare products.

So what is Inhibitif I hear you all asking?Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 19.30.23The technology is based on a triple-action approach on the selective inhibitory activity of its formula on the IGF-1 receptor tyrosine-kinase activity. Inhibitif is like a blanket or shield around the hair follicle’s where by the nutrients are prohibited therefore starving the follicle’s. Unlike most products that use one technology to target  hair growth, INHIBITIF technology uses 3 proven active ingredients at the highest ever concentrations 0.41% LAUREL ISOQUINOLINUM BROMIDE, 0.20% DIHYDROMYCERIN and 0.25% PSEUDOALTEROMONAS FERMENT.  As explained in the diagram you spray 2 times a day for 8 weeks, spray 2 spritzes per leg on each application and apply evenly and hair growth is slowed down and hairs become finer. Its great for all skin types and race but not advised for people with major skin irritation and if you are pregnant speak with your doctor first. You may find it annoying to spray twice a day but just think of it as a necessary part of your beauty routine.

So I have been using Inhibitif religiously and I started from having to shave at least twice a week to only once a week which for me with my ridiculous schedule having to shave less is yes thanks for me. I sprayed in the morning after my shower and then again in the evening then you can apply moisturiser after. Even if you not shaving every day you still apply the serum and its for legs, arms, chest and back. Don’t use any where else!!!

Its only R300 available at Clicks and for me its a great budget product that really is amazing especially if you suffer from a lot of hair growth. The dedorant is launching this month and the facial serum will be launching soon will keep you posted.

Hope you enjoyed my post and start the smooth revolution.

Shahnaz x




So a while back I went to a launch for Skinceuticals and Vichy and we were introduced to the Vichy Idealia Serum which launches this month in SA. If you don’t know the Vichy Brand its a French brand and its all about Ideal Skin, they have been the leader in anti-ageing the last 10 years. Vichy products allow women to transform their skin, even sensitive, immediately and durably. Products are combined with advanced active ingredients to Vichy termal spa water, genuine beauty water for the skin, recognised for its unique minerals and its soothing , fortifying and regenerating properties. 60% of women have sensitive skin and Vichy offers a full holistic approach and values the universality of the brand. Vichy is all about science and results.

So what’s the serum and what’s it going to do for our skin?

Here is a little video from Vichy about the serum:

The Serum:


Vichy introduces its exclusive correcting complex LR2412+LHA, in a formula that helps repair in real time the damages of life excesses on the skin. The LR2412 is from the Jasmin plant skin which helps regenerate and the LHA takes a top layer of the skinand incombination allows the LR2412 reach the derma. For the spectacular transformation of skin quality:

  • Fresh Complexion
  • Even Skin Tone
  • Refined Pores
  • Rested Features

Efficacy clinically proven on skin exposed to extreme life conditions: stress, UV rays, pollution/smoke and an unbalanced diet. In 8/10 days women saw a transformation of their skin quality.

The serum is suitable for all skin types and for women looking to transform their skin quality. It leaves skin instantly smoothed, plumped, fresh and soft. Its a radiance primer, enriched with golden and red pearls, for an instant ideal skin colour and gives the skin luminosity and leaves it glowing.

What did I think?

I have been using the serum for a couple of weeks now as part of my beauty routine. I love the glow it gives to my skin and I definitely think its a great primer before applying any make up. My skin feels so soft and fresh and is definitely looking luminous that shines through my foundation. I love the pearly colour and that definitely translates onto the skin.

The Idealia Serum launches this month and is priced at R475 so its all about affordable luxury.

Hope you enjoyed my post. Shahnaz x



For me its all about online shopping especially when I am buying beauty products in the UK because I am a total beauty addict and always want what’s new and amazing. It makes life so easy especially if you live a crazy busy life or the beauty products you want just aren’t in your area. Slowly but surely South Africa’s online shopping is growing and more and more brands are coming online as well as new brands from overseas. I am hoping that one day we will have an online store like cultbeauty.co.uk in South Aftica but for now here is some of the online stores that I really like:

www.thebeautystore.co.za If you haven’t tried this site yet or had a look at it then you are realy missing out. This site offers international brands plus wait for it NARS!!! Yes ladies Nars which is an amazing brand of which I have quite a few items in my pro kit and they also stock the sheer glow foundation which is in my top foundation picks. The Beauty store offers a whole range of products from haircare, skincare, make up and his and hers frangrances of which all are amazing brands and one of the most exciting beauty sites available.

www.therubybox.co.za This site has grown and grown and now not only offers a great little box you can buy for yourself or a loved one and try out products and a small price and to try before you buy,  but their online store has really grown and is stock brands like Soap & Glory which coming from London I am a big fan of. Rubybox offers mid range make up, skincare, suncare, haircare and bath and body so there is something for everyone.

www.maccosmetics.co.za Finally Mac Cosmetics have come online in SA which I am so happy about it. For me Mac is a great brand in that they are always so on trend with their make up and they are have such an extensive range of shades and textures and allow you to really play with make up. Check out some of their make up tutorials on their site to show tips and tricks when using Mac products.

www.redsquare.co.za Redsquare offers a wide range of beauty products from high end to high street with products such as Clarins, Nails Inc a cool British nail brand and Sampar a beautiful French skincare brand. They recently added CK One Colour Make Up line which offers beautiful make up products with some really fun pops of colour. Redsquare even offers skincare for men so there really is products for everyone. Even though these products are available in Edgars stores it makes shopping so much easier to be able to order online and get it sent to your home or your work and when ordering you get to choose 3 free samples so you can sample new products.

www.renskincare.com I love Ren skincare and am so happy they have gone online making it accessible to everyone. If you haven’t heard of the brand its a UK skincare brand which is all about clean skincare with something for all skin types including acne so whatever your skin problem or type Ren has something. If you buy 2 or more products by the end of December 2013 you can a free gift worth R485 which is a great little offer.

www.thespashop.co.za This site is more about skincare offering spa quality beauty products. The site was started by  a self confessed beauty junkie who has years of experience in the beauty imdustry and is always looking for great beauty finds. This site is all about pampering yourself with body oils and body scrubs, there are products for preggie mums and babies as well as the famous beauty blender which I have and I love. So if you big into going to the spa r want to have a spa experience at home this is the site for you.

www.woolworths.co.za: Woolworths has some great brands instore like Smashbox but not all the woolies have all the brands so this is where woolworths online makes it so easy for you. What I also like about their beauty section is they have how to video’s so if you are buying some make up and you also want some tips on make up then check out their beauty edit section.

Remember when purchasing products like foundation online then if you haven’t tested the shades in person don’t risk it as the images online for foundation shade is not going to be a true shade so test out first in the shop unless you already know your shade don’t risk it.

Hope you enjoyed my post. x

Nip + Fab is an amazing brand that has hit SA shores and is exclusive to Clicks. I had tried the CC cream in the UK but never got to try out the skin care. Kerry-Ann who does their PR sent me a box load of products to try (lucky me). The brand is all about instant beauty fixes made simple.

Nip + Fab is clinically tested skincare and body care fixes crammed with breakthrough natural and scientific ingredients. They promise to offer target solutions for specific skincare and bodycare concerns by combining the latest active ingredients with technically advanced smoothing, firming and boosting properties. The world famous range includes celeb favourites like Upper Arm Fix giving toned arms in just 2 weeks and no Needle Fix for an alternative to cosmetic procedures.

Check out all the press that Nip + Fab has had

So what did I think?

Nip and Fab

I love the products and my skin felt so hydrated after using them and even though I am off testing other products I still use the eye cream every morning and the face cleanser plus the pads are great for removing excess make up and leaving my skin glowing. So here are the products I used:

Glycolic Fix Cleanser R234.99: Foaming facial cleanser with Glycolic and Apple Amino Acids. Its purpose is to deeply cleanse, tighten and tone the skin. Its a brightening cleanser that works to rid skin of all traces of grime and make up whilst giving the skin a refreshing boost. The Glycolic Acid works to retexture the skin to hide the appearance of unwanted lines and wrinkles, whilst the Olive Oil deeply hydrates the skin. Key Benefits: GA helps stimulate cellular activity and collagen synthesis to improve skin elasticity and boost radiance. Apple Amino Acid provides a dense and skin-softening foam whilst protecting the skin’s natural barrier. Olive Oil reduces water loss to increase hydration for smooth and soft skin.

What more can I say on the cleanser it has left my skin feeling fresh and so smooth every day and I have been getting constant compliments on my skin. If you going to invest in any product that cleansing is one of the key items as we all need a clean face!

Glycolix Fix Exfoliating Pads R 264.99: These innovative wipes are packed with Glycolic Acid to improve skin tone and texture. These anti ageing pads contain Glycolic and Hyaluronic Acid that help stimulate cell turnover for a smoother brighter complexion. The pads also contain blue daisy to soothe skin while skin will appear smoother, fresher and brighter after using the pads.

Use these pads after cleansing and wipe along your face, neck and decollete. You can use these pads once or twice a day. I really like these pads as they made my skin feel really fresh afterwards and gave me a glow which is what I am constantly wanting for my skin.

No Needle Fix Serum R364.99: This serum is an SOS lifting and intensive plumping serum containing cellative-form to plump fine lines and improve overall skin’s tonicity and elasticity and indinyl ca to hydrate and condition skin. Wrinkle buster osilift acts as an instant tensor blurring imperfections and smoothing wrinkles while keeping make up firmly in place. 

Apply by massaging into your face and neck especially where the areas on your face you have expression lines and make sure you apply before your moisturiser. I used the serum every morning for a month and in combination with the moisturiser my skin really felt amazing and glowing by the time I applied my foundation.

Instant Radiance Wrinkle Fix R 334.95: This beauty pump adds radiance and improves elasticity leaving skin conditioned and hydrated. It contains specially formulated hyaluronic acid filling spheres which bind up to 1000 times their weight in water to visibly fill and plump the skin for noticeably smoother fine lines and wrinkles. The moisturiser is enriched with a combination of essential oils like grapeseed oil which helps tighten and tone and meadowfoam seed oil to fight the signs of ageing and protect against the harmful effects of the environment which helps leaving skin hydrated and protected. Working in harmony with jojoba seed oil, evening primrose oil, rose hip oil, glycerin, lanolin and mica. 

This cream is all about giving the skin a glow which is a big YAY for me. I love when skin looks radiant even before any make up is applied because it will shine through the foundation. When it comes to applying make up its so key that your skin has been prepped and this is all down to your skincare routine. I love how Nip + Fab leaves my skin looking and feeling.

Triple-Action Eye Cream R299.99: Love love love this eye cream and its still part of my beauty routine even though I am trying other products. This eye cream helps reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles while hydrating to fight against premature ageing. This eye cream fix works to break down stubborn crows feet and deep-set wrinkles around the area for a fresh youthful glow. This 3-in-1 formula combines red algea to target dark circles, tetra peptide to reduce puffiness and shea butter to hydrate and soften so for me its a definite must for my beauty regime. 

When I am tired which is a lot I get dry under my eyes but with this cream my skin is hydrated all the time and it seems by dark circles aren’t as noticeable.

Its a cool brand with a lot of press and celebrity fans. Plus the prices are more affordable so you can at least incorporate some items into your beauty regime. Go check it out.

Hope you enjoyed my post. x