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Its really only from blogging that I have learnt so much about skincare and what we actually really need plus  what to look out for in products. Only last year did I actually really introduce Vitamin A into my routine with Environ which has made such an improvement in my skin. I actually had no idea how important it actually was. So let’s talk about why we need Vitamin A in our skincare routine.

In basic terms Vitamin A is the skin normaliser according to the creator of Gr8 Skincare that is launching in SA. If you don’t have Vitamin A that is the driving process in your skincare routine then there is no point using any other Vitamins on your skin. Basically without Vitamin A none of your other products will work. If your skin is oily or too dry Vitamin A will normalise it. The average person doesn’t actually know this plus with all those products out there it gets really confusing.

According to Environ’s creator Dr Des Fernandes “Ageing skin is due to sun induced Vitamin A deficiency. By correcting the skin with Vitamin A you will have more radiant skin.” Basically without Vitamin A in our routine there are more skin abnormalities, such as pigmentation, sun damage, ageing and even skin cancer. Sadly these are things that we are just not educated about. The best way to combat all these things is to make sure we have Vitamin A in our skincare routine so as to replenish the Vitamin A in our cells every day.

I started  using Vitamin A last October and already I have seen a massive improvement in my hydration, pores (which I didn’t even realise were that bad), wrinkles around my eyes and my overall complexion looks great. After just after 4 months of using the skin analysis showed even though I am 42 I have the skin of a 36 year old and that will just keep improving. With Environ you build up your Vitamin A starting with Sequence 1 and working your way up to 4. I am now on 2 plus I go for facials twice a month where I get even more Vitamin A into my cells. I apply the Vitamin A currently both day and night but the dosage still isn’t that high.

With brands like GR8 Skincare hers works differently with just the night Reset serum, that includes all you need a night which is Vitamin A and C, probiotics and antioxidants. By having the Vitamin A at night the skin can reset and normalise and help it to become problem free.

Some brands suggest to use Vitamin A just at night but I suppose that all depends on the dosage as well especially when you are applying Retinol thats just a night time routine due to its potency.

Benefits of Vitamin A:

  • Hydrated due to the skin’s natural moiturising factor leaves skin glowing.
  • Strengthens the skin outer layer.
  • Stimulates the skin’s natural protein to keep skin looking healthy.
  • Supports the immune system and prevents breakouts (initially the skin adjusts so you may have some breakouts. I literlly had mount everest on my chin in the beginning but then it all settled.)
  • Reduces the risk of skin cancer.

Next week I will chat more about Retinol because otherwise I will be here all day. If you haven’t got Vitamin A in your routine then get on it.

Shahnaz x


Its been a great break so far for me and I still have this week to go with a few more lunches and activities happening and my skin has taken a bit of a bashing with a few break outs happening. Too many late nights and not looking after my skin properly because normally I am regimental when it comes to my skin and my night routine has definitely been serioulsy slack.

Natural Beauty 1

A massive trend for Spring/Summer 15 that is all over the catwalks is the no makeup makeup look basically the natural beauty look. I did this shoot a couple of months ago with 2 beautiful girls that I basically enhanced their natural beauty and its so easy to achieve at home.

Its all about good skincare, a proper beauty routine and the right kind of foundation for your skin type. The rest is effortless makeup with a touch of mascara, possibly a hint of something on the eyes go for neutral shades and just blend in the crease, a subtle contour and a little bit of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream on the lips.

Natural Beauty

If you have bold brows then just fill in where needed if you don’t have much of a brow going on the cheat it but don’t go dark it will take away from the natural beauty of your face. Concealer will be your best friend here to help blend away and imperfections and dark circles so make sure you go for a more creamy consistency and using a blending brush to get that seamless look.

Your beauty routine must consist of cleansing and if you need toning day and night, exfoliate twice a week, invest in serum this will wonders for your skin more than a moisturiser, face mask twice a week and a good eye cream to keep those under eye areas hydrated and smooth.

Shahnaz x

I have had a lot of comments recently on my skin and how good it looks even though I am 37! I supppose some of it is my dad’s gene’s but I also really try look after my skin. I have over the last few years changed it up but there are some products for me that really work and some that I have added in. But I do have to say that the products I use aren’t cheap execept for my make up remover. When it comes to make up you can definitely get away with using cheaper products but for me I definitely spend more on my skin care. So here is my current routine:

Chanel Gentle Foaming Mousse Cleanser – I have used this product for ages. I have really sensitive skin and this is really gentle on my skin. Its a combination cleanser and make up remover. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling really dry like some face washes do. I love it.

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 19.39.19

Chanel Gentle Hydrating Toner: I pat this into my skin with my hands after I have washed my face. Its light and gentle on the skin and makes my skin feel fresh.

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 19.40.29

Chanel Hydra Max + Active – Its a really hydrating cream and amazing for a tired complexion. It leaves my skin glowing even before I apply any make up. A lot of the time people ask am I wearing a highlighter but most of the time I don’t. I truly believe that using a really hydrating moisturier will really give your skin a lift. If you have really oily skin it may be too rich.

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 19.50.54

Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator – My lovely husband bought me this for my birthday. What I love about this product as that it really gives my skin an extra glow before applying my make up. I haven’t used it long enough to say its even out my skintone as yet  but my skin is really glowing and not in a too shiney way.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 17.12.54

Ucerin Make up Remover – This product is really light takes away make up really easily without leaving skin too oily and for me my skin feels really fresh.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 07.06.46

Night Cream: Yu-Be (only available overseas) This a Japenese product which I recently blogged about. It smells like tee tree oil. It is very thick so I only apply a little to my face but in the morning my skin feels amazing. What I love is that my skin isn’t left feeling really greasy just really soft.

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 16.14.26

Decleor Hydra Floral Multi Protection Expert Mask: If you follow my blog you would have read my review. I am loving this mask because itts gentle on my skin, I don’t have to wash it off I just pat off the excess oil and it leaves my skin glowing and very soft. Need it for my tired skin!

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 11.05.09

When I am tired I add in Clarins Beauty Flash Balm to give my face a lift it definitely brightens my skin.

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 20.47.30


Am on the look out for more affordable products so watch this space as have more products to review.

Hope you enjoyed the post. X