The Vichy Mineral 89 Daily Booster is literally like a glass of water to your skin. I actually first saw the serum being used by UK makeup artist Cher Webb and if it was good enough for her then I needed it too. I actually went and bought my own because as you know I love a glow. Vichy kindly sent me a new one with some other skin goodies. Its infused with one of my fav ingredients Hyaluronic Acid and the Vichy Spring Water which means glowing plumped skin.

As we get older our skin gets less hydrated and we basically need all the extra love. Hydrated skin is healthy skin. When its dehydrated thats when we see the fine lines and a dull complexion. Skin can get patchy and trust me when I say your foundation won’t look great. Its all about the dewy glow and to achieve this we need to be on point with our skincare routine.

The Vichy Mineral 89 Fortifying and Plumping Daily Booster (R425 for 50ml) is low in the ingredient count. Its only got 11 ingredients instead of the usual 20 so its pretty much a goodie for everyone. Its got the highest percentage (89%) of the Vichy Spring Water so it really is the hydration booster.

Hyaluronic Acid is a molecule that can hold 1000 times its weight in water, to fortify the skin’s natural moisture barrier. When your skin barrier is impaired, you can start to suffer from dryness, irritation, and redness, and blemishes become more likely. The Vichy booster also makes use of glycerin, which works to draw moisture into the skin. Basically I love this stuff.

Its perfect for those with redness, breakouts as it doesn’t clog pores, dehydrated skin or even normal skin as it will plump up your complexion. Its great because both men and women can use so hide your away if you don’t want to share.

I love to add this in the morning in my layered skincare routine. I literally can’t live without Hyaluronic Acid it really adds that glow. Also amazing after a skin peel as that can really dry out and tighten skin. Its a great pick me up if you need some extra hydration and get the glow we all love.

Available at Clicks and Dischem the Vichy Mineral 89 Daily Booster comes in 2 sizes a 50 and 75ml. Its definitely worth the investment for healthy plumped radiant skin.

Love Love Love

Shahnaz x

If you follow me on instagram you will know I am all about the glow. Some even call me the Glow Queen and I am pretty cool with that. A good skincare routine as I always bang on about is key that will give you a healthy hydrated complexion that should naturally glow. If you can’t spend a fortune on skincare just make sure you have a good moisturiser or a hydrating SPF. However there are ways to cheat the glow with glow highlighters. I often do this with models I work with.

Liquid highlighters are amazing for adding the overall glow because you can add into your moisturiser or foundation. I often mix a liquid illuminator or strobe cream with the foundation. In terms of affordability you can get illuminators at all price points so don’t stress when I start chatting about Chanel. The new Chanel Les Beiges Sheer Healthy Glow Highlighting Liquid is my everything at the moment. Its super pricey but wow does it add the glow. I love to add in the highlighter into my foundation and then layer on the key points on my face. I got the shade sun kissed but there is a lighter shade called Pearly Glow.

A glossy highlighter balm is another absolute favourite of mine for layering the glow on the complexion. Sorry guys but Chanel wins again for me in this one with the Le Baume Essentiel. There is a lighter shade but also the Golden Light which is amazing for darker complexions and I also love to use on the eyes for me too. The highlighter adds an extra dimension of glow that I am utterly obsessed with. An alternative is to take a balm like the Elizabeth Arden 8HR Cream or even the Lanolab balm which I chatted about last week and add onto the top of your cheek bones to cheat the glow.

Revlon have introduced their Skin Lights quite recently and I have to say I am so impressed. The highlighter insta sticks have been around a while but the new powder highlighters are amazing. These highlighters glide on so beautifully onto the skin the glow is instant. With crystal like pigments they give a dimensional glow making your skin look wow. The most affordable out of all the highlighters in this post at R140 you really can’t go wrong here.

Stila have kindly offered a 20% discount on all makeup this month using my code SHAHNAZ20 on Luxury Cosmetics. With this code I treated myself to some bits including the Heaven’s Hue Highlighter in Kitten. Its absolutely stunning I love love love it. The highlighter is bouncy to the touch and almost has a wet feel to it. Radiance enhancing highlighters that are gossamer light and melt into skin for a barely there feel. I am definitely going to buy another one before the offer ends on the 30th September. So if you want it get busy shopping now.

Last up the Ofra Cosmetics Glow Up Highlighter palette. Its the first time using this brand and I am super impressed. The Glow Up palette has it all from light to bronze its a perfect palette for a makeup kit or to add different elements of glow to your complexion. The quality is absolutely stunning that make you glow baby. There is a mix of their different highlighters all added into one so this is perfect for me. Each highlighter has a liquid to baked technology with beautiful luminosity. Your glow goals will definitely be reached with this one.

I have loads more I love these are just my current favs at the moment. I love to glow and share the glow love with all my followers and models I work with. Go check out my latest instagram Glow highlight folder to see some of these bad boys in action.

Shahnaz x

I love a gorgeous glow to the skin its basically what I live for when it comes to my skincare. The Gatineau Perfection Ultime Cream Serum gives me just that. The skin perfecting cream is super light but has the potency of a serum. I am all about taking care of my skin but without having to do botox or fillers. I am always looking for skincare that will help slow the ageing process down and give me a glowing complexion at the same time. The Gatineau Perfection Ultime Cream Serum gives my skin the hydration I really love.

We lead busy stressful lives, a good night sleep is not always manageable, pollution and harsh UV rays all affect our skin. All these elements can age the skin quicker so a good skincare routine is absolutely vital. I absolutely love French skincare and this one is no exception. The brand is known for combining natural ingredients with cutting-edge biotechnology.

I was lucky to get a press drop from the brand and try this new Perfection Ultime Skin Perfecting Cream Serum. Its a new type of serum that can be used on its on or underneath a moisturiser. Its definitely got the hydration to be worn as a moisturiser. I like to use a couple serums at a time and then work this one in at the end. It basically has the potency of a serum but as mentioned earlier its super light and melts beautifully into the skin.

Key Ingredients:

Yeast Glucomannans – Rich in Amino Acids, Proteins, Minerals, Antioxidants and Vitamin B to provide a more youthful complexion and boost Collagen production.

Neurophrolin – Wild Indigo Extract helps soothe stressed skin and is known as the “destress express” for skin cells, as well as improve skin tone.

PatcH20 – A complex of Plant Sugars, Serine and Brown Algae which are packed with skin replenishing nutrients and antioxidants. Enriched in amino acids, proteins, minerals, anti-oxidants and vitamin B – these key ingredients help the skin get healthy and well as give that natural glow I love.

Centella Asiatica –  A rich anti-oxidant flowering herb known for its multiple younger complexion benefits. It reduces inflammation, stimulates new cell growth, builds collagen and improves circulation allowing a surge in nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

White Tea – A powerful anti-oxidant.

Hyaluronic Acid – Deeply hydrating for plump and soft skin. Definitely a key ingredient in my skincare routine.

As mentioned earlier you can use on its own or combined with a moisturiser. I am a layering kind of girl because as you know I am all about the glow. Apply in the morning or at night or both its really up to you. A thicker layer can be applied at night as a treatment mask once or twice a week if skin really needs that extra love.

Available online at Absolute Skin (best price R945) , Foschini Stores and Dischem stores selling at R1150.

Definitely worth checking out if you looking to invest in your skin.

Shahnaz x

My skincare routine is pretty intense these days and cleansing is integral part of it. I absolutely love the Ren Perfect Canvas Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser as it has three different phases. Ren has definitely been a brand I have always loved and this one is no exception. I love that its a cruelty free and that their packaging is sustainable. I absolutely love their radiance range and this cleanser really impressed me.

I love that its a jelly like cleanser when it starts out. Its best to massage onto dry skin first to really feel the lovely texture its turns into an oil first. I massage all over first before I apply any water that then turns it into a milky consistency. A little really goes a long way and it really melts so beautifully into the skin. Its soothing and leaves skin feeling nourished and hydrated.

As I mentioned earlier  the Ren Perfect Canvas Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser (R565) has got a triple phase action. The cleanser gently washes away pollution, makeup and SPF leaving skin feeling amazing and hydrated. I am a massive fan of oil type products so when the jelly turns into an melting balm it makes me really happy. You can just apply all over your face and over your eyes to remove makeup etc. I do love to use a micellar water after to make sure all my makeup is removed. However if you are feeling a little lazy you can get away with using the Ren cleanser to remove all your makeup before you go to bed.

The Ren cleanser contains only natural ingredients blended with three seed oils: glycerine to comfort and soothe the skin and a base of grape (antioxidant amazing to lock in hydration), sunflower (great for acne) and meadowfoam oils (moisturises and rejuvenates).

Available online on Renskincare.co.za, Absolute Skin (slight discount being offered) and Woolworths. Definitely worth the investment for healthy radiant skin.

Shahnaz x

As you know I am all about the glow and I love to share the glow with everyone. I am always on the look out for products that can add to the glow or cheat the glow. I was lucky enough to be involved with Lanolab in their recent glow shoot. We focused on beautiful skin firstly. As well as all the ways Lanolab can add glow and hydration to the skin. Its basically known as the Miracle Lip Balm with lots of uses for the face and body.

What I love about the Lanolab balm is that firstly its super affordable at R95 and it really does work. My go to was always Elizabeth Arden 8HR  cream and even though I still love it.  I have been reaching for Lanolab more and more. I have one that I carry around in my handbag and one in my kit. It keeps lips really hydrated and has a subtle glow as well.

Its infused with a Papain Enzyme that is extracted from the papaya fruit that works on surface of the skin to break down dead skin cells. It helps keep skin hydrated, helps reduce inflammation and softens the skin. I love to not only use on the lips but also on the high points of the cheek bones as a balm highlighter. I love that its not sticky so this works really well. You can also add over your eyeshadow to make a glossy eye look. Love it.

As well as adding hydration and a glow to the skin Lanolab has quite  few uses making it a bad boy of of a product. Like Lucas Paw Paw also a cult product this balm also helps with minor burns, soots irritated skin, great for babies when they get a rash, great for athletes that run long distances, swimmers and bike riders, it moisturises cuticles and great to put on heels to stop them from cracking. Plus the balm is 100% natural and is also fragrance free.

I love that its a local product as right now its all about supporting our local brands. For a little extra you get get the balm with a really cute pouch for R120. As well as being sold on Lanolab’s own site its also available in quite a few stores. Click here to find stockists.

Shahnaz x


Its actually the first time ever use Elf Cosmetics and I have to say I was really impressed. I had been eyeing up the bite size eyeshadow palettes on Betty online for a while. They are super affordable and too cute. In this post I do a pretty Elf smokey eye using the palette Pumpkin Pie its a gorgeous bronze look. I have also posted another look on my IGTV feed using the Berry Bad palette so you can go check out the quality in action.

I prepped my skin already making sure to keep the glow I love. After applying my base I used the Pixi Rose Water Mist from Betty. I love this brand and I love the mist it really adds to the gorgeous glow and smells amazing. Will post about the mist separately next week.

The Elf Pumpkin Pie palette (R140)  is a mix of browns and bronzes and is really a gorgeous eyeshadow palette. The colour pay off is amazing and the shadows are ultra pigmented.  I also love that its also a cruelty free brand. Make sure you prep eyes first with a primer or a here I used a Mac Painterly just to make sure the shades last longer.

I used the matt shade on the crease to create the definition and my bottom lash line. You can build up the definition to go soft or bold.

The metallic shades are amazing and really add the pop to the smokey eye. I do love a shimmer when it comes to eye makeup. The metallic shades always add that extra dimension.

I love a light eyeliner in the waterline to make a smokey eye pop plus make the eyes look more wide awake. Here I applied my Max Factor Kohl Kajal Liner in Biege 003 its my favourite at the moment. You can also just apply on its own with mascara as well. Sometimes a white liner can be too intense this shade is more subtle but has a great effect.

The Mac In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara is definitely a current fav of mine as it really adds amazing volume. When it comes to a smokey eye you want volume lashes to complete the look. I love the applicator and I love how amazing my sad lashes look. If you have seen me without any makeup you will know what I am talking about.

The Elf Cream Blush Palette is also new and really pretty on. I love creamy textures especially blushes as they add to the overall glow and radiance to the complexion. Its a mix of peaches and pinks which are my fav shades. Love Love Love. If you into a glowing complexion use creamy textures.

Keeping lips hydrated are really important and wanted to give a shout out to Lanolab. Its a local brand and the balm really is a goodie with lots of uses just like the Elizabeth Arden 8HR cream. Check out Lanolab’s insta feed to find out more. I also did a shoot for them recently which will be posting about early next week. Its super affordable and great for the glow.

Love the Elf eyeshadows to create the smokey eye I got 3 but I think I may add some more to my stash.

Shahnaz x

For those of you who follow me you all know I am definitely the Queen of Glow. I am obsessed with skincare and makeup that will get me that ultimate glow. That’s why I love the Glow Getter 24K Gold face and eye masks. They both give me hydration where I most need it and that beautiful glow I love. So by the time it gets to applying base my skin is looking and feeling 100%.

Gold face masks seem to definitely be a trend when it comes to skincare. But does it actually work and how does the gold work? It seems that quite a few brands are using the sheet mask technology fused with the ancient healing of gold. So is it worth spending R415 on 3 face masks?

Gold actually has a lot of skincare benefits. It works to stimulate the production of your natural collagen levels, and well as reduce long term collagen loss. For the immediate benefit lots of hydration and a glowing complexion. The face and eye mask are perfect if you need that last minute pick me up. Gold also helps boost the microcirculation of the skin, leaving it energized and radiant.

The Hayat Beauty Glow Getter 24k Face Mask comes with 3 in a pack. Each of these masks is infused with 24K real gold and hyaluronic acid for relaxing the skin and achieving a brighter, more revitalized complexion. The masks are perfect for a pre makeup prep to add an instant shot of love to the skin. I love to keep mine in my Skin Bar so its also really refreshing and soothing on the skin. Its a real pamper treat for me I can take some time away and read my book.

Key Ingredients:

  • 100% Pure Gold: Lifts, brightens, reduces the appearance of fine lines. leaves skin feeling silky smooth, revitalized and youthful. Promotes skin metabolism, improves skin protein and absorption ability.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Enhances moisture content in the skin. Improves skin’s physical condition, prevents oxidation. Revitalizes skin’s outer surface layers, making the skin softer, smoother and radiantly hydrated. Reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Trehalose: Has significant moisture retention properties. Rehydrates and moisturizes the skin.
  • Avena Sativa (Oats) Peptide: Anti-oxidant, increases skin activity, slows down aging. Brightening and moisturizing while reducing fine lines.
  • Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Extract: Fights free radicals, helps the absorption of Vitamin C and E. Strengthens the flexibility of the skin. An anti-oxidant that protect the skin from harmful effects of UV radiation.

The Glow Getter 24K Gold Hydrogel Eye Recovery Mask have 5 pairs in a pack. They work pretty much the same way as the face mask as well as help reduce puffy eyes. The eye masks are a great beauty booster to give the under eye area an instant glow as well as help reduce those pesky fine lines. One of my biggest issues is my under eye area especially when I don’t get enough sleep. Hydration is key for this sensitive area so the hyaluronic Acid really helps a a lot.

Go Check out my insta stories highlight on the 24k Glow Getter to see the eye patches in action and howe my skin felt after. They are perfect if you need to sooth and hydrate these are always a goodie to start your day especially if you haven’t gotten enough sleep. Plus it makes applying concealer so much easier.

Hayat Beauty also stock some other amazing products so if you haven’t already go check out their site here.

Shahnaz x

I have absolutely fallen in love with the latest Filorga Scrub and Detox. Exfoliation is a key element in my skincare routine for radiant glowing skin. The scrub is perfect for stressed skin that needs a serious pick me up. The unique mousse scrub provides an express skin-detox effect in just five minutes, leaving the skin clearer and smoother and protected against daily aggressors. Skin feels smooth, hydrated and glowing just like I love.

The scrub helps to gently exfoliate all the dead skin while leaving skin feeling amazing. The double-action exfoliating foam intensely detoxifies the skin via two main steps – double exfoliation and double purification.

Double Exfoliation:

A double peel complex combines both mechanical and enzymatic scrubs for powerful yet gentle exfoliation. Volcanic micro-spheres provide the exfoliation, cleansing the pores and getting rid of the skin of impurities. Resurfacing papain provides an enzymatic resurfacing action to stimulate cellular renewal leaving skin so smooth.

Double Purification:

Activated plant-derived charcoal gets into the deepest impurities and eliminates pollution. Pohyphenols from the Maracuja fruit (known for its powerful antioxidant properties) stimulate the skin’s antioxidant systems to strengthen the skin’s resistance to oxidative stress. These two super-ingredients provide an intensive deep detox for radiant skin.

Filorga Scrub and Detox

The Filorga Scrub and Detox (R530) also provides a hydrating complex, which coats the skin in a protective film to strengthen and protect it against daily aggressors. Niacinamide restructures the skin barrier and provides hydration, whilst Vitamin E traps free radicals and protects skin cells from oxidative stress and the harmful effects of external aggressors.

I love to apply the scrub onto my face in the morning and when it needs a pick me up. I love how soft and hydrated my skin feels after application.

Available in selected Edgars, Red Square and Click Stores and also available online at absolute  skin and is actually on sale at the moment. The Filorga Scrub and Detox is definitely worth investing in. I absolutely love it and so does my skin. Definitely getting my glow on.

Shahnaz x

My fight against pigmentation is my main skin focus right now. After having kids, being on the pill and working outside on shoots in a hot climate my skin has suffered for it. Hyper pigmentation is so hard to get rid of but I am determined to win the battle. I looked back at pictures of myself about 6 years ago and my skin was pretty flawless. It was definitely me being slack with keeping my face out of the sun plus not enough sunscreen. The South African sun is harsh and its definitely something I didn’t pay enough attention to.

For those of who have been following me I have introduced Retinol into my skincare routine. Not sure why I have waited so long to use it but so glad I have. Retinol is so key for healthy skin its known as the anti-aging superstar. Its a key ingredient for addressing various skin concerns, from wrinkles, uneven texture, breakouts and hyper-pigmentation. Retinol promotes skin renewal, brightens skin tone, reduces acne, and boosts collagen production. If you are like me and are really struggling with any of these skin concerns consult a dermatologist. This is where money needs to be spent rather go for something that has a higher concentration.

I started using the Environ Focus Care Retinol serum a couple months ago and even had my first Retinol facial. The skin takes time to adjust to retinol as there can be side effects. Each step helps the skin adjust while the Retinol dosage increases. I have been on Vitamin A for almost 2 years slowly increasing the dosage on my skin. Retinol will definitely take my skin to the next level and am taking the next steps with Lamelle over the next few months.

While increasing my Vitamin A on my skin I have also introduced Lamelle to help combat the pigmentation. The aim is to stop any new dark spots from forming and to lighten them as much as possible. My hope is that I can get rid of it completely but lets see what happens. With that in mind I introduced the Lamelle Ovelle D3 supplements bit 6 weeks ago. An anti ageing pill that deals with preserving collagen, elasticity but also hormonally induced pigmentation and the appearance of malesma. I am so excited to see the amazing effects over the next few months.

I can already see the pigmentation has started to break up on my cheeks. There are definitely no dark spots forming and they seem slightly lighter. I just need to make sure I really protect my skin from the sun and wear SPF 50 daily.

I introduced the Lamelle Correctives Brighter Serum into my routine a while ago. It contains a combination of melanin inhibiting ingredients and potent antioxidants to help reduce the formation of dark spots. Key ingredients such as Decabutin inhibit melanin production without affecting cell damage and sun sensitivity. The Ferulic Acid is a potent anti oxidant that fights against free radical damage. Ingredients like Tumeric plant extract inhibit pigmentation production and Licochalcone A is anti inflammatory and soothing to the skin. It super hydrating as well so skin feels amazing and radiant after application.

I am excited to announce I have been sponsored by Lamelle and Loveit Spa to help with the battle against pigmentation. I have already started the full skin journey almost 3 weeks ago. I am purely using Lamelle for my hyper pigmentation and have been the last 3 weeks. Over the next 4 months I  will be chatting weekly about my progress and the products. I have already had my first anti-ageing peel and in the next couple weeks will be having my Lamelle pigmentation peel. Super excited for this and can’t wait to see the results.

As well as incorporating the supplements and brighter serum.  I have introduced the Lamelle Luminesce range (for pigmentation and melanoma), the Helase 50 sunscreen and Vitamin C serum into my skin routine So fingers crossed it all works. My skin is definitely looking really healthy and really glowing just like I love. Of course will be going into depth about the new products added so watch this space.

Shahnaz x

The facial roller was what I was actually first introduced by from Nicole at Petrichoroils. I had seen it all over instagram and always wandered did it actually work? My Rose Quartz looks super pretty and is really therapeutic. However, the  roller is not the same for me as the Gua Sha is. I started investigating the benefits of the roller and came across the Gua Sha and the video I included. I really struggle with stress in my neck plus being in my 40’s I need all the facial massage I can get. The stone gives me both skincare benefits as well as releasing all the tension.

The Gua Sha has been described as “the botox of the east” as it helps firm skin as well as all the other benefits. I keep mine in my skin bar so that I get the extra benefit of the cool stone on my skin. The stone helps with anti ageing, helps products get in deeper, boots circulation as well as trigger regeneration.

The stone comes in different shapes but you will always find it has a curved side, a flat side and a side with edges that helps with the massage and the jaw line. The shape really helps hug the contours of your face where the jade roller doesn’t. It works to brighten, tone and tighten and helps with puffiness as well. Who needs a face lift when you haver your Gua Sha instead?

Not only does the Gua Sha have facial benefits it also helps firm your neck, release tension as well as help with Lymhatic drainage. Its also meant to help with breakouts as well.

So the tip is to start from your neck, shoulders and then your face. Rather than do my own tutorial I included in this post a full tutorial on how to use properly and for the best results. The stone really helps relieve tension so you can then enjoy your therapeutic facial massage and just start the day right. Remember always work upwards.

You can use either morning or night I like to use the Gua Sha in the morning. It will really help with the absorption of your serum, facial oil and your moisturiser. I love to apply after Vitamin C serum as its oil based and makes the massage so much easier. An oil works best for me as its the most slippery. Remember when using the stone not  to drag too hard across your face. You want the best results but don’t want to damage yourself .

The stone comes in either Jade or Rose Quartz and each stone is meant to further supplement the skin as well as enhance your mood. Rose Quartz is thought of as the stone of love and is also believed to have the ability to remove “toxic” energy from your body and soul. As well as having wrinkle reducing benefits.

Where as the Jade stone it is believed to carry healing energy that can help balance your own inner energies, relax the nervous system, and bring about a sense of harmony and balance. In terms of functionality, it helps with reducing puffiness and encouraging lymphatic function. You basically can’t go wrong with either stone as they both have great benefits.

I hope this post was helpful and that you enjoy your Gua Sha as much as I do.


Shahnaz x