Last year we saw the launch of the new Bioderma range that focuses on pigmentation for a day and night time skin routine. Earlier this year they introduced the Bioderma Pigmentbio C-Concentrate making the range even more exciting. The concentrate is a night time corrective brightening serum that targets discolouration and pigmentation.  I suffer from bad pigmentation so anything that can help me I am willing to try. I actually noticed that in the last 6 years living in South Africa my pigmentation has actually gotten worse. Vitamin C is the key to helping fight against pigmentation and its one ingredient I can’t live without.

For those of you who haven’t tried the Bioderma Pigmentbio range check check out my post here. The range has got an amazing Micellar Water for brightening and the Night Renew is amazing. Combine these two products with the Bioderma Pigmentbio C-Concentrate (R400) for your night skin routine and you will wake up with soft radiant skin in the morning.

So what’s the Bioderma Pigmentbio C-Concentrate all about?

The concentrate is an intensive dark spot treatment with powerful AHA, BHA and Fresh Vitamin C. Pigmentbio C-Concentrate offers a skin-peel effect to brighten and correct dark spots, while remaining gentle on skin. The serum actually has a unique Vitamin C dispenser contained in the lid. Only when you click the button does it release and then mixes in with ther rest of the ingredients. Dermastore have a video showing us how its done:

The concentrate is super light and absorbs quickly into the skin. My skin feels super soft the next day I literally can’t stop touching it.

Key Ingredients:

  • Glycolic Acid which helps to resurface skin texture and improve skin luminosity and dullness.
  • 2% Vitamin C that’s in the form of Ascorbyl Glucoside (which makes it a slow release agent) is an antioxidant and skin brightner.
  • Salicylic Acid (BHA) exfoliates, refines pores and helps to reduce the formation of acne.
  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) improves skin elasticity, pigmentation and enhances skin barrier function.
  • Azelaic Acid has mildly exfoliating and potent anti-inflammatory properties, promoting a clear and even complexion.
  • Licorice Root Extract is a skin brightner and helps stop the forming of new pigmentation.
  • Vitamin E and Kelp Extract are potent antioxidants that help the skin against free radicals and outside stressors, as well as reduce moisture loss to the skin.

Bioderma advise to use the one month treatment for up to 3 months. I definitely need to invest to carry on a full treatment as for me one month just isn’t enough. Apply 5 drops each night and use every three months for best results.

As I mentioned earlier  the sun has damaged my skin. When the lock down finishes I am booked in to have a two part intense pigment peel. Plus with the Bioderma Pigmentbio C-Concentrate I am hoping for amazing looking skin. What I can say so far is that my skin texture is amazing and I am really happy with my skin radiance. The fight against pigmentation has been hard for me. Although I haven’t got any new pigmentation either so thats’s good news. Its definitely a product worth checking out. Remember Vitamin C is key for your skincare routine.

Available in selected Clicks, Dischem and available on the amazing online skin store Dermastore.

Shahnaz x



SKOON really is a brand that I really love and with anything I have every tried I have never been let down. I love that is all natural with non toxic ingredients and I just love the quality. My SKOON glow duo that really makes my skin look amazing is the SKOON WOW-WOW WONDER Serum and the GLOW DROPS. Together I just can’t go wrong. The drops have been a fav of mine since the brand launched but when I added in the serum I could really see the radiance and glow.

For those of you who don’t know the brand its proudly South African. The brand was created because the founder Stella said “We do not accept that good, effective skincare needs to contain parabens or any toxic ingredients procured at great expense to the environment, and at the expense of women’s health and well-being.”

Whats’s SKOON all about?

All SKOON products contain a variety of pure plant oils, rich nut butters, exquisite floral essences and botanical extracts sourced from all over the world.

SKOON. Means clean in Afrikaans. The essence of the brand is honest and pure. The brand believes in kind, clean and ethical procurement and production of all the products in our natural skin care range.With recycling encouraged in a big way.

The SKOON WOW-WOW WONDER Serum (R489)  is new to my skincare stash. I actually chose it because of the Vitamin C which is vital in my routine. I love testing out products wih this key ingredient and immediately fell in love. The serum has a triple blend of Hyaluronic Acid which know is key for hydration to the skin. Plus the Vitamin C to boost moisture and brighten the skin. As well as Phytic Acid which is actually  the gentlest AHA and also full of antioxidants. Phytic Acid can help neutralize free radicals, and that’s why its incorporated into skincare products designed to brighten pigmentation.

The SKOON GLOW drops (R199) help revive tired looking skin giving you a dewy complexion. Face oils are a fav of mine to add that shot of hydration to the skin. I love to add the drops in with a moisturiser so if you are not a makwup gal you will have gorgeous looking skin. You can even add a drop into fountation if you want that beautiful glossy looking skin.

The key ingredients in the drops is Squalene which is a highly effctive emollient and natural antioxidant, helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, assists with UV damage and helps lighten pigmentation. The Vitamin E a key antioxidant in the drops helps with moisture, naturally works to neutralise environmental stressors that destroy collagegen and increase ageing. Love.

Massage into your skin with either fingers of a face roller to really get the blood flow to the skin. Love my SKOON glow duo and definitely recommend to add your skincare stash. Next on my list is the SKOON Rosehip C+ Concentrate. If you have never used the brand before go check out their site www.skoon.co.za.

Shahnaz x

I love playing with eye colours when it comes to makeup as it really makes the eyes pop. This week’s look is a Pretty Purple Eye with Huda Beauty Mecury Retrograde palette. I really love it because you can create so many gorgeous looks. As always her pallettes have a beautiful mix of matte and  foil shades that have such a beautiful colour pay off.  All of the matte shades can be worn on or mixed in wth the foil shades.

For this look I applied the oh so pretty Lilac shade Libra and worked into the crease, inner corner of the eyes as well as the bottom lash line.

Its a shade that really compliments the blue in my dress and looks amazing on its own. You could just finish off mascara or apply a liquid liner if you wanted to amp it up.

For the pop on the eyes I used my fingers as the foil shades work better with the fingers. Here I applied Ultraviolet which actually looks purple in the palete but has a slight blue undertone.

I kept the look simple as that’s my style and I want to make it easy for my readers. Makeup doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful. Here I applied the RVB Lab False Lash Mascara it gives gorgeous looking lashes.

For the glow I used one of my favs the Nars Orgasm Liquid Highlighter its a rose gold illuminator once blended it makes the skin look AMAZING. It blends so beautifully and gives that really natural glow to the skin.

For the cheeks I used the Nars Orgasm Blush this is the limited edition palette but its their cult shade. The blush has a gold undertone so it really adds a beautiful glow and shimmer the skin.

For the lips I kept it nude using the Pat Magrath Labs Fetish 1 Lipstick I kept it nude so as not to take away from the pretty eyes. You can use any nude lipstick that matches your complexion.

I then applied the nude Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Liquid Lip Colour in Tulle just add a touch of shine over the matte lippie.

If you love the pretty purple eye and can’t get your hands on the Huda Beauty Mecury Retrograde Palette.  Try the Rimmel Magnif’Eyes Electric Violet Edition and you can create something similar.

Shahnaz x


A while back I was sent to test out the South African skincare brand IQ Ultra Rich Skincare Range. I am always a bit sceptical of the cheaper skincare brands unless its French. Will it really do what it says? There are a whole range of skin products from IQ. Mine of course is for anti ageing and dry skin because the reality is I am now in my 40’s. I need products that will keep me skin youthful and glowing. IQ skincare provides vital SPF and antioxidant protection that promises to keep skin hydrated for up to 24 hours. All this definitely had me intrigued.

Why was IQ created?

Developed by Dr Len Nel a dermatologist, who after treating so many clients with so many skin concerns  decided to develp his own range. IQ is super affordable that focuses on anti ageing and sun related skin damage. Living in South Africa we have to protect ourselves from the free radicals way more than Europe or even America. Certain areas in SA are really dry and we experience more UV levels. With this in mind Dr Nel created a skincare brand that focused on SPF and antioxidants (with their own special Immune Protection Factor) plus making sure the products were highly emollient and moisturising.

The key ingredient across all ranges is White Tea:

– Polyphenol-rich White Tea
– Protects the Langerhans cells
– Scavenges Free Radicals

Immuno Protection Factor:

Is a combo of the white  tea and other selected antioxidants that create the unique IPF. This helps prevent the critical Langerhans cells from being depleted. Basically this allows skin to support the synthesis of collagen & elastin.

At night, IQ’s IPF  continues to scavenge Free Radicals & builds up Anti-oxidant levels, so your skin is armed to face the day ahead. The IPF helps prevent the critical Langerhans cells from being depleted. This allows skin to support the synthesis of collagen & elastin.

The IQ Ultra Rich skincare range focuses on older skin as well as dry dehydrated skin. Even though I don’t fall in the mature range, as you get older skin gets more dehydrated.  I am religious about skincare and I drink lots of water but I still find my skin can get dehydrated at times. Plus I also live in a dry hot climate and get exposed to a lot of sun which means dehydrated skin.

This range focuses on improving hydration, smoothness, wrinkles, firmness and elasticity. I have used the day cream on younger models while on a shoot. Its a real shot of hydration and adds such a gorgeous glow. I found from my 30’s I could use richer skincare products. Mid to late 30’s this Rich range could definitely be one you may want try out if you struggle with dry and dehydrated skin.

The range:

The IQ Ultra Rich Cleansing Wash (R104.95) is a silky soft pearlescent face wash that really cleanses leaving skin soft. I love they way it felt on my skin.

Dr Len’s tip “”I’ve designed this mild, soap-free cleanser specifically for photo-damaged South African skin. It helps remove dead skin cells, make-up & impurities to leave skin feeling clean & conditioned without dryness or tightness”. It really does leave your skin feeling soft.

The IQ Ultra Rich Advanced Anti-Ageing Renewal Serum (R245.95) is a  super restorative, concentrated yet lightweight serum. It helps to replenish & renew skin, giving skin a boost of glowing radiance & vitality. The Hyaluronic acid helps to restore essential moisture & helps to maintain optimal hydration by improving the skin’s protective barrier. Now as I am only in my 40’s I don’t have wrinkles but I can say that the serum does add that glow I love and leaves my skin feeling really smooth.

I really love the IQ Ultra Rich day and night creams they are seriously hydrating. The SPF15 Day Cream Anti-Ageing Day Cream (R244.95) helps boost hydration for up to 24 hours. Boosted with hyaluronic acid to help plump and hydrate skin for improved tone and appearance. Skin elasticity is enhanced, fine lines & wrinkle depth are proven to be reduced over time for restored youthfulness. Skin is seriously glowing after using this cream making makeup application so much easier.

The IQ Ultra Rich Advanced Anti-Ageing Night Cream (R224.95) is an intensive cream boosted with H30 volumisers of nature’s own hyaluronic acid. Helps plump skin, improving tone & appearance. Soy & wild yam phyto-oestrogens help synthesise collagen & elastin, while  the IPF anti-oxidants, Multi-Vitae complex, shea & cocoa butter help condition & nourish skin. Feels gorgeous on the skin and you wake up with plump glowing skin.

The IQ Ultra Rich Anti-Ageing Eye & Lip Contour Serum (R169.95) that is super gentle ands feels like a cream on application. Boosted with Hyaluronic acid to help smooth wrinkles & fine lines, improving skin’s elasticity while dark circles & redness are reduced for more luminous & radiantly conditioned skin. Personally this eye ands lip cream is not as hydrating as I like but that’s my personal opinion. I also don’t normally choose a product that’s both for lips and eyes.

Last up the IQ Ultra Riche Prooptic Skin Perfector (R264.95) is a skin blurring serum that once absorbed leaves skin super smooth. Contains wrinkle filling actives, Hyaluronic Acid and IPF Anti-oxidants to leave skin feeling weightless with a matte and flawless finish. Its not a product I would use for myself as I am not a fan skin perfectors but my skin deos feel really soft after application.

IQ has 6 different ranges that also focus on acne prone, dehydrated, dark spots and suncare. Definitely worth checking out. Clicks currently are having a 3 fo 2 on the range so you will be able to get more for your money.

Shahnaz x


For those of you who know and follow me I do love an eyeshadow palette. In the recent months I have really updated my stash to include two of the three Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions Palettes. I love that they are compact with a mix of matte and shimmer shades. You can go subtle or full on smoke and take it day to night.For the look I used the Light palette as I am obsessing over the pretty colours and it has a more summer feel. The look is super pretty and really easy to create at home. Makeup should be no fuss its really all about enhancing your features.

To create the definition in the crease I took the light matte shade and really defined my eyes. Then took the pretty rust shimmer shade and patted into my eye lid to create the pop.

For more intensity I applied the dark chocolate shade and went back into the outer and inner corners of my eyes. I used fellow makeup artist Tash Pops makeup brushes to create the eye look.

For the shimmer on my brow bone I used my fingers and applied the light pink shade to add that extra pop. Placing the shadow here really defines the brow bone.

I am loving my RVB LAB False Lash Mascara it really coats and adds volume to my very sad lashes. Rich in volumising ingredients, it makes the lashes thicker and more elastic, lengthening and increasing their volume. Enriched with Ceramide 2 to help strengthen lashes and prevent breakage. For a full lash effect apply 2-3 coats.

To complete the look I kept my face fresh and finished off with a nude lip using one of the Rimmel Nude shades.

If you are going for a pretty smokey eye you can keep lips nude or add an orange or red if you are feeling bold. All the Huda Beauty Nude Obsession palette’s are available in SA on Takealot. There is a palette for all skin tones and of course always amazing quality. Huda beauty really have the shimmer and foil shades down absolute perfection.

Shahnaz x



I have definitely become a skincare junkie since beauty blogging and also with getting older. Taking care of my skin is so important and using a face serum is key in my every day beauty routine. Why? Because serums deliver powerful ingredients directly into the skin. Your cleanser and moisturiser they are also important but a serum is the most important. I have loads of them, some deliver my Vit A ,Vit C and other key ingredients. It really depends on what my skin needs. Face serums are a great way to target key conerns like fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation a dull complexion the list goes on. Due to serums being made up of smaller molecules they can penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients. YES PLEASE.

I know people get confused when it comes to choosing a serum. They are not moisturiers and shouldn’t be used in place of them, you really should have both. Lots of serums contain Hyaluronic Acid that helps lock moisture into your skin.  However moisturisers are much richer and really add that extra punch of moisture. Plus they create a barrier to keep all those active ingredients locked in.

I have a load of serums in my skincare stash but in this post I am focusing on 3 the Mavala Anti-Age Pro Serum (R790) Filorga Hydra Hyal (R850) and the Lamelle Correctives RA 3.0 serum (R780). They are 3 very different serums focusing on different skin concerns which I wanted to share with my readers.

Mavala Anti-Age Pro Serum:

I absolutely fell in love with them and its definitely a favourite of mine. The serum helps defend the skin in the day and renews it at night. Infused with antioxidants that makes skin so radiant and more youthful after use. It contains chronopeptides to stimulate the skin’s protective potential by being able to mimic the benefits of daylight on the skin, and thousands of alpine rose stem cells whose resistance to extreme climate give them unique anti-ageing properties. Organic silicium and antioxidants provide the skin with protection from environmental stressors, while hydrating skin and diminishing wrinkles. Apply day and night to get the full benefits of the serum.

Filorga Hydra Hyal Intensive Hydrating Plumping Concentrate:

This beauty was recommend to me by one of my besties Fiona. Even though I love the brand I hadn’t actually tried it. The serum hydrates the skin immediately from within and restores radiance and suppleness. The Filorga Hydra Hyal contains four types of hyaluronic acid, two plant-based boosters to stimulate the production of the hyaluronic acid in the dermis and epidermis, while the NCTF complex restores the skin’s fresh-looking and clear appearance. The gel actually absorbs quickly into your skin leaving it feeling really fresh with a natural glow. Can be applied day and night for some serious hydration.

Lamelle Correctives RA 3.0 Serum:

This serum is perfect for those looking to add retinol into their skincare routine. I really have loved using this one. This oil based serum gives such a beautiful glow to the skin. Retinol is known for being a skin smoother and plumping agent I will be chatting more about why using Retinol next week, but its really important to have in your skincare routine. The Lamelle serum is basically a fast acting remedy for fine lines and wrinkles containing 3% retinol, the super hydrating squalene, avocado oil that’s a skin conditioning agent, a highly effective stable form of Vitamin C and an emollient derived from coconut oil. Its a perfect serum to help with the early signs of ageing. Apply a few drops at night and wake up to gorgeous looking skin.

Choosing your Serum:

When it comes to choosing a serum you can’t always go with one. Invest in a few over time but definitely choose one that’s got A and C they are two key active ingredients. Get to know your ingredients and do your research.

If you are acne prone look to add in Vitamin C, if your skin is dry then then Vit E, skin is dull look for antioxidants like Green Tea. Over the next few weeks I will be chatting about different ingredients in more detail so watch this space.

Shahnaz x



Filorga is just one of those brands that makes me do the happy dance when something new lands on my desk. I am always looking for skincare products that will keep my skin really hydrated and revitalised. The Filorga Global-Repair Moisturiser (R1395) does just that. When I first received the press pack I realised its actually for mature skin so basically over 50. However I am in my earlish 40’s but Dominique who handles their PR reassured me that its so great you can be younger and still use the moisturiser. Its got 3 super ingredients that basically give your skin that hydrated glow. I say YES PLEASE.

So let’s get into the technical stuff and see why the Filorga Global-Repair Moisturiser is all about:

The moisturiser contains a chrono-boosted technology allowing it to be used both day and night. Plus it also includes a core formula containing 50 meso-factors, super-nutrients and cellular boosters, which combine to provide revitalising nutrition and multi-intensive anti-ageing correction. There is a serum that goes in combo with the moisturiser which I definitely  need to get my hands so will be reporting back to you once I have tested it out.

The Filorga Global-Repair Moisturiser is super soft and creamy. It really feels amazing on the skin as soon as you apply. Its helps fight against wrinkles, lack of firmness, undefined face contour, loss of volume,  dark spots and basically tired looking skin. While lots of these issues come with getting older a lot of us who are younger struggle with dehydrated skin and need a revitalising boost.

Now I know you are all thinking what are those 3 super nutrients? Right? Well here is what they are and why they are so amazing:

Super-ceramides derived from scientific research are identical to those found naturally within the skin and can offset dwindling physiological ceramides. They attach themselves to epidermal lipids to restore the skin’s barrier function.

Super-omegas found in evening primrose oil and jojoba oil strengthen the hydrolipidic film, boost cell renewal and revitalise the skin.

Vitamin-E rich camellia oil along with borage oil, which contains large amounts of vitamins A, D and K, combine to create a cocktail of super-vitamins to boost the skin’s defenses and create a regenerating effect.

Filorga recommends a light layer in the morning combined with your morning skincare routine. For night layer it on thickly, treat it like a night time masque so when you wake up in the am your skin will feel and look amazing.

Available in selected Edgars, Clicks and online stores. Its on the pricier side of moisturisers and definitely an investment. I am on the side of that spending money on skincare is actually way more important than makeup. I am religious about taking care about my skin.

Definfintely recommend.

Shahnaz x

The new Chanel SS20 Makeup Collection is here people and its beautiful. I got a little taster of the whole collection which included the key items such as the eye shadow palette, the illumiunating powder and the gorgeous Baume Essentiel. I kept the whole makeup look in the post using Chanel makeup and I really love the final look. The Chanel Ultra Le Teint Velvet came launched the end of last year but I didn’t get my shade so wanted to show you how it looked on me.

The collection created by Luca Pica the Chanel Creative Makeup and Colour Designer. Inspired by the way the light hit the landscape and the natural, raw beauty of the desert, Chanel’s ‘Desert Dream’ makeup collection for Spring/Summer 2020 is a palette of bronze, muted pinks, dusty mauves, and soft browns with pops of peach and rosy tones, with both matte and shimmery finishes that celebrate the dramatic desert landscape’s textures.

For the base I used the Teint Velvet Blurring Smooth Effect Foundation Velvet Matte Finish with SPF 15 (R835) came launched the end of last year but I didn’t get my shade so wanted to show you how it looked on me. The foundation leaves my skin feeling silky smooth I really love it. The foundation totally evens out my complexion giving the illusion of a flawless complexion. Its ultra light and looks so natural on, you literally feel like you aren’t wearing anything. If you didn’t read my review check it out here.

The key palette for the collection is Les 4 Ombre’s in Warm Memories (R1000) there is one other but this one is definitely my favourite. With 3 irridescent and 1 matte shades its a beautiful palette to create a few different looks. I started with the matte shade to contour my eye and create the shape.

I then went in with beautiful peachy orange shade its so gorgeous on even on its own. I worked the shade into the creaase to add more dimension.

I then took the darkest irridescent shade and worked it along my top and bottom and lash line and on the outer and inner corners of my eye to add more definition and create a more smokey eye. Then finished off with lots of mascara on my top lashes.

The Limited edition Eclat Du Desert Illuminating Powder (R1020) is so beautiful I was sad that I had actually use it because its so pretty. The highlighter gives the skin a soft illuminating glow inspired by shimmering sand and dunes. The highlighter comes with a fan brush so you can sweep on the top of your cheek bones to get that beautifiul shimmer.

I am so happy that there is now a bronze Baume Essentiel (R775) this one is Golden Light. If you follow me on instagram I have been raving about the origional one in sculpting and now this one. It looks amazing on most skin tones but on darker skin tones it gives such an unbelievable glow. The balm is glossy and can be used on top of the cheek bones as well as your lids on its own. Here I have used it on top of my cheek boes to enhance the glow and make skin look glossy in the light.

I also contoured using a matte chanel bronzer and added a pink flush to my cheeks using a Chanel blusher but both from older collections.

Now the Chanel Ombre Premiere Laque (R590) is a new long wearing liquid eyeshadow with a metallic veil that can be used on its own, over the eyeshadow to give a pop or here I did something different and used on my lips. There are 5 different shades mine is a bronze/gold shade called Rising Sun. Its a matte liquid that is so pretty as a lip shade as well. Thats what I love about makeup you can play and use products in different ways.

This week I will be doing another tutorial on insta stories using the liquid eyeshadow so watch this space. I didn’t get my hands on any of the lipsticks but check out this Chanel tutorial from the collection:

The Chanel SS20 Makeup Collection is in selected Edgars aand Woolworths stores definitely worth checking out. Love Love Love.

Shahnaz x






I started this year taking a break from writing on my blog but some exciting things happened in 2020. I was so excited to host my first ever skincare and makeup masterclass with fellow artist Raine Tauber. Its definitely been an exciting year so far plus I was also featured as a beauty judge in Woman and Home Magazine. Its been a dream of mine to share my tips and tricks especially when it comes to my signature glow. We focused on how to prep the skin to get the glow we all love. Plus I shared a pretty summer makeup look and Raine thatm quick 5 min smokey eye.

As you all know for those who follow me I am obsessed with skincare and a beautiful glowing complexion. I love to layer my products on myself and on models on shoots once you get the skin and base right everything really falls into place. I have favourite skincare brands that vary from Body Shop to Chanel. For the workshop I focused on vegan skincare as well as affordable French Skincare. Avene and Bioderma are real favs of mine and for those lucky attendees they got their hands on a jumbo Bioderma Micellar Water.

I love face mists and the Avene Eau Thermal Spray is a must for everyone for hydration and to soothe sensitve skin. In the skincare part of the masterclass I featured both the Avene Thermal spray and the Hydrance Serum they are an amazing combo. A fav of mine the Eco Diva Liquid Vitamin Hydra Mist was also featured plus the Skoon Glow Drops these are amazing to add into your moisturiser. For prepping lips I use a variety of products but here I used on Esmerelda the Bioderma Restorative Lip Repair. Its really hydrating and adds  glow to the lips.

I love to add either use a strobe cream or illuminating balm with foundation. In the masterclass I blended the Bobbi Brown Ilumination Balm in Golden Glow with Mac Face and Body to really give an amazing all over glow. For highlighter I have so many but here I went with the Dior Backstage Glow Palette.

I really love to use soft brushes for the base as they blend the foundation beautifully with no streaks. My Kit Co are some of my favourite brushes sadly they are not available in South Africa yet. Invest in good brushes Morphe, Mac and Sigma have some amazing brushes for that smooth application.

Concealer is my best friend go for a more sheer to medium coverage foundation if you can then use concealer for the rest. Concealer is a great way to take away the redness, dark spots and darkness under the eyes. I love to use either a blending brush or the Mac 287 duo fibre brush for a seamless finish. Am currently loving the Mac Studio Fix 24 Hour Smoorth Wear Concealer its seamless, creamy and has good longevity.

I love grooming brows with either a clear brow gel or my Soap Brows as they both also add a beautiful shine to the brows as well as groom them beautifully. Invest in good pencil to fill in brows naturally Mac Spiked and Lingering a real goodies.

I always love to keep makeup simple and easy to recreate. On the day of the masterclass we had some makeup artists but the rest were every day women wanting to learn tips and tricks. How to achieve the glow and create a makeup look that adds to the glowing complexion. I love pops of colour on the eyes so here I used Colourpop Baby Got Peach (R390). The palettes are so affordable plus the colours are gorgeous. The palette has a mix of matte’s, shimmers and a glitter to make the centre of the lids pop.

skincare and makeup workshop

I am a massive fan of using creams especially when it comes to blush. if you are looking to achieve the glow cream blushes work a treat. For the workshop I used my Nars Liquid Orgasm Blush but Mac have amazing cream blushes for all skin tones that are amazing.

For the complete glow look glosses work a treat. Here I worked a lipstick by patting in with my fingers and then applying a gloss over.

Super pretty, glowing and fresh here is my gorgeous model Esmeralda with her finished look. The makeup tutorial should be coming your way soon.

The next workshop will be on the 2nd May tickets will go live later this month. We were so lucky to have amazing goody bags sponsored by Bioderma, Filorga, Mac, RVB Lab, Swiitch Beauty and Buttercup Beauty.We strive to give each person amazing things to take home and play with and also share our knowledge.

Will keep you posted on the next one.

Shahnaz x

Introducing Vitalge Nutraceuticals offering a range of products that help the fight against anti ageing, cell rejuvenation, life extending, longevity promoting, smart health and nutritional supplements. I was asked to test out their Glow Rejuvination serum which I fell in love with immediatiely and their Life Force Botanical Supplements to fight ageing. The Vitalge brand is all about really taking care of yourself from the inside out and to help you live longer and stay healthy. I really love what this brand represents and its definitely a brand I will keep using.

The are 2 ranges of the supplements are the Smart Health which are collagen infused where “medicine is your food” to help nourish hair, nails and skin. As well as their Life Extension Supplements of which I tested the anti ageing. The range focuses on longevity, immunity, performance, cognition, cardiovascular and anti ageing. The Life Force range is unique in its formula as it helps fight against ageing and age related chronic illnesses.The supplements are 100% plant based using some of the most ancient adaptogenic herbs from China, India and Siberia.

Just like we would take a multi vitamin to prevent getting sick the Life Force Anti supplements help with ageing. The Life Force has a few different benefits in that increases energy, builds vitality, stops the production of free radicals that leads to cell damage and ageing.

Benefits of the Anti Ageing Life Force Supplements:

  • Boost physical performance, male and female sexual health, build stamina, improve endurance, boost energy and enhance vitality. 
  • Restore youthfulness and fight the signs of ageing in skin, hair, vision, dental and gum health.
  • Improve mood, anxiety, depression, reduce stress and has neuroprotective attributes.
  • Enhance mental acuity and cognition, creativity, intuition and improves memory.
  • Strengthen bones and ligaments, aid in muscle strength and recovery and joint pain.
  • Protect the respiratory system, promotes nourished blood, healthy cardio vascular and heart function. 
  • Provide an improved immune system, is immune modulating and gives immune support.
  • Reduce inflammation and oxidation, improve cell health and promote healthy longevity.

There can be some side effects but personally I didn’t experience them. Take 4 daily either all in the morning or split it thoughout the day. I can’t say yet whether the supplements have made dealt with all the positives they chat about. But combining good supplements into my routine is really going to help me in the long term. I definitely feel I have more energy and can go longer even if I haven’t had enough sleep. I really try care of myself with a lot of exercise as well so I think adding the Life Force supplements have helped. Also my memory is normally pretty crap and have definitely seen a slight improvement where I can actually remember stuff. Being in your 40’s everything changes. Need to get my husband on them as well.

Key Ingredients:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Astragalus
  • Eleuthero
  • Gotu Kola
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Reishi
  • Rhodiola

The supplements retail at R500 for 120 capsules so its good value for money plus its vegan so you know you are only putting goodness into your body. I definitely want to try the collagen supplements especially now that I am in my forties.

Check out the whole supplement range plus there are some new exciting ones launching soon so definitely a good one to look out for.

In terms of the serums there are currently 2 in the range the Glow Rejuvenation and the HandPrint Hand Serum. The glow serum (R365) is what I have been busy testing out and I really love this one because it gives the glow I love so much. With today’s harsh environment of a changing climate, poor diet, stressful lifestyles and not sleeping enough I skin really takes a bashing. All this can lead to premature ageing with dull and malnourished skin. The glow serum has only pure essential oils and ancient botanical extracts that has been specifically formulated to penetrate deep into the skin.

I absolutely love the scent and I love how my skin looks and feels after use. The scent really does have a calming effect which for me is always a plus for me and the models I work with.


  • Smoothes out the fine lines
  • Reduces sun spots
  • Elasticity improves in the skin
  • More youthful looking skin that smoother and softer
  • Helps calm redness and exzema
  • Protects against UV damage
  • Great for scars and stretch marks

Key ingredients:

  • Rosehip Oil
  • Squalane Oil 
  • Macadamia Oil
  • Frankincense Essential Oil 
  • Myrrh Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil

I actually like to use oils at night as I already use Vitamin C capsules in the day so don’t like to overload. Plus the skin repairs itself at night as well so I wake up with amazing looking skin. I have definitely noticed a glow and my skin is looking and feeling healthier. Plus my sun spots look like they have lightened a bit but I do combine with a whole skincare range. Definitely recommend the serum plus its really affordable.

Both the serum and capsules are sold as a combo that actually works out cheaper if you buy them together. Plus you are really working the fight against anti ageing from the inside out.

To find out more about the brand go check out their site vital.com plus their blog thats full of great info. We only have one life so its key you really take care of yourself and this brand will totally help you get there.

For your first order Vitalge are offering a 15% discount just use the code SHAHNAZ15. Happy Shopping.

Shahnaz x